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Creative Photoshop- May 30, 2017

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For my semester long station, I chose to learn more about photo shop. I wanted to go more in depth with Photoshop to better my editing skills, which will help me with my photography. This was not my first time doing Photoshop, however I was really interested in learning more about lighting and blending specifically. For my final project, I decided to combine some of the many techniques I learned into one image. I picked several images and put them together using the skew, mask, gradient, brushes, linear dodge and more tools. I created my own image by combining several and blending the lighting to look more realistic. If I were to do this again, I would plan more time for my final so that I could’ve used my own images. This would have made me think about the edit more creatively and incorporated my photography. I did make several edits with my own images, but for the final I used internet images.  My advice for this station is to use the official Adobe Photoshop website because it provides some basic, but super helpful tutorials. Though lots of tools are self explanatory, I learned about some new ones that are more useful and sometimes hidden. Patience and attention to close detail are necessary for this station.  I would also recommend learning about the perspective and skew tools before anything else, as they were really useful for changing a scene and getting things to look more natural. Overall I really enjoyed learning about Photoshop and what it has to offer.



Lukas C. Photoshop (TRIGGER WARNING) May 30, 2017

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This is my Photoshop project. I personally think there was no major challenge to the project. The tools were easy enough to learn on their own, if not there was twenty thousand tutorials online for it. I think the hardest part would have been understanding graphic design principals to make something look interesting. If there are any recommendations to students who are about to do this as a project, it is get familiar with the tools by playing around with them, what’s the worst that could go wrong.

Cydney Hurlbert Photoshop blog post April 27, 2017

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During my Photoshop station, I learned a lot. Although at times it was frustrating getting the image to do what I wanted, it always worked out in the end. In the beginning i found it difficult to resize an image. In order to solve this problem I looked it up and found this helpful link https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/resize-image.html. On my next project I didn’t know where to start, so I looked up Photoshop tutorials, and I had an idea.  In order to add contrast in the eyes I had to look it up, and I found this tutorial http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/lighten-eyes/. I then wanted to add a filter, but I had no idea how so I once again looked it up, and found this very helpful website https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/filter-basics.htm. Although at times this station got frustrating the final project always look well done, and professional.

Zach Nelson Photoshop April 13, 2017

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For my second station in tech lab I decided to do Photoshop. I chose Photoshop because it is something I have used before but before I learned very basic things. so this time around I wanted to expand my knowledge of Photoshop and do more complex things. So one thing I wanted to learn is how too put text on a picture. So I ended up finding a you tuber that had what I was looking for and a lot more. This you tuber, Blue Lightning TV Photoshop, has very detailed videos and helps you a lot. I highly recommend this you tuber but only if you have used Photoshop before. He works with very complex stuff so you have to be familiar with Photoshop to use this you tuber as a resource. For my final project I decided to take what I learned from is text n a portrait video and combine it with my filtering skills. So what I did was take a picture of Bob Marley and put text on it a put the typical green yellow red filter on it. I ended up being really happy with the end result. I also really enjoyed Photoshop and its something that I wish I could do for a longer period of time because there is just so much you can do with it. Poster.jpg

Photoshop March 22, 2017

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I chose Photoshop because it looked very fun and easy to learn and it is valuable to know how to use in real life to make banners and other types of advertisement. For my station, I was inspired to make something that had a lot to do with where I live so I chose a cool sunset picture in Telluride and made my own custom transparent flag to overlay it. In Photoshop, I learned lots like selecting layers via cut and copy and rasterizing layers.

Cimarron Sunset Panorama

Photoshop March 21, 2017

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For my second station I started with basic easy skills in Photoshop such as transferring photos I would recommend doing this so you can begin to see how the program works before you begin doing more complicated edits. Due to the large amount of tools available on Photoshop you can create practically anything if you know what tools to utilize. To makes this easier I recommend using  the Photoshop folder inside the Tech lab folder in google drive this was the best resource I found and I used it through out the entire station. Also I found this website which helped me a lot with learning the basics and I would recommend visiting this if you have not used Photoshop before . Both of the resources outline a few different tools and what you can do with them. From the skills I gained on those few tools I used them for different edits combining different effects to create something new. The part of this station that I struggle with the  most was the inspiration and ideas on what to create since there are so many different possibilities. However I found that if you just google Photoshop photos it provides so many ideas that you can adapt into your own , I found this website particularly helpful in helping me come up with ideas and create the effect.  I would recommend this station because of the freedom to create anything you wantFlower woodcut edit cropped.City edit croppedbagel edit

Photoshop March 13, 2017

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For my second station I did Photoshop.

My suggestion to people who aren’t familiar with Photoshop should watch this tutorial, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS5uh5TCXcU. when using Photoshop, it is fine to mess up because you can always “step backward” or pretty much the undo button. Also the magnetic lasso tool is very helpful in making an image’s background translucent. Also the color picker tool and the paintbrush help a lot if you need to get rid of some white spots, and add outlines. Overall this was a very fun station.FL  TRAVEL AIRLINES SKI DEALS


Photoshop Katerina Lee Station 1 March 10, 2017

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For my first station I decided to do Photoshop. My final project was a collage of national parks I have been to, to be used as a computer or other device screen. I think it turned out very well and I am well able to use it. My suggestions for anyone interested in Photoshop would be to experiment. Don’t worry about ruining your picture because there is a fantastic “step backwards” option. There are some amazing Photoshop features that you won’t find unless you just click around.  I highly recommend using the lasso tools they are amazing for inserting pictures into your image and are extremely helpful. National Park Collage

Photoshop Final Project October 17, 2016

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For my first station, Photoshop, I decided to create a Wildlife scene. I saw a tutorial on how to create a photo like this, and I was very interested. I decided to create a similar final project. I used many tools for this project, but one of the most important was the “curves” lighting tool. It helped to darken the image to make it look more realistic and mysterious. Advice I would give to anyone doing this station in the future is to explore and get to know the program before making any projects on your own. This is one thing that I did not do in the beginning, and it made it very difficult to start Photo shopping because I had no knowledge. Some other advice I can give is to incorporate photos that you take into the images that you create. I  did this in many of my projects to make the station more interesting for me. Photoshop can be challenging, but if you learn how to use it it can be a very fun and useful tool.

September 29, 2016

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In my final project for Photoshop I made a fish swimming in a light bulb. I made this because it used many of the tools I used in my practices and I really like the beach and the ocean. In my final I learned how to create shadows, change the opacity, use the marquee tool, and look and only change certain parts of the layer. Another very important tool that I learned was that the on the erase tool the black erases but if you change it back  to white and rub it over the area you messed up it changes it back to the original. In Photoshop it is really hard to Undo so this helped lots since it was such tedious work.  My advice if you do this station is to watch tutorials or search how to use tools that you are not aware of. A video that help me better understand basic tools was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqD851MIWVo. Some problems that I came across were not being able to use the paint bucket and my computer would also not let me “edit and then fill”. In order to fix these problems I restarted the program and luckily I was not to far into my project so I re started all of it. Photoshop is very useful and can be used to improve other stations such as digital photography. final