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Airbrush Station May 24, 2017

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For my second station I did airbrushing. This station is awesome for anyone who is interested in painting with different medias. I used the tutorials and YouTube to help me complete this station. On YouTube there’s several tutorials on learning how to control the airbrush. At first it can be very difficult figuring out the paint to air ratio, but after watching some videos it was easier to figure out. This station takes a lot of patience at first but gets much easier near the end. The first image is from the first week I did this station. I was having difficulty shading colors together. I used a stencil for the SHS lettering.  It was very obvious where I had difficulty airbrushing. With this station I struggled with different types of strokes. I fixed this by using the tutorial that was provided.  They second photo below is my final. As you can probably tell, the shading is a lot better and the painting looks smoother as well.  They best thing to do for this station is practice, once you get the basics of airbrushing down it gets a lot easier. One thing I struggled with was putting to much paint on the paper, causing the paper to be wet and harder to airbrush. I solved this by holding the airbrush father away and changing the amount of paint. One thing I would recommend is watch how much water you put in the paint jars. They more water you put in, the lighter the color is because it is watercolor paint. This station takes a large amount of time and patience. This station presents a challenge for people who have never done it before, but I highly recommend it. The practice with the airbrush is what the majority of this station will be. 





Airbrush June 2, 2016

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For my second station i chose Airbrush. for me it was not challenging the only problem i had is that first their water color paints not acrylic that makes it harder to paint and it looks more sloppy second problem was that their was no more black their is just few colors left and paint as well. i would say that it would be a good idea to get a spray paint station because it would be funner. One recommendation i  would give would be to be patient and to use your time wisely and just be creative and have fun with the station. it is a very fun station and you’ll like it. this station is easy and not hard when you get to know how to use the airbrush. my final was great  i think and i did not have problems.IMG_20160601_141414IMG_20160601_141614IMG_20160601_141453

Air brush – Keelie Rix May 29, 2015

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This station is for someone who likes art and has a lot of patience. I looked into the folder first but I did not like the airbrushing tutorial so I went online and found out a bunch of information about airbrushing. Most of it I could not use since it was about choosing an airbrush. I did find this helpful site called airbrushtutor.com. Unfortunately, the video tutorials can only be viewed on the airbrushtutor youtube page and the school has not approved it. Therefore, you have to watch the videos on your phone. I found the videos helpful and they progressively get more difficult. I thought the progression was really good and helpful for beginners. The entire time I was at my station all I needed was the youtube videos. Past that, you do not really need any other information for this station. The tools you need for this station are pretty much, what you would assume; an airbrush, paint, airbrush paper, and a way too hook up the pressurized air to the airbrush – that part is covered by Karden. Anything else you need kind of depends on your project. Just remember to only use the good paper for your final. The rest of the time, you should just use plain copy paper. There is an exacto knife in the draw labeled digital painting, as well as some rags. Before I started this station, I cleaned the space up. All of the board to tape the paper to is on the right between airbrush and glass blowing station. All the paper is on the top of the station. Paints are on the little shelf and there is a pile of paper for old activities. There should also be a pile of stencils next to the old activity paper. Unfortunately this station is out of yellow paint, airbrush cleaner, and almost out of black paint. The duel action airbrush is the one I like. I feel like you have more control with it. With this airbrush, you push down for air and pull back for paint. It takes some practice but once you get the hang of it its easy. The hardest part of this project was probably learning to control the airbrush. It takes time and patients but as I said once, you get it its easy. For my activities, I learned to control the airbrush, air, and paint, as my first activity, worked on dots and control worked of painting lines, worked on blending, and finally did this plastic layering thing. For my final, I painted this giant wing. You can do anything for your final as long as it is your own and creative. Good luck!

Featured image

This was my final.

The Airbrush Station November 22, 2013

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For my second station, I chose to do the airbrush station. This station was very interesting, because you are aloud to paint any picture you want using an airbrush. In the station there are two different types of airbrushes. There is a single action airbrush, and a double action airbrush. The difference between the two airbrushes is that the single action airbrush sets the power of the air, and you cant control the paint as easily. The pressure is set on a locked position, therefore making it easy to start out with. When starting out how to airbrush, it is important to watch some tutorial videos online. From these videos, you will learn how to shade paint evenly, how to mix paint, and how to make basic designs. By watching these videos, I was able how to make a line, a dagger stroke, shade evenly, mix paint, and control my pressure. For my first couple designs, I created them using the single action airbrush. This airbrush made it easy to not worry about paint pressure, and hold a solid spray of paint at all times. This was a perfect airbrush to learn on. But after about a week or two, I moved onto the double action airbrush. This airbrush is a much more powerful airbrush because you are allowed to control the pressure, and amount of paint, by pulling back on the trigger of the airbrush. At first, this airbrush was very hard, because once you had a solid line of paint going, it was easy to mess up. By pulling back on the trigger a slight too much, a lot of paint would shoot out ruining the painting you are working on. But after several days using the double action airbrush, you will become a lot more confident, and learn how to control the paint. In the end, I found that I liked the double action airbrush, because I found it more functional to use, and that is the airbrush in which I made my final pictures in.

For my final project for the airbrush station I created a poster with a friend to represent Summit High School sports. Together, my friend and I created four posters of school sports to represent SHS. The posters I created were a hockey poster, and an alpine ski racing poster. To do this we each free hand drew our images with a pencil on the airbrush paper. After we did that, we started to blend colors together to make the right color for which we wanted. For my hockey poster, I wanted to make a color that had a wood look to it. To do this I mixed a little bit of brown with yellow. This gave it a light oak color. But I thought it was still too light, so I added more brown. This gave the color a darker color, making it look like wood. From there I began to paint the blade of the hockey stick. By finding the right color composition, and gradient, an image in which you are painting can look a lot more professional, and that allows the viewer to better understand what you are creating. After creating the blade of the stick, I asked the peers around me about what color I should make the background, stick and puck. By asking my peers around me, I got their opinions and was not self centered. By having a wide range of opinions, I was able to make the stick red, and the background yellow to represent SHS.

The second picture in which I made for my final was a pair of skis and poles to represent the SHS ski team. I wanted to give these I wanted to give the skis and poles an old fashion look, and that would make things look interesting. I made an outline of the skis by free hand drawing them. After that I decided that it would be cool to draw some poles. After I drew the skis and poles, I moved on to making mountains and trees in the background. After I drew those, I moved on to painting. I first painted the mountains because there was a lot of surface area to shade. To make the mountains, I mixed white with a few drops of black. This gave a really light gray color. This color looked good, because it represents snow. After I painted the mountains, I painted the sky by shading a blue color. This looked nice because it was a nice even shade. After I did that, I moved onto the trees, and made them green to represent pine trees. Finally, I carefully colored in the skis, with brown. I made the bindings red, while I made the poles yellow. I had a few challenges with this piece, and those were that I did not shade the sky as evenly as I could, because when using the double action airbrush, it is difficult to control the pressure. My finger might have twitched, and that allowed a little bit more paint to fly out at a part of my piece. So from there I started to shade evenly, and in the end it turned out very well. By making a collage of pictures of sports for our final, we are able to impact ourselves as well as our schools community. People can view our final project, and look at different sports offered at at our school. This may lighten up their worlds, and convince them to play sports at SHS.

For future students taking the airbrush station, I would recommend looking at YouTube videos, and learning basic tutorials. From these tutorials, it will be easy to learn how to draw lines, shade evenly, and make basic designs. From there I would recommend to start off with the single action airbrush and learn about air pressure, and paint consistency. From there, I would move onto the double action airbrush, and learn how to control pressure evenly, and learn shading skills using that airbrush. Start off by making little pictures, to learn how to use the brush. A fun activity to do is to make orbs or spheres. To do this you would make a circle using the paint, and shade around and within it to give it a 3D look. I had difficulties when trying my first time, because the orb would not look 3D, and that troubled me. So I decided to try things again. After several tries, I made a solid looking orb, and that looked nice. A cool idea is to make your orb, and then shade the outside of it another color. This makes the orb look like its almost glowing. By doing several practice tutorials, and learning how to shade evenly, you will be able to make any piece of art in which you desire. I would say learning an even shade, and learning the basic strokes would be a key idea before moving onto a piece. I had a lot of trouble shading the piece of paper, but just keep the airbrush kinda far from the paper, and move your hand slowly across the paper. This will give you an even shade. Experiment on computer paper, and then move the final idea onto airbrush paper. From leaning how to do this, your piece will come out a lot better than you would think. This station requires a lot of patience and work, but in the end it was very fun, and an interesting station to do.


December 19, 2012

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During the airbrush station i had a lot of fun but had some challenges also. I had fun using the creative side of my brain while creating pictures of my design. It was easy to come up with ideas about what to do. Some problems i had was if i would mess up i had to start over on my picture that i would be drawing. This station takes a lot of patience. I would not do it if you dont have patience and dont want to be on it for a while. Another problem i had with the station was that i did not have enough class time to complete the highest levels of work. Also ask peers what they think about your work and what you can do to make it even better then you think it is. I liked this station a lot. I think that my practices and final were well done and can be done better with more time on the station. Overall the station  was a lot of fun and i highly recommend trying it out.

Airbrush Tips ^v^ December 4, 2012

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At the airbrush station, the biggest problem I had was patience and practice, or lack thereof. If you really start out with just practicing and creating things that are good for practicing you will progress much further than if you just mess around out of lack of patience for a while like me. At the same time it’s true that you do get practice and ideas from messing around, but plain ol’ practice can make you actually go faster. I suggest using a least some of the lessons in the old airbrush guidebook just to get you started, but making little projects and experimenting is also the best way to learn exactly what you can do with the airbrush. It’s quite hard to find beginners airbrush tutorials or example projects online, or at least it was for me. Especially compared to how easy it was to find Bryce tutorials in my first station.

Okay, so the first technical problem I had as far as airbrushing was getting the paint to come out consistently. If you’re having trouble with this you can One, ask Mr. Karden for the airbrush cleaning solution, or Two make sure that you have enough paint in your bottle because if you don’t, the little tube that brings the paint from the bottom of the bottle to the airbrush may not be able to reach the paint due to the angle the bottle has to be attached at.

Another important thing is that you can use the little airbrush attachments the size of thimbles to mix paint. You can MAKE LIGHTER COLORS BY MIXING A COLOR WITH WATER, like a baby blue sky, or light purple flowers.

For my final project I really had no idea what I would do for the longest time, but when we were reminded that we should be almost done with this (our second stations), I suddenly managed to brainstorm. I can’t tell someone how to make their final project, but the best idea is to do what you like to do with the station, like what do you want to achieve, what do you enjoy? If you’d like to be able to paint something like flames on a car that auto shops charge so much for, then do that. I personally found that I just wanted to do pretty/interesting scenes with the cool transparent airbrush effect, so based on all the random practices I had created, I thought up one out of imagination. I had already created a lot of practices so I basically worked on the project, how to lay it out and such until I was happy, and then made it on nice paper. I asked my friend for advice and input a lot, that’s a big part of creating a product. The most important thing I learned is that to make something look its best in airbrushing you should try to add some highlighting and/or shading to it. This is what the airbrush is best at and even if it seems exaggerated at the time, it produces a great effect. I also learned that for things like water, it’s really hard to find a tutorial or even example of how to paint airbrush water for beginners, so the best solution I could come up with was to makes wavy strips, leaving some lines darker and some much lighter and very random, some thin, some thick. Some choppy lines can also work in some parts, depending on the look your going for.

My final advice is for your final project; make an outline! Make a plan! Knowing just WHAT you’re painting can help you and keep you from making several copies that you could have sketched out instead of taking the time to paint. It’s important to watch the time in tech lab to enjoy and really learn about your station but still get your station done. It’s also good to decide what order your going to paint things in. I spent a lot of time on this for my final project (considering) and it help me a ton. Also, practicing the objects (i.e. bamboo, pandas, water) your going to paint

before you paint them makes the final product more fun, more timely, and more visually appealing. Practice makes perfect!!

Below: first one is a practice before I had the final design, next is bamboo practice, then the sketch I based my final project on (the lines around the feathers are to clearly indicate where I wanted to put the mist effect). The last one is clearly my final project with only a few mistakes.



Airbrush March 7, 2012

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The airbrush station is a difficult but very fun station. At the airbrush, you learn many new skills and at first, it is difficult to figure out. There are single action airbrushes and double action airbrushes. I used the single action airbrush at first but it was broken so i had to switch to the double action. Mr. Karden told me it would be harder but it was easier for me to use because I had more control over it. One tip is to start out by using just a stencil and one color and to practice shading and also practice different pressure of the air. Another important tip is that when making stencils, use the frisket to stick to the paper to make quality stencils. when using frisket, cover up the parts you are not painting because it will overlap and mess up. If you follow these steps you will end up having a good quality final project to show for your work.