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Photoshop October 20, 2017

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For my very first station I choose Photoshop. I have had some past experience with Photoshop so I didn’t start with absolutely no idea what to do. Although I did learn a lot from doing this station. My biggest problem at this station wasn’t trying to understand the tools, but it was getting inspiration. I had changed my idea for a final project numerous times. But finally I choose to do a form of space scene because I love learning about space.

Like I said starting this final was very difficult but I just choose a blank black picture and imported that. Then I went through some of the filters until I found the Gaussian blur and I messed around with that for a while until I got the right numbers to make the background look like stars. Then I added some nebular clouds in the background by putting a clouds filter under where I colored it. At this part I did have some trouble before I could find the right filer and I just tried to experiment with coloring but I never achieved the right affect. After that i had to add in the planet. I did this by getting a random texture and spherizeing it. I did that by selecting a circle of the texture and using the spherize tool. Then I added in a lens flare to make it look like there was a sun in the distance. One of the final problems I had was to make part of the planet look like it is in shadow because of the suns position. For this i added in a layer mask and filled it in with black. Then I moved the black into the right place with the move tool. Then I lowered the opacity a little bit and there was the shadow.

In one of my previous activities one of the most useful Photoshop tutorial youtube channels is Photoshop Tutorials. It helped me understand a lot more of the tools in Photoshop and also it helped me understand more of the effects with ended up helping me a lot in my final.

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6lrxMZggMaN1u2V9N2-zrQ


Space final


CNC Lab Station June 1, 2017

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In this station I was creating a Co2 Race car using the CNC router. I had some trouble creating a tool path but I watched a lot of you tube videos. I got familiar with the program and figured out a lot about it. If any one is going to use the CNC router I recommend you learn about it first and then start your station, this will make it a lot more easier.

Review of various IDEs June 1, 2017

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  • I very strongly recommend that you have some experience with coding prior to this station. I also recommend that if you have more experience with any specific language, that you use that language in this station. For instance, if you have experience with C++, you should write your hello world program in C++
  • After making a hello world program, don’t make a new one, instead of starting from scratch, play around a little bit with the hello world program. See if you can change the amount of times it displays hello world, see if you can incorporate some level of user input. Play around with a working program before you have to start over again.
  • As with any station even remotely involved with coding: COMMENT YOUR CODE
  • Install IDEs before you plan to start using them, they take a while to install and they can easily take up a full class period, wasting time, and making you very bored. You might consider choosing your IDEs beforehand, and installing the remaining IDEs while you work with the first one
  • Stay focused. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in one single IDE, don’t forget to keep moving (I accidentally wasted all of my time on Game Maker, and then had very little time to work with the other two IDEs)
  • Utilize tutorials, they work much better than forums, and some IDEs might have built in tutorials
  • Although frustrating and intimidating, forums can be rather helpful, even if only to let you figure out what to research. (as in, when you see a forum response which says “the solution to this is just console commands, you now know to research console commands, even if you don’t know what those are and the forum gives a poor explanation of them.
  • Depending on the language, syntax can be vital. Double and triple check not only for typos, but also what the program is supposed to run.
  • If you become really stuck, try “rubber duck” coding. Get a rubber duck (or any item really, a friend could even work if they’re not too busy) and read the code aloud. As you do this, explain what each line of the code does. This can be extremely effective for noticing “idiot mistakes” in logic, or possibly even typos. It sounds silly, but it is surprisingly effective.

Digital Drawing station #3 June 1, 2017

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In this station I tried using the touch pad to draw in Photoshop. I first tried different tools to see how I can use these tools to draw different objects. I started my first drawing by following the instructions of the guide in the digital drawing folder. Once I had more trials I found that the blending and smudging tools blends harsh lines to look more smooth. Once I figured out how to use the capacity tool I tried to use color. I made some colorful cartoons using the shapes tool airbrush and multiple color. Then I tried to draw more realistic objects. I tried to draw a persons face. Using shading and a higher capacity for a darker shade. I used the pencil to define the eyes and nose and mouth. This stations helped me find how different tools can change the out come of your drawing. If you try out the different tools before to try to draw an object it will help you succeed in this station. You should use the touch pad for a good outcome because then you have a more steady line for your drawing. Here are a few sources that I used to help me.

Digital drawing folder

Different drawing techniques

elephantface g


Digital Video June 1, 2017

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For this project I collaborated with two other people, Clara and Sophie. Working in a group was challenging but also very rewarding. It was great to get other people’s perspectives and knowledge. We created many videos, all of which focused on a different skill. Our final video was a music video to the song Side to Side by Ariana Grande. We focused on clipping videos and we learned to overlap music with videos. In order to be successful at this station I would recommend following very specific tutorials, and having each activity teach you a new skill that will help you on your final video. When making the video we filmed different sections and then clipped them all together. Then we overlapped the music with the videos so it lined up evenly. Some challenges we encountered were finding time to film our video due to the fact that our characters were not in the class, being patient when editing videos, and being new to this topic. The following tutorials were very helpful for our final project: 



Here is the link to our final video:

Katerina Station 3 Digital Photo June 1, 2017

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My station was digital photography. For my final project I took a picture of my violin’s label, “Stradivarius”, because even though the violin is a fake strad from Germany, the violin’s label makes a good photo. The problem I had the most was coming up with ideas of what to take pictures of. I recommend making a list of what you could possibly do before you begin and looking up ideas. Overall, I thought this project was fun and a good use of my last month in Tech. Violin edited

Digital Video June 1, 2017

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In this station, I collaborated with Cece Pennell and Sophie Frank to make an assortment of videos. Throughout this process we made several different videos where we developed skills that built on each other. We learned things such as how to add captions to the video, how to use voice over to narrate the video and how to add In our final, we made a music video to the song Side to Side by Ariana Grande.  We did this by filming a series of of videos of different people lip syncing the lyrics. We then combined these videos and put the full song over the videos. While making this music video we looked up several tutorials online that were very helpful. If you are not familiar with the software you are using, I strongly recommend looking up and closely following tutorials specific to what you are trying to accomplish. Also, as you get more familiar with the software, you are able to try new things and the videos you create have more possibilities! We used a few different softwares to make all of our activities, we used iMovie, as well as Windows Movie Maker. Since these two programs are very different it was important for us to be able to watch tutorials so we can understand both of them.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73iKR1dxYcA

Digital Photography May 30, 2017

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Photography is special and fun in its own ways. Taking pictures with a camera is fun especially if your doing it on your own and taking pictures of the things you like. In this station I was able to take multiple photos of nature and awesome activities I got to do. During the process of taking these pictures I used my own camera for the majority of the time taking various photos. In this station I learned a lot about cameras and thinking like a photographer. Overall, I developed skills with computer editing and with Photoshop. Anyone wanting to do this station should do it because of the experience and the activities you will actually be doing. This station has a lot of freedom if you want to take it to the next level. Mr. Karden provides cameras for you to use when you start the station so you can take some pictures. Always take good care of the cameras because they are expensive and delicate. Whenever you are not taking pictures, put the lens cap on and hold the camera with two hands. Try not to drop it because there is a chance of it breaking. Some of my photos were taken using Mr. Karden’s camera inside and outside of the actual school. (Rebel xti) Look up tutorials if you are not familiar with the camera and look up YouTube videos so you can learn more. The camera i used was a Nikon Cool pix L310 and it was older and more simple to operate for me. There are various programs to use to edit your photos and i started off with Pixlr and moved to Photoshop. Photoshop is the best because its better in quality and its easy to use. For my final I took pictures i took from the second semester and made a collection of the photos I liked the most. Each photo was taken at a different areas in Colorado and different time periods in different climates. My final was edited on Photoshop as well as the rest of my pictures. For Future students taking this station i would recommend asking for help when needed and doing your research online and on your own. Take the time to think of ways to take pictures and ways to have fun taking pictures. 


Creative Photoshop- May 30, 2017

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For my semester long station, I chose to learn more about photo shop. I wanted to go more in depth with Photoshop to better my editing skills, which will help me with my photography. This was not my first time doing Photoshop, however I was really interested in learning more about lighting and blending specifically. For my final project, I decided to combine some of the many techniques I learned into one image. I picked several images and put them together using the skew, mask, gradient, brushes, linear dodge and more tools. I created my own image by combining several and blending the lighting to look more realistic. If I were to do this again, I would plan more time for my final so that I could’ve used my own images. This would have made me think about the edit more creatively and incorporated my photography. I did make several edits with my own images, but for the final I used internet images.  My advice for this station is to use the official Adobe Photoshop website because it provides some basic, but super helpful tutorials. Though lots of tools are self explanatory, I learned about some new ones that are more useful and sometimes hidden. Patience and attention to close detail are necessary for this station.  I would also recommend learning about the perspective and skew tools before anything else, as they were really useful for changing a scene and getting things to look more natural. Overall I really enjoyed learning about Photoshop and what it has to offer.


Sketchup May 30, 2017

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I recommend this station to whoever is considering going into the career path of architecture/engineering because while making these projects at this stations I learned a lot about different kinds of architecture and how to replicate them in a computer program. This was not my first time working with Sketchup, but for beginners I would recommend watching YouTube tutorials until you have a good grasp on what all the tools do and how and when to use them. Then look at different buildings and decide what kind of building you want to make and then make it. You will eventually start becoming better and better at this and then you will be able to make new shapes and structures to make your projects look better and better. If you can’t think of anything to make, look outside at buildings near you. Some tips I have are if you are copying and pasting things in your project, always paint/texture them before so you don’t have to go back and do all of them later. Also, use the internet for help, such as how to make a sphere or an octagon, all that is easily researched and then you can use that skill in other projects.p5 right