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Sketchup May 11, 2017

Posted by azuno17 in Architecture -Sketch up, Uncategorized.
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For my tech lab II station I choose Sketch up because I like the program and I wanted to get better. Sketch up is one of those programs that it takes a little while to get use to. But once you get the hang of it that’s when it begins to get fun. I would definitely recommend this station to anyone that is interested in architecture. The tools and techniques are easy to learn, but I would as recommend looking at video tutorials online. As they’re a great tool to learn but also to get ideas and inspiration. For my final project I made a city block. I felt like this would of been a good final project and it was something different. I did a lot of research to make sure the dimensions on the the street and buildings were accurate to real life cities. So that they could look natural and also if it was made in real life the buildings would fit right into any city. I did look a lot of different city images to try to get some ideas for the buildings. For the most part all the buildings have an original design. Overall, Sketch up is a fun program to use with a lot of creative possibilities. I would recommend this station for anyone to try out. It’s a pretty straight forward program to use, and it’s great for anyone who has an interest in architecture.

city block5city block6city block3


Using SketchUp April 26, 2017

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The architecture station using the SketchUp program made making houses fairly easy and enjoyable. To start out, I just used the box tool to draw rectangles, then used the push-pull too in order to give it a third dimension. After teaching myself to use the simple tools, I wanted to step up my game, so I looked for tutorials to educate me more on this program. After a brief amount of searching, I found a decent video that taught me tools such as the tape measure tool, the offset tool, and even tools that taught me how to use other tools! After my next few trails and much more learning, I constructed this suburban house. My goal for this house was to create a simple, yet detailed realistic house that one could find in a suburban neighborhood. To me, I believe that I have pulled this off pretty well. One tip that I have for future students at this station is to mess round with the RGB values when coloring a house, because there aren’t that many options for coloring. The helpful video that I used was:   https://mastersketchup.com/getting-started-with-trimble-sketchup/ .Tech Final Project

Architecture/Sketchup- Steven Jardim March 13, 2017

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For my first station I did architecture. To begin I made some really simple houses. Using the rectangle tool is really helpful and the pus/pull tool is great to make things 3-d. The pencil tool is also very useful to fill in spaces and make measurements so all of you aspects are the correct length. I think for anyone about to use Sketchup, they should make all of their measurements to scale and make sure everything is connected or it can cause problems later on. Here I included my own copy of my own real house and also my extension that I did of a very modern house. People should also use the materials tool lots so they can make their projects look more visually pleasing.


Microsoft Sektchup March 6, 2017

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Throughout the station, Microsoft Sketch up, I learned many new things as I explored a platform I have never used before. To start, I used the Sketch up folder in the computer and a video tutorial to help familiarize myself with the basic tools. I found most of the videos I watched to be the same. Then, I started working with using and pulling shaped to make things like stairs, furniture, and buildings. The hardest thing for me was making things symmetrical until I learned how to copy and paste. Some things that came easy to med was drawing shapes and pushing and pulling them.stairs-777777777777777

Sketch-Up February 27, 2017

Posted by isaaceland in Architecture -Sketch up.
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For my first station I chose Sketch Up. I chose this because architecture is a topic that I was very interested in. I had some experience with the program, like the basic tools, but I needed more. So I watched Sketch Up beginner tutorials on YouTube and they were very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsHRGDvN4sM. So after the tutorial I then went into Sketch-Up and got started. I first made a rectangle using the rectangle tool and made it 3d using the push/pull tool. I then made an opening and made a rectangle in the opening. I then colored that translucent(like a window) using the materials bar – translucent – blue. I kept doing processes like that to make a house. So after you learn to use the simple tools in Sketch-Up, you kind of just figure it out from there. But I would definitely look at the tutorial because it is very helpful in learning how to do Sketch-Up.


Microsoft Sketch Up February 23, 2017

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For my first station in tech lab I decided to go with sketch up because I have never used this program before. To get to know the program, I used the sketch up folder and a you tube video which I found very helpful to get me started. After I learned the basics, it was easier to find out other tricks to building things neater and faster. Once I was comfortable with the program, I decided I wanted to build a modern house because I though they would be a good project to start on because they had basic shapes. The most helpful thing for me was when I learn how to copy and paste shapes. It made making windows and door way easier and it made them symmetrical. Overall, sketch up is a really fun program and it is super easy to use and learn.


Sketchup November 3, 2016

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For my first station I decided to go with Sketch Up. I had no knowledge at all going into this program. I didn’t even know it existed. When I opened it up it seemed fun to use and like something I wanted to learn and use. I tried to learn all the basic skills required to use this program, to at least start to create one project in this. I got the Basic skills from the tech lab folder. To get there you go to computer then to resources then click on computer science folder. After all of  that you will see a folder called Tech Lab in there look for another folder named architecture which then you’ll find start up tutorials on sketch up. These really where useful because they help you start off. Through out the station i did use YouTube to look at tutorial to more advanced things. Also got some help from a friend who was doing the same station. So if you have any friends working on the same station help each other it will make things easier. So for my final project on Sketch up I decided to make a hotel using all the skill I have learned through out my practice projects. It was pretty hard making all the windows the same. But the best part for me making it was the entrance it just turned out how I wanted. So overall I do recommend this station for anyone because even if your not interested in architecture its still a pretty fun program to use and fun making buildings.hotel2hotel3

Sketch Up October 24, 2016

Posted by azuno17 in Architecture -Sketch up.
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For my first station I choose Sketch up. I’ve had a little bit of experience using the program but I wanted to expand my knowledge by learning new techniques that I have not previously learned. It’s quite difficult when you first start to learn the tools and functions of the program. So for anyone that is considering this station I would recommend to look at the architecture word document in the architecture resource folder. This is a great tool to learn the basics of Sketch up, and get you familiar with the tools with their step by step activities. Also looking at video tutorials would also be helpful when you’re first starting. But for my final project I wanted to make a soccer stadium. Soccer is one of my favorite hobbies, and I wanted to use the tools and techniques that I have learned to make a stadium. It was fairly simple design so it didn’t take long to make.This was because of the follow me tool, this allows you to take a side and move it along an edge; this allowed me to make the sides of the stadium very fast. Overall Sketch up is a fun program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone to try it out.




Architectural Model Making December 17, 2015

Posted by tmhannon in Architecture -Sketch up.
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Model making takes patience and a steady hand. The tools you will use can range in everything from 3D printing to wood carving. Here is some helpful Links for you to explore.https://davidneat.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/horizontal_6532_sm.jpg?w=460

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47lD_XQ5ID8

Web Help: http://youngarchitect.com/2014/03/31/building-architecture-models/

The most difficulty that I had with model making was making straight cuts and right angels. Although I was using rulers to cut and triangles to cut corners, it was still tough. I recommend that you always cut bigger than you need to so you can go back and sand down the edges to insure finer lines and sharper corners. The last piece of advice I can give you is to be patient and be ready to do things twice, sometimes three times to produce your best quality of work.


Models can be made in great detail or just a base outline, but they always bring an idea from paper or program to reality. Be careful with razor blades and knifes, but always take your time so that the end result is worth the effort put forth.

My Time In SketchUp December 17, 2015

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For my second station I decided to do sketchup, computer architecture. What I decided to do was to make a nice house that I personally would live in. It was not the hardest house to make but also not the easiest because sketchup takes a little understanding before you can use it to its full potential. Even I haven’t discovered everything, which probably has limited me by a little in my creation. To get started with this station I suggest that you take a look in the R drive to get some good 15-20 min videos that teach you the basics. Then if you want to learn more then you can always go to YouTube and get more in depth videos. To me this is a very fun station that gets yourself thinking.