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Bookbinding June 1, 2015

Posted by katetom123 in Bookmaking/Publishing.
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For my last project in Tech Lab, I did the station bookbinding. This was a very interesting station for many reasons. I liked doing this station because it gave me an opportunity to look at Microsoft word again, and learn some cool new things I could do with it. I also enjoy bookbinding, because it gave me the opportunity to be creative in a different way than just art. For my final project I created a picture book of my family’s trip over spring break. This was fun because it gave me the opportunity to look over my trip. I also loved designing all of the pages just the way I wanted them.

One suggestion I have for people doing this station is to make sure you have time to do it. This was my last station, and I felt like I was a little rushed when doing the different activities. Something else I would recommend to people doing this station is to make sure you have a final project in mind before you start. This will really help you organize your activities, and make sure you learn how to work with the different settings, and options available. For example, since my final was a picture book, lots of many activities involved me working with different pictures, and how to organize them and place them where I wanted them.


Bookbinding May 31, 2015

Posted by mlkidd in Bookmaking/Publishing.
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For my last station in Tech Lab, I did bookbinding. Bookbinding was a fun station to do because you could make whatever type of book you wanted. I also liked it because I got to relearn how to use Microsoft word. Bookbinding is not just learning how to make a book, it is also how to use Word. The only thing about word was that it is the older version and it can be a little annoying sometimes. But once you figure it out, it is easy to use. This station also requires some thinking. When you are creating your pages, you have to put them in order of how the book is laid out. For example if you had 16 pages, you would put page 1 and 16 next to each other because when it gets printed and folded you have the middle pages in between 1 and 16. You also have to print front and back so the book looks like a book. Just remember to set up your pages while you are doing them because otherwise it is harder to put the pages in the right order after you have already finished your book. Another thing that might be helpful is that you can only print out your final. So even though you can’t print out other books, you should still practice setting up the pages. This station is really fun and I would suggest it for anyone who wants to make a great Christmas present.

Creating a Book December 20, 2012

Posted by hullbenj in Bookmaking/Publishing.
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photo (21) photo (20)

I was the first person to do this station so I did face challenges, but I was able to conquer them.
My first challenge was creating a book in Photoshop. This was very slow and very inefficient. Later once I was finished, I learned about Indesign, and my first problem was solved.
My next problem was trying to get started on working in Indesign. Most of the tutorials for Indesign were like creating business cards and such; which is not what I needed. I resolved this by searching for how to make a photo book, and I found a video that showed me how to make a simple photo book in Indesign.
Once this challenge was resolved, I faced the challenge of printing. It was difficult to get everything right, and I never got it just right. My first printed practice did not print right, and it wasn’t back to back. My next one was back to back but not perfectly lined up. So to avoid this problem for my final, I exported my book into a PDF and printed it.
My last challenge that I faced was actually when I was going to bind the book. At first Mr. Karden and I couldn’t find his jig. So I was going to use two shelves as a make shift jig. But right before I started, Mr. Karden found his jig. But the problem wasn’t fixed. The jig was the wrong shape. So we had to construct a new one (well Mr. Karden did with my help here and there). Once this jig was complete I final was able to bind my pages, and finish my book.
Though I faced many challenges though my book making process, I am glad I did it. My final turned out great, and I know my mom will love it!