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Lukas C. Aeronautical ENG. May 30, 2017

Posted by lukascrew in Electronics.
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This is my attempt at making an RC plane. it was a very long and arduous journey which could’ve been avoided very easily. The problems that I encountered were monstrously numerous. Starting with me not even getting the materials until 2nd quarter. And ending in being unable to wholly fix every issue without a new one popping up. If I were to give advice to anyone looking to do this rather unique project. Either do all of the math because I forgot about CoM to CoT calculations, or just buy a premade body and shove your electronics into that. And if you really want to do this project, then do your research.


Electronics March 6, 2015

Posted by remimzyme in Electronics.
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I really enjoyed this station because it helps you problem solve and see what you did wrong and how to fix it. When I started this station I had no idea on what I was doing, but after a while I got the hang of it and started to problem solve because one time I had the circuit board was not being recognized by the computer then, with Karden’s help, new figured out that the COM port can be changed then we changed the COM port and then it started working. Then after a while the program had a little problem with not recognizing that there were more COM ports and it just made it a little  difficult. Once you over come the difficulties this station is fun and easy. The arduino program is quiet easy to use.

Light Up Car November 6, 2013

Posted by puncake17 in Electronics.
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Electronics was a fun but challenging station. I got to make electronic circuits on a solder less circuit board and for my final project, made a car that can light up inside of it. One thing you could do to make the station easier is do more activities on the Mr. Circuit app on the computer. This is helpful because the activities there show you how to use many different kinds of utilities on the circuit board. Also, if you want to, you can learn about how to solder. This will help you because soldering will allow you to make wires stay connected, because sometimes the wires can come off the board, and it can get really annoying. One of the hardest things in the station, i thought, was coming up with the final project. When, you’re getting to the final project part, start thinking of what you really like and think of ways of how you could do cool things with it with electronics. This will help you waste less time thinking of a project, and more time actually working on it. Overall, electronics was a very fun, challenging, but interesting station.


Joe McComb Electronics May 21, 2013

Posted by jmccomb0428 in Electronics.
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I decided to do the station electronics because the station interested me and i thought i would be able to do it. In this station i made an air boat out of a FIJI water bottle.Their were two problems I faced during this project but i overcame both with perseverance. The first one I encountered was figuring out how counterbalance the boat. With all of the weight from the motor in the back of it I had to come up with something heavy to put in the front. I put a magnet on the front of it and it balanced it perfectly. I just found the magnet inside my backpack and then thought of the idea of gluing it on the boat. The second problem faced was when I had to put the propeller in the air so it wouldn’t hit the water when put in. I had to use my human ingenuity and come up with a solution. I made stilts out of toothpicks. I glued a whole bunch of toothpicks together and then glued the two stilts to either side of the motor. This problem was solved very easily and then I was finished with the project. Some tips I would suggest doing before you start your project would be to plan the whole idea out on paper. This would be a good idea so you have something to look at periodically. Another tip I would give the next person who does this station would be to always remember what the different symbols are fro each item. The LED and many others have symbols that you need to remember for watching all of the different tutorials. One tutorial that i would recommend is http://www.electronics-tutorials.com/basics/basic-electronics.htm. The reason this website is good is because I tells you about the basic things. this is the one website I would recommend.ImageImage

Solar power October 26, 2012

Posted by robertkoegel in Electronics.
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Still works

While the electronic station may not be the most popular I believe it will expand your understanding more than any other station. For my final project I converted an old Game-boy color to solar power. From the very beginning of the station I knew I wanted to do something with solar power but it wasn’t until later I decided on the Game-boy, which leads me to my first tip be ready to change your final to fit your ability don’t make it too hard or too easy. The biggest issue I had constructing my final was a simple mistake that would not have happened if I had outlined my plan more thoroughly I accidentally put a component in backwards and made trouble shooting it very difficult. When you are first starting this station really do not expect someone to be telling you what to do, you really need to just jump in feet first and test the water. The best way to get started is to just start working through the book it gradually gets harder and teaches you the basics slowly. If done right you can create a great learning experience for yourself and maybe find a passion for electronics.

TECH LAB LOGO May 30, 2012

Posted by ednight in Electronics.
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As a learner of robotic engineering and as a inventor, I decided to over come and achieve something new that no one has done in this station. I have a large amount of knowledge in electronics, but I will learn as much as possible in Electronics. I will take a long time learning the components and achieve what is not possible for others and at the same time, challenge my self in this station. Although I am nerves about time, I will still accomplish what it has not been possible for others. Soon enough, this is what I accomplished.