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Corel Draw December 13, 2017

Posted by Tai-Lee Smith in Corel Draw.
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coffee banner

      For my second station I chose to do Corel Draw. In this station I created my final project as a cafe logo. I used the tools that I learned from previous activities to create my final. One of the helpful tools that I used was the help button. The help button gives an explanation and mini tutorial on how to use most of the tools. This helped me get started and learn the basics about the tools. A difficulty that I overcame was trying to bend the rectangle to make a banner shape. I solved this by double clicking on the rectangle and it came up with a dotted line. Then I clicked on the end of the line and bent the ends of it up. Another tip to the next person is to use the bezier tool when you want to color in a certain shape. The bezier tool is can be used  to create the outline of where you want to color. This tool is very helpful. You use it by clicking around and making an area that you can fill in with a certain color. The last tip is to click when you are coloring a section of your project, remember the numbers that come with that certain color, so that you can use that exact same shade of color again. Overall this was a fun and interesting station.


Final Product October 18, 2017

Posted by unlockingtech in Corel Draw.
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Hello reader! Welcome to my post. Here at CorelDraw I created a final product that I am very happy with, The Spires of Eternity. It wasn’t the easiest thing to make, although the activities I had done previously greatly lessened the difficulty.

Holy Snickerdoodles (4)

For those of you who don’t actually know what CorelDRAW is, it is a graphic design program that can be integrated with devices such as the Laser Engraver. It has many tools and libraries for various designs and can be used to make some pretty awe-inspiring things.

Throughout the entire station, I had issues with figuring out how to use the tools. Some were fairly intuitive (like the freehand tool), while others were far more complex (like the interactive blend tool). These complex tools mainly involved color, or shaping objects, which I used to great effect in the final product. A few of my activities were fully dedicated to solving single tools because I could not find resources on the internet to do so. I had to learn it all myself through experience. However, you dear reader, do not. Something I learned after the fact is that there are tutorials located within CorelDRAW itself. If you click on the “Help” tab and select “CorelTUTOR,” you will arrive at a screen that will give you five tutorials on how to use CorelDRAW. This is probably most helpful at the beginning, and several of these tutorials could make very good activities. But besides that, here is some advice on the individual tools I personally had trouble with.

  • Shape Tool
    • This tool can turn a straight line into a curve or a curve into a straight line. Do this by left clicking on the desired line and then right clicking, selecting the option “to line/curve.” This will then allow you to convert the line into your desired choice. This tool can also add points to a line that can change the entire shape. Double left clicking on the place where you want the point on the line will add the “node.” by right clicking on these you can delete them. You can also drag these nodes anywhere.
  • Eraser Tool
    • Sounds dumb I know, but it actually does have a trick. To be able to erase anything you need to have that thing selected, even if it’s a tiny line. Once you having it selected, you can either left click and hold to erase like you would typically, or you left click once and create a sort of line where you click where you want it to end, erasing all of the object selected in its path.
  • Selecting things
    • Ctrl A selects all
    • Holding shift and clicking allows one to select multiple items
  • Fill Tools
    • Absolutely make sure you have what you want selected when you choose the filling for it. If you don’t, it won’t color anything or it will color something else.
    • Experiment with the tools, figure out what you like best
  • Artistic Media Tool
    • This is a rather unique tool that has several different internal options to it. Experiment with all the options, this one’s not too hard to figure out. It’s just one that is worth noting.
  • Interactive Blend Tool
    • This is a weird one. First, you must have one object selected. Then, you must select another object for it to blend to, the more similar the objects the smoother the transition. It doesn’t have a lot of practical uses, but could be used to great effect.
  • Interactive Transparency Tool
    • This is a rather useful tool that can be used to create shading effects on anything you wish. Select the object, apply the tool, choose your transparency and boom. You’ve cast a dark shadow across your landscape.
  • Polygon Tool
    • Just one thing here, up top at the toolbar you can change the polygon to have as many sides and edges you want.

So these were the problems I experienced when working with CorelDRAW, how I solved them or how I figured them out, and how you can now use them without having to go through the same process I did. Best of luck to you with your own CorelDRAW projects!

Ian Anderson, 4th period, 2017

Corel Draw Final October 10, 2016

Posted by mjjardim20 in Corel Draw, Uncategorized.
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For my final I made a symbol. I made this symbol for later on in the year for when I want to laser engrave this symbol onto a phone case.  I got the idea and shape of the symbol from http://www.clipartbest.com/cool-symbols. I made this shape using the Bezier tool.  I started by making the first 3rd of the symbol by just approximating where the lines should go. Once I did that I grouped all of those objects and then used the mirror tool to create the second 3rd to the right. To get the final third I copy and pasted the grouped objects and rotated the object to the correct spot. Once the outer part of the symbol was done I made the lines going around the center also using the Bezier tool. Something that made this project easier was the ability to rotate and mirror grouped objects. This saved time and effort because I only had to make one of the three outer shapes. Something that made this project hard was grouping the objects. When it came time to copy and paste or rotate I had to select all of the objects in the shape. This was hard because it was hard to know if you had all of the objects selected and when you tired to rotate it sometimes you would only rotate some of the shape not all of it. Something I learned from this project is to use the polyline to make the lines instead of the Bezier tool. If you use the Bezier tool the lines do not connect automatically so there are small spaces left in between the lines. If I had used the polyline tool it would connect the lines automatically and there would be no spaces left.

Corel Draw May 29, 2015

Posted by andrzejlas421 in Corel Draw.
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For my second station I did Corel Draw, Corel Draw it is a vector graphics editor developed by the Corel Corporation. It is used to make vector art that is created using mathematical equations. I thought it was a very cool station. Its very difficult though so make sure you do the tutorials to learn the basic tools and what not. This is a very useful station if you want to use the laser engraver because both use vector graphics. If you wanted to design logo’s this is an extremely important program to know and very useful. For my final I decided to create a business card for my dad’s business, one problem I ran into during this was that the dimensions were not the right size for a business card you can fix this by going in the top left and clicking on the custom button then scrolling down to business card. One tip that I found awesome and cool is once you have created an image or shape of some sort,click on it or highlight it, go to the fill tool the 2nd to last tool in Corel Draw 11, then go to texture fill dialogue and select it. This will give you a variety of super cool colors and texture designs to put on your project once you selected the one that best fits you then select OK. I thought this tool was awesome because it gave you awesome colors and designs to enhance your project I did it with my abstract art activity. My final took me a while to think of so if your having trouble just do a holiday card or a business card Corel Draw is perfect for that.

2nd activityFinal

Corel Draw Final March 3, 2015

Posted by bruiz2015 in Corel Draw.
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For my final project, I decided to create a picture to go along with a quote . I thought this station was fun, but it takes a bit of time to learn how different tools work and where to find other tools. Its really helpful to just play around with Corel Draw at first and figure out where all the tools are and their functions.  One thing that really helped me in this project was grouping and ungrouping. It really helps move objects as a single one so you don’t have to move smaller individuals parts into specific places. To group/ ungroup, you select whatever objects you want together in the places that you want them, then you right click and select group/ungroup. Another tool that was cool was the art media tool. The art media tool is one of the options in the group of tools on the left side of the page, but to find more options you go under the effects tab and select artistic media. It gives more ranges for creating different lines and sizes. I also recommend using the smudge tool to manipulate any shapes you want since it allows you the most control to change the sides. Its important to keep track what objects you have selected because you can accidentally change another part that is not supposed to be changed. There are many different tools that help create different effects and its overall a really cool station.

Corel Draw May 7, 2014

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Corel draw is a good station to start out with, and if you have used adobe illustrator or Photoshop it is all to familiar. With the first couple activities take time to explore the tools and learn the basics.  If your good at “hot keys” Corel draw is full of shortcuts and there are plenty of tutorials online to help if you get stuck or if you want to learn how to do something new. There are plently of ways to customize your artwork with diffrent colors and visual effects. The puzzle is time consuming so a good tip is to use the polyline tool when making the puzzle it can switch between straight lines and freehand drawing. For my final I made a planner cover for the planner design contest. PLANNER

Corel Draw Hunter Drabik March 26, 2014

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skiier final

For my first station I did Corel Draw. For my final I made a card to congratulate Ted Ligety on winning a gold medal at the Olympics. One thing that really helped me in this station is knowing that when you double click a line you can ad and remove points so the line does what you want. This will let you change the line you made  to exactly what you want. another tip is don’t be afraid to delete a part. if the shape you made is not exact then delete it and try again. Corel draw likes to take the line you made and smooth them out. This can cause the line to not be exactly what you want.

May 29, 2013

Posted by alb0uch in Corel Draw.
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Over all the station CorelDraw was a useful computer tool that I enjoyed. It has many real world application. Basically any engraving program will use these vector graphics produced by this program. If you were looking into designing logos or signs this program will be extremely useful. It is also useful for any company needing a logo, so if you know how to use this program it could save you money by not hiring someone to make it for you or your company. With this station I would recommend to look up tutorials and practices because it is extremely helpful when first understanding this station. For the most part the things I had troubles with when working with this station was the fact that I did not know all of the tools. The three most useful tools I found to create any project that I would recommend learning more about are, Beizer tool, Free Hand tool, and the Shape Tool. With this variety of tools any user will be able to create a decent quality creation.
third bird

Corel Draw May 22, 2013

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To do my project I used corel draw. At the start of using corel draw this seemed like a very complicated and confusing station, but once I did some tutorials and did some projects I became more comfortable with the tools. By researching the tutorials they helped me become more comfortable with each tool and taught me about new tools that I used in my later projects. Some difficulties I had was making the shapes with the freehand tool, so after some researching I found that the Bezier tool works a lot better because you can draw a perfectly straight line then change it to a curve line and you can shape it any way you want. This was a very good tool to use because I used it on everyone of my projects after I learned about it. I would recommend using tutorials at the beginning of doing Corel draw to get you comfortable with the station.5

May 17, 2013

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I used Corel Draw to complete my project. I became much more comfortable with using Corel Draw after completing a few tutorials and exercises. When I first started using Corel Draw it seemed like a very complicated station because it was so hard to draw simple objects and make them recognizable. However, learning the different tools that specialize in different things made completing pictures and projects much easier. Drawing freehand pictures was the hardest part of Corel Draw. It was difficult to make the lines in the correct shapes while using a mouse to draw. When drawing in Corel Draw I thought using the “FREEHAND” tool to get the basic shape then using the “SHAPE” tool to fix the line to the shape you want it was the easiest to do. This technique became really helpful in one of my exercises when I drew Speedy the Mouse.