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Computer Animation Flash November 22, 2013

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I was really drawn to computer animation since day one just because it seemed really fun. I had a lot of fun with this station. I think that the best tutorial to use is the tutorial in the blue binder in the drawer by the dance station. The instructions are very clear and the activities are really easy and fun if you’ve never used this program before. On the other hand though, if you have used the Flash program before, I suggest that you look up other tutorials/activities online. Other that learning how to use Flash I really didn’t have any difficulties. Everything is just so clear that I didn’t have any trouble at all. Anything that the tutorial doesn’t go over, you can kinda just figure it out on your own. That’s petty much how simple it is. The only thing that actually frustrated me was that when I inserted a picture, I couldn’t really take away the white part surrounding the picture. I tried to fix it by using Photoshop but when I put it back into Flash, they still had that white part.  I don’t like it but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. In the end, I got so used to it that it stopped bothering me so I stopped trying to fix it. Here are some pictures of the activities I did and of my final project.Avtivity 1 copy avtivity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 6 copy Final Project practice Final Project

I really enjoyed this station and I hope you do too!!! ^_^



Flash Animation March 5, 2013

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  • For my first station in this class I did Adobe Flash. The activities started out very simple and easy and gradually began getting tougher. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes being creative, it is a great way to show your skills in drawing/creating and in animating. Something to warn you about before you begin, make sure you read the practices very clearly and be sure to return to them when you reach a problem in your final, they are very helpful. When I began my final I kept pressing F6 for the key frames all the time in order to create the “stops”(dots) to make my animation move like you would on a sticky note. (you would move your picture slightly to a different position on each blank note from the previous one until you reached the stop of your paper animation) THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO YOUR ANIMATION. Create motion tweens instead to move your animation. A couple “dots” on each frame here and there will not hurt your project but once they start dominating the timeline..STOP. It can make your animation crash once it plays on the computer. Once I solved this problem I could tell that my animation was playing more smoothly. Another thing that you should know to make this process easier for you is to use only mp3 loops for your audio in the animation. It makes everything easier because you can easily just drag it from the library into the time line and BAM, the animation now has sound. I hope you enjoy this station and have fun creating your ideas into real moving “art”.
  • Have Fun
  • Create Something Different Than Others
  • Try New Things
  • Use Your Resources (binder)

December 20, 2012

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For my last station I did flash animation. It’s not so hard, once you get the hang of it, and even though I didn’t have much time I learned quite a lot. A common problems I had were getting the things I drew (usually backgrounds) to not show up in the rest of the animation all of a sudden. The way to solve this is to select all the frames you can find, everything that is colored grey or maybe blue on the timeline, and drag it so the color starts where you want the background to come into existence. I also had a lot of trouble with being able to animate something period because I would keep drawing everything I wanted to have and animate in the same layer, but then when I tried to animate it it wouldn’t work because when I tired to create any kind of tween the application tried to move or change the entire set of drawings that are in that layer. There may be other better solutions, but I didn’t have much time, so I found the best answer in general is to seperate into different layers all the parts of a picture or scene that you’d like to animate. I have run out of time, and can’t post any screen caps because for some reason they won’t show up to “add media,” but I will add that the most important thing to keep track of is what layer each item is on, and how far it last. It might suddenly start to early or too late, just line up the colored areas ^^



Flash May 31, 2012

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For my final station, I did Adobe Flash. I started off with the basic activities and then I later started to figure out the more complex controls in the Flash station. After I completed the basic activities I started to create my own movies and scenes. I created two movies, one about a cowboy shooting another man and another movie about a shark eating and a whale and a swimmer. I did not have enough time to create a final project, but I did do a decent amount of activities. I ran into many problems with this station. Although I ran into many problems, I thought this was a fun station and I am glad I did it. Some of the problems I ran into were using pictures off of the internet in my animation. When I put a hat onto my guy that I got from the internet, it was ok. But later, the hat went behind my guy’s head and I could not get it back to the front. I figured out that I was running into this problem because I had not put the hat and my guy on different layers. It was too late for me to remake the hat and put it back on my guy in a different layer. I had a lot of problems with layers. I would try to put two objects on the same layer or two different animations on the same layer and my movie would not work. I had a lot of issues with layers. Later into working with the station, I started to put every little thing on a separate layer and I did not run into any more problems. Another problem I had was forgetting to label all my different layers and symbols. Since I had so many layers and symbols, I didn’t know which one was which anymore and I was very confused. I highly recommend labeling all of your movie clips, symbols, and layers. It will be a lot more helpful. Another issue I ran into was animating things. I didn’t know how to make the legs animated so that it looked like my people were walking. I also did not know how to animate the tails of my animals so that it looked like they were swimming. I learned that I had to make just the tail or part of the leg smaller in a different symbol than my original image in it’s original symbol. I also found out that you have to make a movie clip with the two different images to make the “swimming” or “walking”. Even though I ran into some problems with this station and I did not get to create a final project, I really enjoyed this station and would like to do it again. I do recommend the Computer Animation-Flash station. 

Flash by carl enyeart May 31, 2012

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For my last and finally tech lab station I did flash. It was one of the harder stations for me but, also the funniest. I learned many thing in there about computer, flash and me. The thing what I had to remember though out it was to make sure I drew something before make a tweens. Also, if you are going to have many things moving make sure every thing what moves is on its own layer. Also, if you want move a person you have to make a key frame by hitting F6.

Flash May 22, 2012

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For my second unit in tech lab I decided to tackle flash. I started with basic skills, and then moved on to more complex ones. I had to use all these skills and more, on my final product. My final product was made to try and convince my dad that he can’t hit anymore jumps, because he tore his acl’s and he shouldn’t put himself at risk again. My first step was to draw a mountain. Then, I drew a few trees, and dragged them onto the mountain over and over. My next issue was that I had to make text appear. However, it looked bland when the text just came out of no where, so I had to play around with an effect. Then the text looked much better as it crawed into the screen. Next, the issue was to make two people follow motion guides to hit a jump. This took some trying, simply because the number of layers made it hard to figure out where to put the guide. Once it could go from the title, to me and my dad hitting a jump, it was time to go to the hospital. So I had to make a flashing siren. To do that, I took a big red square, and a big blue square, and I had them switch back and forth quickly to look like a siren. Then,  a doctor had to walk in and announce to my dad what he had done to himself. So, I drew a doctor, and made a movie clip that showed him walking. Next, I made another movie clip that showed his mouth moving, and that was about it. The end was just some text, and once I finished all of that I just added a few sound effects. My main challenge in this final project was to finish it with enough time left. I did that and I created a final product that I think is worth a good grade.

Flash Animation May 18, 2012

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For this station, I did flash animation. It is a very fun and exciting station, and you get to experiment with many things. It helps you in other classes also. This station allows you to make many things that you wouldn’t beleive you can make. The hardest part, is working with different layers and different motions on the same layer. The rest is easily explained if you do the activities. My final project was a movie that included all of my activities and combined them into one awesome project. What i would advise, is keep asking for help if you dont get something. Also, don’t try to use shortcuts with the program and don’t try to improvise things. Make sure you understand what you are doing, because you will need to use it later.

My project started on a trampoline, and evolved into a very nice movie about a mans journey. This was very fun and i would recommend this station to anyone who wants to animate. It is one of the best stations here in my opinion.

Flash February 28, 2012

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Ohk, so this station was super cute and fun. I really liked it. I’m not tech savvy at all so starting off with this station was super good. One of my MANY problems was the layers. At first I tried to make my final project all on one layer. which was a mess because everything was smooshed and it was just rough. Soooooo then I got frustrated, like most people, and tried fixing this disaster myself. Which, by the way, made it worse. So then I asked Mr. Karden what to do and he recommended doing things in layers. OHMYGOOOODNESS. What a sweetheart :’) That fixed basically all of my problems. I made my final project in about 50 layers. Though I probably could have done it in less, it still turned out, what i think, really good.

k so, like for example. The words and the ladder were one layer. kind of like a background and the guy was another layer. I made him a motion tween and he like floated down the ladder. It was really cute. Annnnywaaaayssss,  It would have been harder to do things as one layer. Also I did all of my drawings in Flash. I made them pretty much all graphics except for few. It’s easier to make your pictures graphics because  then you don’t have to like import them from like paint or something because that’s lame. And my drawings weren’t all that good because clearly, I’m not an artist or in any way creative. Also I watched soooo many like video tutorials on Flash things like when I didn’t know how to use the Free Transform tool or when I wasn’t sure how to insert music, I had to look and that cute little book that’s in the sketchy drawer. You know what I’m talking about right? No? Ohk. Well the like binder thing in the Computer Animation drawer like in the back of the room. It’s a life saver. Also Mr. Karden’s a great source of information.

Adobe Flash January 17, 2011

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Flash is a very simple program to use. You just decide where you want the image to start, and put it where you want to be at the end of the motion tween. If the object moves too fast, lengthen the tween. If it is too slow, shorten it. With a shape tween, you just decide what shape you want it to turn into. I made an animation to go with a song made by another student. It had istruments moving across the screen and flashing circles representing percussion. The animating was simple, and did not take a very long time to make.

Flash December 14, 2010

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In flash I made a music video for a childrens song. I found that flash was relatively difficult. The animation process was confusing. I first learned that it is very important and easy to use graphics from the internet instead of your own drawings. Then you also need to use the book a lot. There are a lot of useful activities and you need to make sure that you know how to do all of those activities, plus it is an excellent way of getting examples to turn in, just combine several activities into one video.

  •  You also need several frames when doing any kind of complex animation.
  •  Use simple activities often like creating  shape tweens and motion tweens.
  •  Combine different layers to create more complexe animations.