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Julia White/Station 2/Laser Engraving December 17, 2015

Posted by jcwhite11 in Laser Engraving.
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Welcome to the world of laser engraving. This is definitely my favorite of the stations I did this semester in Tech Lab. Laser engraving takes a bit of learning and reading about it but it is well worth it when you are able to engrave your friends phones for them! There are many different key components to this somewhat complicated station of laser engraving. When printing, you have three different options. One is vector which actually cuts the design out of the mat board. Another option when printing is raster which just engraves the design of your choice into the mat board. The final choice is called combined which is both raster and vector. Before printing though, you either download or design your image on the “design” page of Corell Draw.

One of the problems I faced at this station was not entering same or correct size on both the “design” page and in the print properties. To fix this problem and find out why my designs were not printing properly, I looked in the laser engraving drawer and found many useful packets that walked me through how to set everything up step by step. It went through the specific steps for raster, vector, and combined.

With other small problems I faced throughout the station, I went to Mr. Karden after looking in the packets. Half the time we looked back in the packet together and found the solution in there. I also found there to be very useful information on the (R) Drive.

Overall, laser engraving is a very fun and interactive station that I would suggest to people new to the class. Once you learn how to use the engraver and programs, there is an endless world of opportunities of what you can make with the machine.


Laser Engraving=Fun December 20, 2013

Posted by duno9 in Laser Engraving.
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My station was laser engraving, and it was really a lot of fun. I learned most of what I had to do from Mr. Karden, Edgar, and the Legend Laser Engraver website. A tip that I would offer is: Test, test test. Make sure that whatever you’re printing is printing correctly before you use a valuable material. One time I tried to engrave something on a little felt card that I found, and it was the perfect color, but it didn’t print right at first, so the card was ruined. Another tip is to make sure you know if you are cutting or if you are just engraving a material. If you don’t use the special cutting apparatus and you try to cut out something, the laser can make an imprint on the aluminum, and Mr. Karden will yell at you. One last tip: Learn to use Corel draw or some other type of digital drawing/painting program, because if you don’t know how to make shapes the laser engraver can read, then you can’t be very creative with the station. I did run into some problems along the way, but all was resolved. First problem: time management. Testing my project sometimes would take a long time, so I had to learn to work on other projects and things while my projects were being engraved. Second problem: learning what power and speed settings to use on each operation. Mr. Karden told me that when you are cutting, use speed 100 power 70 (or the other way around), but that didn’t seem to work on the first time, and when you try to cut something after you’ve already run it, it starts to burn and get blackened. I found that when cutting something like wood or a thick piece of plastic, use power 100 and speed 50-60, because otherwise, you have to run it twice or three times. Please remember to turn off the laser engraver after you are finished. For my final project, I decided to make a box with teeth to hold it together at the corners, and to put inlays into it. Time got to me and I only had enough to inlay the top, but what got finished turned out great and fits together perfectly. With glue. Ignore the sticker. That was later taken off.IMG_5282

Laser Engraving December 4, 2012

Posted by vapenegor in Laser Engraving.
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Laser Engraving was a lot of fun! I enjoyed being able to create things in the blink of an eye, and the endless possibilities of what you could create. At first, I was afraid of messing up and breaking something, but eventually it wasn’t scary anymore because I was using it more and getting used to the machine. Occasionally, I would forget the do something in the properties, and it would print wrong, but after making those mistakes I made sure to look over the properties every time I would print just to make sure i wouldn’t mess it up. I learned  how to use CorelDraw for other purposes. I also learned things about the machine, like what it can do and what it does. For people who are goingt to use the laser engraver, i suggest always re-looking at the properties when you want to print something. make sure you have checked the size! Also, make your first projects small.  It was a fun station to do, and i suggest it to everyone.

May 31, 2012

Posted by carlsemi in Laser Engraving.
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The laser engraver is a good station that you can make amazing projects with and you can learn a lot from it. I ran into a couple of problems while doing my activities, but they were all easy to fix. For example, I many times forgot to set the size of the piece before I printed it. Luckily, Mr. Karden caught me a lot of the time before I actually hit the “print” button. My advise is to always check that EVERYTHING is in order before you even think about printing it. That includes the height of the mount. One time, I forgot to adjust it and the table was too high, and it knocked the material that I was engraving on away and kept engraving. I had to stop and reprint it. To adjust that, push focus and then turn the knob. My projects included a key chain present for a graduating friend. It was made out of wood with her initials carved in it and shown as a mirror. I am very glad that I knew how to use corel draw before I started this station, because I designed all of my projects with it. I also learned that you need to make lines that you want to vector cut “hairline” and the lines that you want to rastor cut thicker. I also advise that you think of activities outside of the book. I made some pretty cool projects that were not in the book but still used the skills such as a magnet, my family’s homebuilding logo out of wood, a puzzle, and a picture frame. Some of these were pretty challenging to design and execute, but it payed off and I came up with some great products.




Laser Engraver May 31, 2012

Posted by crispmer in Laser Engraving.
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My station was the laser engraver at which I created many designs on the computer in Corel draw that I later engraved on different objects like matt board, phones and wooden pens. In the beginning it was easy but it soon became harder when I started having to center the object and put the designs/text in certain places on the object.

I would suggest that the next person should always try their design on a piece of matt board with the main features of the object drawn on so you are sure you won’t hit them on the real thing so you don,t engrave where you don,t want to like here. Also make sure you have the right settings on the engraver and that the object is lined up correctly or you could mess up something important. Make sure the designs are in the exact palce you want them because you can’t change where you put them.Overall, this was a fun station with very little problems and complications.

Laser Engraver: Miikka Wickman April 29, 2011

Posted by mw07 in Laser Engraving.
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      After several weeks at the Laser Engraver Station, I learned that patients is a virtue, and the reward is worth it in the end. My station began with not being able to cut anything out that would fit on the piece of mat board. Then, I found the most wonderful thing ever, the issue tab. This tab can be your best friend, as it tells one how to fix their project so that it will fit on the material. I recommend to always use this, just to know that your project will work perfectly.

            Next, the boxes that can be made at this station are amazing, as long as one figures out the right way to do it. First, never rush to get it done, as then it will never come out. Instead, learn the CAD station as best you can, and make a box that is all yours. There is so much that can be done at this station, that it is best to explore all your options before you settle on what you want to do. Also, this station can be as creative as one wants it to be, so whether one wants to create a puzzle or decorative box, try to go all out on what you are doing. I would definitely suggest someone to try this station, especially if they are good at Corel Draw. Therefore, when starting at this station, look at what you can do, ask questions, and be creative by creating a great project, due to this station holds several opportunities to make something great.       

December 16, 2010

Posted by ednight in Laser Engraving.
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Well, I really recommend that you start from zero. You really need to study and improve a lot in Coraldraw everything that your going to do it’s not ease, but at the end if you need to do something you know how to. I recommend that when your using vector it says that the power is 50, to tell you the true use 56 or 60 no more than that or things can happened. Use your imagination don’t be afraid it is hard, but just take your time in Coraldraw and it will be really ease using Vector or Raster. Well good luck to you and remember nothing is impossible.Oh! yea let me show you what you can do. This is what I did in laser engraver. preaty impressive hu?