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computer architecture May 25, 2017

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The computer architecture station is a station full of getting screws lost everywhere mixed in with a little bit of building computers from the ground up only to find out that the problem was that the monitor was broken. You can learn a lot about different computer components and what they do, along with learning about computers in general and how complex and fragile they really are. one problem that i ran into while doing this station was coming up with things to do. you can only take apart and put together a computer so many times before you have to find something else to do in the station. but we solved that problem by testing different variations of components in the computers to see which one was the best bang for our buck. we built up a computer and tested different graphics cards and motherboards to see which ones ran the best using software to stress and benchmark them. another thing that we partook in doing with this station was fixing everyone’s broken computers. every time that someone had something wrong with their computer, me and Archie were on the job, fixing in as soon as possible. this made us aware of what common problems were in computers and how to fix them.


Computer Architecture by Julia White December 1, 2015

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Welcome to the Computer Architecture Station of Tech Lab. In this station you will do everything from cutting yourself with screwdrivers and getting toxic silicone on your hands to replacing motherboards and refurbishing computers! At first when you choose this station, it will sound very fun and easy. Don’t be fooled though, it is fun, but not easy.

There are many different possibilities in this station. Everything you do you will learn something doing. One of the activities I did was testing motherboards. The problems we came across in this activity were finding what was not working on the motherboard. We came across multiple motherboards in a row that were not being read by the computer. We realized that something else must be wrong with what we were doing instead of the motherboards. We replaced the graphics card that we were putting on all the motherboards and that made the results more accurate so that we could truly tell what motherboards were still working and which weren’t.

Another problem that we ran into was with our final project. For our final project we decided to refurbish a computer and give it out to the community. The problem we ran into was that we used the wrong disk to install the operating system. To solve this problem we found the correct disk and had to start the process all over again.

In general, the most helpful ways to find solutions for your problems are to: look on the R Drive, look at previous blog posts, look up your problem on the internet, or finally ask Mr. Karden.

Computer Stella Rokos December 1, 2015

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Welcome to the world of pain cutting yourself with screw drivers and getting silicone on your hands!( make sure the wash your hands after) It will be a long and dangerous journey but with this blog post I will help you survive the problems that you face in this station!

Many problems were faced along the way. With 6 projects done and one final project I will be talking about the problems that arose in my final. So let begin……To start i’m going to tell you what my final project was to make you understand how problems could have come from them. What I did was refurbish an old computer and installed windows 7.

One problem that arose was that the DVD drive was not detected so we had to figure out what was wrong and finally just noticed that the cords were not plugged in. So if you have  trouble with those make sure before you start that everything is plugged in. Another problem was that the disk that we tried to install was the wrong disk so we had to do the process all over again. This station  takes a lot of time and learning so if you need ask Mr.Karden or read the manual that come with the computers. They are located at the computer station to the left  in the top cabinet.

If needed ask a teacher or visit a site that was useful to me http://www.Answer.comIMG_5198

Computer Architecture March 19, 2015

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I just completed this station. For my final, I compared two graphics cards and checked things like performance benchmarks, and pros and cons of the graphics cards. This station was quite difficult to find 5 activities to do and turn in. Creativity is key at Computer Architecture. If you are thinking of building a computer or going into the inner workings, here is my advice. When installing equipment nothing should require feats of strength. If it doesn’t go in immediately, you’re doing something wrong. And you do not want to have to pay for a two hundred dollar graphics card.

Solar Roller May 21, 2014

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The solar roller is and endurance and speed competition, in other words what is goal for you as a new racer? Well in order for you to win you will have to have your car able to adapt quickly for this to circumstances, speed and endurance. Lets first start by telling you how they day started at Glenwood High School. When you get there you will go head to your pit area, there is gonna be lots of other groups but don’t let them intimidate you. Observe and look at other designs to get ideas for further improvements on your car.

Your first event is going to be the top speed events which evolves lots of handling of the car at high speeds. Have in mind that you don’t want to break the car before the main event. After that you have recorded your two top speed, PV only and PV+Battery, you will have a two lap race only on PV. Record all events for further analysis of the events. Last but not least you will have your main event which is the 60 min race. Now for this race is when you want to attach your armor to the bottom of the car this race requires a discharged battery a good driver and a strong car if you can meet all these expectation your chances of winning the race is very high.

Awesome job in being part of this amazing project good luck, don’t give up and work hard!!!20140304_085308 - Copy 20140429_082733 - Copy 20140506_132037 20140506_132118 20140509_084641 - Copy 20140513_082956 - Copy 20140517_090630 - Copy 20140517_090638 - Copy 20140517_090646 - Copy 20140517_092442 - Copy 20140517_092540 20140517_092645 - Copy 20140517_092645 20140517_093759 20140517_095731 20140517_141741 20140517_145602

Computer architecture October 29, 2013

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For my final I made a guide to show people how to install the main components of a computer and were to plug in the cables to the motherboard. this is good to know because for me it was the hardest thing for me to learn in installing the parts in the computer. and now if anyone is having the same difficulty like me this will help them fix their problem. With this station i learned what was inside of the computer i learned how to setup the computer so that it will run. I also learned how to re install some parts so that the computer will run better and how to replace parts that need to be fixed in the computer. And one thing i would say about this station is that is fun to learn how to install the parts of the computer.


Computer Architecture April 30, 2013

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          For my second station I decided to do computer architecture. This seamed like a fun station because students at this station learn to take apart computers, solder, and figure out what each part is for. I started out taking apart a broken computer with no manual, just a screw driver. Using the book, I was able to rebuild the computer just how it was before. I started to do harder and harder activities such as construct a “master” computer. The hardest thing for me at this station, was to figure out where and why parts were put into the computer. I also had trouble with troubleshooting why a computer wouldn’t work properly. What I did to fix this was I used my resources such as Mr. Karden, the internet, and the book. I really enjoyed this station because it taught me a lot of useful things that I will be able to use later on in life. I could also safe a lot of money building a new computer and just buying certain components instead of a whole new computer. One thing I would recommend to a future student is use your resources to learn and ask Mr. Karden questions for further understanding. Over all, this station taught me a lot of useful information and techniques for building and troubleshooting computers.


Als computer station March 5, 2013

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IMG_0012 For my first station I chose to do Computer Architect. This station was at first really confusing and hard to learn at first. However after a few mistakes the building became easier. I really enjoyed this station because it taught me a lot about the usage of computers and what parts do what, along with which ones are really important or useful. By learning this later on in life if I was looking to save money I could buy parts separately to save money or have higher quality parts. Also, later on in life if I was to possibly come across computer troubles I can trouble shoot and maybe save money if I am able to fix a problem. This was useful to learn because it could help others having troubles. one thing I would recommend to another student is to ask for help or research if you don’t know what’s suppose to happen. Don’t try to plug in wires if you don’t know where they go this could be really bad for the computer. In this station I built multiple computers and learned almost every part. This station taught me how to saunter as well.

Alecs Computer Architecture Station February 22, 2013

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sauderingWhile in the computer architecture station, there were many things that had troubled me. I think that the most difficult part of this station was the saudering part. It was not very hard, but it took a lot of patience and was also time consuming. This is because when you would take the capacitors out of the motherboard, they would not come out very easily. The next hardest part was trouble shooting the computers if they had crashed or broke. This was hard because I didn’t really understand what signs to look for to tell what part of the computer was broken. The last part that was hard was plugging in the cables to the motherboard because some of the cables were very small and hard to see where they plugged into.

December 11, 2012

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final project

i choose sketch up because i already done it before, but its a great way to learn architecture and math and all sorts of things. my final was a little town or city. The project i did was all in my mind, it was creative which is also what you need and I’m sure that people in the architecture business use this to plan their building that they will make for the person that has made a business. i recommend this station for the future people of SHS tech lab, it was a fun way to create anything you have saw in your life and that you have wanted to see in life. i didn’t look at the tutorials, but they will help if you get stuck or you can ask a peer that has done it for some help. i hope you do pick this station it is a great way to make what’s in your mind.