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Mixcraft December 12, 2016

Posted by isaenz17 in Digital Audio.
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For my second station I decided to use Mixcraft. This was my first time using this program.It’s a music creating program that uses loops. Loops are just small sounds that just keep looping.  You could also create the loops but I decided to not do that. To start of I did lots of research in order to be successful at this program. I recommend using YouTube for this. There’s lots of useful tutorials out their. There is also tutorials in the tech lab folder. I say use the the YouTube ones because I found them more useful and fast. One problem I had was the limited loops I had. I just had to work with what I had. Another was actually making  good sounding song. If you’re starting off I would not recommend you to make a full 2 min song it’s harder than you think if you don’t want the same repeating song. I will also recommend messing with the loops start points and ending. It’s useful to know this skill because sometimes you want a specific part of the loop. So then you could just cut out the parts you don’t want.  Final project was the best song i could make with the loops. I called it vibe. I would recommend this station because it’s easy to use and fun.


Mixcraft December 5, 2016

Posted by azuno17 in Digital Audio, Uncategorized.
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For my second station I choose Mixcraft. I have never used this station so learning the program was all new to me. I searched up tutorial videos online to learn some basic techniques and tools. I would recommend looking at tutorial as they are fairly simple to follow and are a great tool to learn from .It’s a great station to mess around with, it’s fun to use different song samples and put them together to make a song. But if you wanted to make a good quality song then it might be a challenge and it’s going to take some time. For my final project at this station I used the Latin rock song kit to make a song. I found that using specific song kits made it easier to create songs. The only downside to this station is that you’re really limited to what you can do. It’s a challenge to create an original song using the different music samples as they all have different tempos. I found that using music samples with the same tempo would create a better sound, and overall help keep the beat of the song. I would definitely recommend this station to anyone who likes music and would like to make their own song samples.

Mixcraft December 16, 2010

Posted by dankof58 in Digital Audio.
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This was my first station and i had a lot of fun with it.  The amount of options that were available to me were astounding.  Any genre of music that you like can be found and used in your project.  I personally did several songs all with different genres.  I did an orchestral song , a metal song and a techno song.  It is really nice to have the freedom to do what ever you want.  I also brought some songs from home on a CD and imported them into Mix Craft using Sound Forge.  This was very simple and there are some directions for it on the R: Drive.  I would recommend this station to anyone who has a genuine respect for music in general.  The possibilities are endless including using the MIDI keyboard.  This is probably better if you do have an actual background in music in order to understand the different notes and to stay in key.  Otherwise your composition may sound a little awkward.  However without the MIDI keyboard, anyone at any level can complete and have fun at the station.

Digital Audio November 29, 2010

Posted by christinamontgomery in Digital Audio.
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screen shotDigital Audio is a fun and easy station. You mix and match sounds and sound effects from the music library in mixcraft to create different songs and the possiblities and endless. There are some challenges you have to face including matching the songs in tempos to create a song that sounds good  and is the right tempo. To match songs together, a good way to start before you go in and change the tempo is to pick loops from the same mood categorie such as Carefree, Exotic, Dramatic, ect. Or you should pick loops from the same style, key or tempo. Another challenge I found was trying to find a wide purpose for a song that is simply sound effects mashed together. I looked online and found many different uses. My final project is a ringtone that switches moods every ten seconds. This isn’t the most useful purpose so I would recommend making your project fit a video of some sort. Maybe talk to people in Flash or digital video that need a song to go with their video that they create. Or you could have your own video from a past/future station that you need a song for.

 Tips for creating music:

  • Pick music loops from same category (Dramatic, Violen, Sound Effect, ect.)
  • While making songs and not just sound effects together make sure to have a bass that matches the style or mood of the song.
  • Try to include every instrument that you think would be used while making the type of song that you want. ei: Rock would have Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, ect.
  • Adjust the volume of different parts and loops of your song to put empahasis on the important parts but still have some background.
  • Change Sound’s tempo, pitch, beat, ect. to make sounds fit together.

 Overall, once you get the hang of it, digital audio is a very fun station because its so easy to create music in with endless possiblities.

digital audio October 20, 2010

Posted by patrick2277 in Digital Audio.
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well the one thing that will help you in this feild of musical fun and work it you have to play around with it, once you have a beat to work from the top down adding more sounds and other things you like to make it sound good. It also helps if you overlap the sound bars if you have more than one on a line if they are right next to eachother to blend, mix and match the music around to have a smooth track, just takes some practice! 🙂