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Digital Video June 1, 2017

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For my second station I teamed up with Clara Copley, and Cece Pennell to learn how to produce videos through filming, and editing applications.  During our time on this station we had to learn how to use a variety of movie editing applications, and software. Overall we used Windows Movie Maker and iMovie the most. We encountered many struggles over the process of producing our first video. After we were able to find an application that we still were able to use we had to first learn how to get the videos from the flip camera, into the application. After we were able to figure it out, by looking through files, we started to put our video together. Through Windows Movie Maker it was quite easy to stitch the videos together in a simple format. After using tutorials and websites to learn to add effects, the hardest part was putting audio to our video. Because the audio was very hard to apply, we eventually were able to download a file for the audio already saved to achieve a background song. After using Windows Movie Maker we wanted to make videos through applications on a Chromebook or Mac Book so we could continue using our video making skills after Tech Lab. By using iMovie we had to completely re learn how to make videos. Through tutorials we found how to add audio through iTunes, apply voice overs to our videos, and precisely trim and stitch videos together. Overall I feel accomplished, because I was able to learn a lot about both editing applications, and now I will be able to utilize these skills for a long time!

Helpful Info/Tutorials:




Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ss4WLsS189VlnWffJkDjA



Shannon and Samantha’s Video December 16, 2016

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During this project we have been learning a lot about videoing and we have been able to view how to edit videos in different ways. During this project we had some difficulty. Our main difficulty was that we had to switch programs in between projects. With that we would suggest that you start with one program and stick with the program. While we were switching programs we had to look up video tutorials in fact, we used How To Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC – 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do Terry White(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK3JTh2jOf8&t=304s)This video helped us with learning the program. If we were to suggest things we would say to use one program, be patent when the internet isn’t working, and have fun with your project.

our video:



Inspiration Video December 19, 2014

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So I wanted to use my digital art skills but I also wanted to make something to worthy to show the world. After talking to my good friend about what exactly I could make, she suggested that I should make a video about something I strongly believe in hence the creation of my video “What Will You Do?”.

Making the video itself wasn’t to difficult to figure out, what was frustrating was the fact that that since I didn’t have a stable seat and that not all computers have the same settings, it took a long time to actually put it together. Thankfully I was able to finish it on time.

I only did one activity for this project because I already new how to do everything else. The activity I did was creating a trailer for the Frisco’s Haunted House.

I realized that the website that I had used was very good but there were things that it didn’t let me do unless I paid. I didn’t find it convenient to pay for something that another program would let me do for free. Instead of using WeVideo like I had initially wanted, I used Window’s Movie Maker. It was free and it included all the things that I needed also for free. After I finished the video I had problems with being able to show it to others. I couldn’t figure out how to make it more public. In the end I ended up putting it on Youtube, but even then I struggled for a little bit until I was finally succesful.

Digital Video November 5, 2010

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 I really liked the Digital Video Station! It is very fun because you can do practically anything you want, well to a certain degree. It’s very free and you have total control. You can create your own activities and explore lots of stuff online. Like the two websites I found were 




These two websites were really good tutorials that help you find out about the cool stuff you can do at the station. One thing that I had a problem was saving stuff into my folder. Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t let you import videos from your own personal folder, you have to save everything to the computers video/picture/music folders or else it won’t work. But other than that I experienced no major problems and the station was really fun!