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Video Producing December 16, 2016

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In this video producing station, a lot has came out of this and I have learned a lot. At first I originally had very good footage which consisted of a sunset, and amazing snowboarding footage that was caught at A-Basin. Majority of the film that I caught for this station was fun, but there were some difficulties that came along with it due to the fact that some of the film that was received is not professional looking. Some tips that i highly suggest is that make sure you save your video production so that it does not get lost. 


Shannon and Samantha’s Video December 16, 2016

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During this project we have been learning a lot about videoing and we have been able to view how to edit videos in different ways. During this project we had some difficulty. Our main difficulty was that we had to switch programs in between projects. With that we would suggest that you start with one program and stick with the program. While we were switching programs we had to look up video tutorials in fact, we used How To Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC – 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do Terry White(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK3JTh2jOf8&t=304s)This video helped us with learning the program. If we were to suggest things we would say to use one program, be patent when the internet isn’t working, and have fun with your project.

our video:



Glass Blowing December 16, 2016

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My final project was glass blowing and it was a cool project to do. During my project i made lots of different beads and animals. All of these beads have been skillful to make and it was not to easy when i first started the station. It is a cool station and a cool experience to make these awesome beads. For my final at the end of semester two i made a glass eagle. there were lots of challenges when i started and lots of things i needed to know. In the end my project came out really good and looks good for a glass eagle. I would recommend all of the students to do this station and ask Mr. Karden for help when needed. Do as much work as you can and make this project last because its fun and i made lots of cool work.  Displaying IMG_2902.JPG

Photoshop December 16, 2016

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One thing I would recommend to people doing Photoshop is do do tutorials online. Most tutorials are pretty easy and pretty cool. One thing to be sure of when doing tutorials is to read them thoroughly and make sure you follow them exactly step by step.

Digital Photography December 16, 2016

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I did digital photography for my station. I learned a lot about digital photography it was a good station and I learned alot

December 16, 2016

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For my final project i did the yin yang the process was making three circles one big and two small the big one for the yin yang the other two were for making the circle inside the yin yang. The black side i trace half of the circle and i did the backwards s with the drawing tool. Then i did one circle white and the other one black. What i struggled or this project is making the black side look somewhat perfect.

Tinker Cad/ 3-D Printing December 16, 2016

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Station 2

For station two, I picked 3-D printing. I decided to choose this station because I knew I would be very interested in this topic. I loved this station because 3-D printing is something I had not done before, and I learned so much about it. I really enjoyed being creative and designing a variety of projects to print. One of the most difficult objects that I attempted to create on Tinker Cad was a phone case. It was hard to make the case so that it would be able to fit around a phone because I had to make the measurements very precise. Then I had to make the corners the right size, which was very time consuming. After working on it for a long time, I still was not successful. But what I realized from this is that is okay to not succeed because what I learned from making the phone case helped me with my next projects and my final. For my final project I made a soap dish that drains so that water is never sitting in the bottom. This was very difficult object to make because it had many parts and pieces that needed to fit together. It took me many tries, but eventually I made it successfully. I learned that eventually if you keep trying that you can be successful. My advice for this station is to be creative.If you are creative, your projects will end up being much better. It is also very important to do research and learn about what you can print, and what you can not. 3-D printing was a very fun and interesting overall, and I would recommend it for anyone.

3-D Printing December 16, 2016

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In my very last station I decided to expand my knowledge from my previous station which was Tinker cad, so I did 3-D printing. In order to make this I first started out with using this picture of a windmill (http://dreams.metroeve.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Windmill.jpg). I chose a windmill because it was a way I could physically make it do something after I printed it. I first created the blades of the windmill. This was not that challenging but it involved lots of duplicating shapes over and over. When I used the printer for the first time there was many steps to get your project onto the actual printing app. Before you do this station or try to print anything I would advise that some one who has already done it show you first. Another thing I learned while printing the blades was that the printer has to heat up before in order to melt the plastic. In my first attempt it was hot enough the plastic was not spreading well so I had to pause and start over. When I created the base or the main part of the windmill I came across many problems. One of them was that the railing on the bottom had to big of a ledge to print so I had to condense it. I also was not sure if the the bales were going to be able to fit into the hole that I made since they were printed separately. Once I had printed it, it came out very sturdy and the blades fit very well in the hole. My main piece of advice for this station would be to ask some one who has used the printer to see if there are any flaws to your project that would cause it to print bad before you even print it. This was a good station because it was very interesting and involved lots of technology so I learned a lot.

IMG_0548 (1).JPG

Sketch Up Architecture December 16, 2016

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I chose the sketch up station because I like architecture and design. With only four days of work I figured out what most of the tools were and how I could use them. I chose to make a castle as it was very simple. The tools were very easy to understand, but g=for anyone trying this station I highly recommend that you go through many tutorials before starting as it makes it much easier. This station is very good for architecture because the possibilities are endless. Anyone who likes architecture or designing things would like this station very much. Here is my final castle:best-castle

Rocket Engineering December 16, 2016

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For our second station me and Mark decided to create a 3D printed rocket. Some challenges we had were assembling the rocket. We created the rocket by first researching what the best nose cone and fin shape would be. Then we made the nose cone and fins in TinkerCAD. We 3D printed the fins and the part of the bottle that connected the fins and bottle. We had trouble aligning all of the fins perfectly. For anyone doing this station I would recommend doing lots of research before even starting to make the nose cone and fins in TinkerCAD. I would also recommend using the Extrusion tool in TinkerCAD to get the perfect fin shape. Finally, I would recommend trying the tool in TinkerCAD that shows how to make a bottle rocket, this gives you an idea of what your rocket should look like but doesn’t help you that much.img_1622