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Digital Drawing station #3 June 1, 2017

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In this station I tried using the touch pad to draw in Photoshop. I first tried different tools to see how I can use these tools to draw different objects. I started my first drawing by following the instructions of the guide in the digital drawing folder. Once I had more trials I found that the blending and smudging tools blends harsh lines to look more smooth. Once I figured out how to use the capacity tool I tried to use color. I made some colorful cartoons using the shapes tool airbrush and multiple color. Then I tried to draw more realistic objects. I tried to draw a persons face. Using shading and a higher capacity for a darker shade. I used the pencil to define the eyes and nose and mouth. This stations helped me find how different tools can change the out come of your drawing. If you try out the different tools before to try to draw an object it will help you succeed in this station. You should use the touch pad for a good outcome because then you have a more steady line for your drawing. Here are a few sources that I used to help me.

Digital drawing folder

Different drawing techniques

elephantface g



Digital Painting March 1, 2017

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For my first station i did digital painting. In this lab I started out not knowing what tools to use. In one of my first paintings the shading is not very good because I did not know what to use to shade. I also did not know about the wacom pad, which I recommend using it makes it easier to draw like you are drawing on paper. For shading I did not know where to find the scattering tool, and to shade it is a very important tool. If you go down to the bottom you will find the drawing where I did not use the scattering tool. To shade you go to a icon of a lot of brushes in a cup located near the color swatches, and click on it you should find the scattering tool for blending you need to make sure it is on every time you try to blend. I used the tutorial found in the tech lab resources folder, which is very easy to understand. In my final I used more of the blending tool foe the sky and i had some fun with the colors and blending.

On the left is my first project and on the right is my final.


Digital Painting February 24, 2017

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For my first station I did digital painting. I would highly recommend this station! It is great to learn how to use different tools and techniques in adobe Photoshop. In the beginning, it was very frustrating to do, but after I started using the wacom pad it was much easier. If you are doing this station I would use the wacom pad right away because just using the mouse can be very difficult. I used a website, https://design.tutsplus.com/articles/6-easy-tips-for-making-realistic-digital-paintings–cms-23665 . This website was very helpful for finding what techniques I needed to use in order to make a digital painting look realistic. Also in the class files I followed the digital painting tutorials. This was very helpful in developing my digital painting skills. For this station I recommend putting on the scattering tool right away because it really helps with all the blending that you will need to do.I really struggled with blending, but I solved that by using the scattering tool. Also before you start any tutorials, I would test out the tools that you a given. By doing this you can get to know all the settings and know exactly where they are when you begin. The smudge tool was probably the most tool used throughout all of the tutorials because, you will constantly be working on your blending skills. Use a two monitor computer so you can digital paint on one and have the tutorials to follow on the other. This first image below was my very first attempt at digital painting.  As you can see it is very blurry because instead of using the smudge tool on the scattering setting I used the blur tool. The first tutorial took the longest because I had to go back and keep blending the lines in the eyes. The second picture (princess Leia) is my final. As you can see it is not a blurry as the first picture. My final took lots of patience and time because of the extreme amount of detail.I really struggled with the eyes on princess Leia, if you are doing anything with lots of detail, I recommend giving yourself lots of time to work on it. This allows you to really take your time on what your struggling with. Overall, this station was amazing and would be great for any one who likes art.



Digital Painting May 27, 2015

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Some good advice that I would have for someone doing the Digital Drawing station is that when you are first going into the project you might want to have a good idea of what you are going to do, that way you do not end up in the final for the station with no idea of what you are going to do.  This is good because that way you don’t waste a lot of time and can spend the most time on your final project. A good tutorial that I would recommend would be  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeSmClhlxxw this was my station 7 for practice. This helped me see how to add things in Photoshop in order to make the drawing feel more realistic, which was a good tool to learn even if I did not end up using some of the techniques in my final project. This station requires a lot of patience so i recommend taking your time and not giving up  because it takes a lot of time to get the project that you might necessarily want. The first two pictures are the first and last steps of my final project. The third picture is my tutorial that i did on the video that was mentioned above. digital drawing final 1digital drawing final9Practice four Vid Tutuorial

Digital Drawing Station #2 May 22, 2015

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For my second station I completed digital drawing in Photoshop. I used some previous skills from completing the Photoshop station that helped me complete my final digital drawing project. I completed seven activities before completing my final project, and each activity contributed skills I needed for the final project. I learned how to use many new tools for this project, and I learned how to use each one through my activities. I had many difficulties while completing this station because I am not very artistic and I am not very good at drawing. I used the Wacom board for drawing, which made the station much easier. I suggest to students wanting to complete digital drawing to use a large Wacom board because it is much easier to have a drawing space the size of the one on the computer. Also, when completing tutorials or trying to replicate an image, using two monitors instead of one makes the drawing process much easier. I also recommend planning your final project in advance so that the activities you complete will help you complete the final. If you are planning on completing this station, I recommend completing the Photoshop station first because it will help familiarize you with the tools and functions of the software that you will need to understand for digital drawing. Overall I am satisfied with my final project for digital drawing and encourage others to complete it as well. I gained a better understanding of Photoshop through digital drawing.

eyes drawtreetree again

Digital Painting April 21, 2015

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For my second project in Tech Lab, I decided to do digital draw. I did this station because I wanted a fun station that I could do to try and get ahead in the class. To do this I used the program Gimp. For this program I had to learn how to use all kinds of tools, like the airbrush, paths tool, and even pencil tool. All of there tools work in very different ways.
My suggestion for people going into this station is to be patient with the program. I also think it is important to experiment with the different tools before you start your project. For people coming into this station I would also suggest that they learn how to use the paths tool. This tool was very important to the creation of most of my art projects. For me I did not use a pad to draw, I used my mouse. This means it was very hard to create strait lines, and curved objects. The path tool helped me do just that. To start using this tool you click on the third symbol in the row closes to your picture, in the tool menu. Then you can create a shape that outlines what you want to create. Later you can turn it into the shape you want. Once you have connected the ends of the shape, you can start curving the sides. This process takes a lot of patients and take lots of time. Overall this station was very cool and something I can see myself doing again in the future.Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.47.13 AM

Digital Painting – Keelie Rix February 20, 2015

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This station is awesome for anyone who likes drawing. Granted it was a little frustrating at first. So the first thing I did was look at the document in the digital painting folder. It was really helpful because it shows you all the tools you need and how to use them. It also walks you through a bunch of activities. At this station you work in Photoshop. The entire time I worked at my station all I needed was that doc. I didn’t really need to do any extra research to finish this station. The one thing that I really needed was one of the drawing pads that plug into the computer. It makes everything easier since its more like regular drawing. When I first tried to just draw with my mouse everything was a mess so I really recommend the pad. The hardest thing was probably filling in large areas with the pen. Since you have to draw with a low opacity you can’t pick up the pen and go over anything because it will get darker. That made my final (see below) kinda hard to do but I think it turned out pretty good in the end. Another thing you might need for this station is the sponge tool. The guide says that you will not need it but you might if you mix too many colors together. The sponge tool takes color away. I found it useful while working on my final. I had accidentally used too many browns in the hair and it looked weird so I used the sponges and then blended again. The smudge tool is really the main thing you use to blend you don’t need the blur tool. The only thing you have to be sure of is that the smudge tool has the scatter on. That makes everything easier, but the other thing about it is that it blends more the larger the radius of the pen is, not when the strength is higher. A higher strength just drags more than blends. At this station all you do is draw. For my activities I did a pair of eyes, an apple, some cool smoke, and for my final I drew a girl in a green ballgown. You can basically draw anything for the final as long as its your own and creative. I think that’s all you really need to know. Good luck!

Below is my fifth activity (on top) and final (on bottom)

Featured image

Featured image