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Zach Nelson Bryce March 6, 2017

Posted by zdnelson20 in Bryce.
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For my first station in tech lab I decided to do Bryce. Bryce was something I never had any experience with so it was cool learning about a completely new station. For the first class I decided to just mess around with the station. I just did simple things like creating mountains and sky’s. During this time I had no idea what the full potential of Bryce was. I found out its potential when I came across a you tuber called freetutorials. I highly recommend if you are just starting out in Bryce and have no previous experience watch this you tuber. This you tuber had many videos that helped me create very interesting things in Bryce. These videos taught me how to make a range of things from anything like a full city or a river valley. For my final project I decided to make a city. Pryor to finding this you tuber I did not know you needed to use something like Photoshop to make the template for the city. I learned with the help of Mr. Karden that using Photoshop you can make a range of things in Bryce like a city or even a fence. For my final city I decided to make a checkerboard design in Photoshop. A problem I ran into was making a customized sky. I learned that it is very hard to make a sky on your own without a tutorial. So i looked into freetutorials and he did happen to have a way to customize a sky in Bryce which helped me a lot. So in the end I really liked Bryce and I really liked what you can do with it. This seems to be a station that I could do for an entire semester and still be constantly finding new things to do every day.


This the my final project for Bryce.


Bryce Blog post March 2, 2017

Posted by cihurlbert in Bryce.
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Bryce is a very fun and interesting way to create landscapes and other designs. During this station  there were some frustrating times, for example rendering took up a lot of time, and it was very difficult to put things in the background.  To help rendering an animation go faster you can use this link http://www.coursestuff.co.uk/tutorials/bryce-render/ and it will show you how to speed up rendering an animation. While working in Bryce you may find it hard to add everything you want to, so you always need to give yourself more room then you think you need. Bryce is better when you use more of the resources given to you. You can use different tools and materials to give a unique look to your projects. One of my favorite things to do in Bryce was to animate an image, I used this link  http://www.pxleyes.com/tutorial/bryce/2860/Create-a-Simple-Animation-from-Scratch.html  a lot, because it was very helpful and taught me how to make simple and complex animations. Overall this program was very easy to use and, it can help you with other projects like this.

Alex Lehman Bryce December 19, 2014

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This station is a very good way to let your creativity show in a computer program. Bryce is important if you want to design landscapes for games or backgrounds for devices. At first I felt like it was going to be imposable to learn the basic tools, but after watching some videos online and getting some help from users of the program I quickly learned how to make a unique landscape. My advice is to do exactly what I did and use all available resources. Try to make just more than islands because there is some much more that you can make. Your creativity is your most useful tool in that it can turn a good project into a great project. I had a very hard time figuring out how to change how the sky looked, but it was actually very simple. You just click on the third main tab. From there you can slightly manipulate each option until it looks perfect. Don’t change it too much though or the sky turns way too dark or light and it’s hard to see. Bryce could be useful to me because it would be a good way to make a screen saver, which is exactly what my final is. This helps me make my personal things look better and much more creative. Overall I feel that I learned many skills in Bryce, which may help me with design projects in the future.

Bryce 7 November 4, 2014

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Bryce is a 3D modeling software that can be used to do almost anything you could think of, from designing the Death Star to recreating a scene from your childhood. Before choosing this station, be aware that it is extremely difficult to learn the more detailed things you can do. Even the UI and controls are very difficult to use. I also had a hard time deciding what to do for my final. I would recommend using this in conjunction with Corel Draw to make a puzzle out of your final picture. The guidebook is very helpful, and the Daz Studios website has some good tutorials on how to use Bryce in more depth. DO LOTS OF ACTIVITIES. The planet activity in the book isn’t easy since the book uses an older version of bryce, but the rest are very in depth and good.

A fun activity to do is to take any image you like and convert it into a 3D model. I took a Banksy image from the movie Pulp Fiction and completely converted it into black and white. By doing this, it allows you to edit an object based on the black and white colors. It made the white parts stand out, with the black parts as the background. If you do this, you can then go and see the 3D elements of whichever image you chose.

Does Marcellus Wallace look like a bitch

For my final project, I recreated the Colombia River Gorge in Oregon. I grew up here and the picturesque scene ended up being something fun and challenging to recreate. It was tough finding all of the best textures, so I had to simply choose which one looked the most similar and accept that it wouldn’t look perfect.

Final Columbia Gorge

Overall, I think Bryce was a fun station. Although it was quite frustrating at times with big crashing issues, the ability to create anything you want in 3D is very fun. If you have any interest in 3D modeling or design, Bryce is a great station.

Tim Batchelder Bryce May 29, 2014

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Overall the program Bryce is fairly easy to use.  After you get the hang of things in Bryce it will become very easy and you will get your activities done fairly quick.  A tip that I have for Bryce is to watch a tutorial on how to make an island then if you want any additional help you can watch more tutorials.  A trick that I learned using Bryce is if you want to change the location of a terrain.  The best way to do it is too click on the terrain you want to move so it turns red then click on edit and the fourth thing over is an icon with a box and arrows and if you use that it is very easy to move terrains.  Another tip is to edit the sky and fog to make the picture look as interesting as possible.  Overall I recommend Bryce because it is very easy to learn and also very fun.

My final project

My final project


Bryce May 21, 2014

Posted by skym1995 in Bryce.
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Bryce can be a complicated and confusing program to use so make sure to experiment with the menus and options  before making an image. Of course the class and internet have tons of tutorials to help you make exactly what you want. Once familiar with Bryce the station is quick and easy but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with the tutorials and to make something cool. Something that i would do diffrently is to give myself more time and to familiarize myself with program better so that i could make what i really want. You build your scene from scratch so be sure to know where you ground planes are as well as your camera and always save often. For my final i decided to make a screen saver or background for another image.


Bryce Blog May 29, 2013

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During my time working with Bryce I really fell in love with the program. It was hard at first learning all the tools and tricks of it but after trial and error and constant practicing I was able to learn how to create scenes that I thought I couldn’t. I really recommend choosing this station because you get to use your creativity and there’s no boundaries on what you can make. Some advice that I think will really help you out to create the best project ever is: 1-  to keep on trying even after you think you cant do it (it will pay off) 2-the place that will help you on making the best Bryce project ever and helps answering the question on (how do I make this) is…  http://brycetech.daz3d.com/  3- if you want to create something with straight lines, which during my final I had trouble with for my sign ..( Holding the shift key while dragging the brush on the “terrain canvas” will make it so the brush paints either straight lines up, down, left, right, or 45 degree angles. )



Bryce Station May 3, 2013

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Second Practice project for bryce IMAGE #1Bryce is an extremely cool 3 dimensional program that you can create so many different things with. The main thing I like about Bryce is that you can make virtually anything that your imagination has in mind. There are so many different materials and elements to choose from that you can use together to make awesome effects and optical illusions. One problem I came across at this station was that I had just a little trouble figuring out how to make a waterfall. There is a tutorial in the R drive that I used first to try and learn the process but it was not very descriptive. In a solution to this problem I had to look up a simple waterfall creation process on the internet in my own time in order to find  more informative instructions so I could figure out the correct way to create the waterfall effect. Another problem I encountered was that I could not get the lighting right on some of the scenes especially dealing with transparent materials. The way I came to solve this was I went to the Sky and Fog tab near the top and moved the sun around to the angle i wanted so that i could have the right amount of lighting in the right spot. Another solution would be to create a spotlight and move it to where you want the majority of your lighting to be. Also, one other cool thing you can do with a spotlight is make transparent glass shapes appear to be a different shape than they actually are.  Final Bryce proj Image

December 20, 2012

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I did face one challenge in my one day working in Bryce. this was trying to put a beach in the foreground of my last practice. I tried creating a small section of sand in the foreground, but this didn’t work. Then I tried raising it up, but then it took over the whole ground and the water was not present any more. I never figured out this problem due to my limited time, but I am very positive that if I had more time I would of resolved my issue and would have made my landscape the way I wanted it to be.
I thought Bryce was a fun station for the one day that I was at it. If I were to go back and change anything, honestly I would of thought more about the time in the semester, so I wouldn’t be in such of a time crunch.
Practice 3

Bryce December 20, 2012

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The station that I decided to do was Bryce. I had a lot of fun creating different backgrounds and scenes.  I did have a few problems along the way. My biggest problem was getting the scene of my picture in the right angle. Every time I hit the render button a different image popped up. You can avoid that by clicking the drop down arrow under the preview screen and hit “preview current view”. Another thing that I had troubles with was getting certain materials to turn out the way I wanted them to. You can change the color and direction of the pattern (if there is a pattern) by using the box that is in the right hand corner on the top. Also there are many amazing tutorials on the internet that are fun ad easy to follow along with and you get very good end results. For my final I made a lighthouse!

night time final