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Mixcraft 5 May 25, 2016

Posted by bacstags in Music Technology, Uncategorized.
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Mixcraft was my the second station of the semester after I did Mincraft. After my first station I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t really like the other stations and the activities that you had to do with them. I decided to pick the Mixcraft station because I thought since I liked music I would like to create some and see how much work it takes to make a beat for a song. Unfortunately Mixcraft is a hard program to understand because it’s very complex and if you don’t know much of it you’re stuck with few options. I don’t recommend this program to create hip hop since is does not have much of the sound that a traditional beat has. If you really like music though I can assure you that your gonna have a lot of fun with this station and there’s always something to do so you don’t get bored.


Mixcraft 5 review November 8, 2013

Posted by lemusmar23 in Music Technology.
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When I created my final project it was mostly for movies. It fell very into an action movie for a bad guy or a fight scene. I went through the whole library before doing this final project, putting tunes and beats together trying to figure out what is best for creating a nice song. This station can be used for serious song makers/ rappers whoever is trying to make a song for any purpose. Mix craft is an awesome software and fun to use.

Music Technology March 15, 2013

Posted by utopianfir in Music Technology.
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The first station I chose was music technology, because I like music and thought it would be fun to create my own music. At this station I was able to create songs using loops and the midi keyboard. I found that this station could be easy until you want to put two totally different things together. Then I realized my going to the loops category I was able to find drum fills which make a nice transition between your two different sets of music. Other challenges I overcame were making a beat using the midi keyboard. I figure out that it is much easier to just use a loop instead of trying to make your own beat. But if you were to make your own beat then I would recommend that you overlap the different parts of the drumbeat. I would recommend this station to any music lover. This station isn’t very challenging unless you want it to be, it depends on if you want to make your music detailed or not.


Music Technology March 8, 2013

Posted by mclarenslr11 in Music Technology.
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For my first station I decided to do Music Technology, simply because I like music and many different types of music. For this station I chose to use the program called Mixcraft. This software allows you to use a wide range of loops from a Library and combine a total of 8 tracks to make a song. Also, you are able to use the keyboard to type notes and record them on certain tracks from a different library.  One problem I confronted during this project was how to find loops from the Library that go well together. I found the solution to this problem was to make sure the loops were in the same key signature and the same time signature. It tells you the key and time signature in the Library next to the loop name.  Another problem that came up figuring out what tracks from the keyboard and finding out a way to make them go together. One way if solved this was to change the actual key of the whole song as long as it goes with the loops you are using if using any.  This station is great because you get to create music that is 100% your music whether or not you use loops. You are not limited to one genre of music but a wide range from electronic music to rock. Mixcraft Screen shot cropped

Music Technology May 2, 2012

Posted by kilgolia in Music Technology.
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In music tech I learned a lot about using mixcraft 5 to create music. I taught myself a lot by exploring the program and experimenting with creating small test songs. I also looked up help on the internet when i didn’t understand something about what i needed to do. Some challenges i had were making transitions and having songs match in pitch and key. I overcame these by using tools included in mixcraft like pitch adjust and key change.

Music Technology April 27, 2012

Posted by orteggar in Music Technology.
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The Music Tech station was a very fun and creative station that helped me achieve better knowledge of music. There were challenges in this station that included getting the tempo of different items to match up and to blend the music together fairly well. I overcame these obstacles by adjusting the timestretch and tempo for each object to blend them. A piece of advise that I would give to any newcomers of this station would be that you need to chose a project tempo BEFORE you start working. My final project was a mixture of songs that were already made and things I came up with. I would recommend this station to anyone who would like to explore music further.

Music Tech March 7, 2012

Posted by dolamdus in Music Technology.
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Music Tech is a very fun station, All you need to do is try hard.

Filter- makes the song sound better

Transitions, VERY usefull for drops. Blog Post Mixcraft

Music Technology December 1, 2010

Posted by madi64 in Music Technology.
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Music technology is a very fun station and I would recommend it to almost anyone, but especially those who appreciate music and like to listen to it a lot. It is extremely helpful to read all the tutorials that are available in the Music Technology folder, as they offer lessons on how to use the basic functions and tools available on MixCraft. However if you are using these tutorials, I think it’s easier to use MixCraft 4 instead of MixCraft 5 because the tutorial was based off of 4, and some of the controls and commands are different. This isn’t a big deal and you can still figure it out on 5, but if you’re in a crunch for time, it’s definitely easier to just use 4. Don’t be intimidated by the program. It is so easy to use. The MIDI keyboard is also fun, but I would recommend recording and looping very simple series of notes to layer, because otherwise its extremely difficult to make it sound good and unconfused.  Here’s a hint though: make sure you turn on the MIDI keyboard before you open up the MixCraft program, because otherwise the system won’t recognize the instrument.  http://www.4shared.com is an AWESOME website to find music. It isn’t blocked by the school district, its free, its legal, and its safe. You can find tons of songs there that aren’t available on the R drive. Spend some time with this station, experiment with all the cool features that are available, use the resources and examples from the folder, and HAVE FUN! This is a really cool and unique station that I bet you’ll love.

Music Technology November 16, 2010

Posted by dominicktreleven in Music Technology.
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Music Technology as fun as it sounds it can be very difficult for a new user of music synthesizing programs or music theory.The first step one should take in making music is creating some sort of backbeat or rhythmic track to have a base for the rest of the song with out it the song will be off tempo and out of time.There is a myriad of instruments to choose from in Mixcraft or you could make your own by modifying existing instruments  in a synthesizer interface.It may look frightening but every knob has a purpose and an effect.

Wave types change the way the sound is shaped if it is a triangle wave type it will be jagged whereas a square wave type will be smooth.

Attack is the time it take for the sound to reach full volume the higher the number the shorter it takes.

Decay is haw long the song stays at full volume before it begins to decay or loss volume.

The arpeggiator allows you to repeat the very first sound automatically at varying tempos and with different effects.

The only other daunting task with mixcraft is the fact theat Mixcraft 5 is not compatible with Mixcraft4 files and half the computers have Mixcraft4 and the other have Mixcraft 5