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Digital Photography February 22, 2017

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For my first station I choose digital photography. This station helps you learn about good techniques for photography and also how to bring your photos to the next level. This station is fun because you get to choose exactly what you want to take pictures of and you have a lot of freedom I what you can create. For example you have the option to cross the street and take photos of the lake and the river that flows into it. or you could stay in the school and experiment with the many settings the cameras have. Something I found while doing this station was the one thing that will create a amazing picture is the creativity to make it different and use different settings, aspects, places, and so on. For my project I experimented with the cameras long exposure and a flashlight. It took a few class periods for us to see how exactly it worked and what situation created a better product from it.So if your doing this station its important to remember you can take multiple class periods on one aspect of the camera this will let you to understand the aspects more and will ultimately lead to your pictures turning out better. I did hit the point where i was struggling to find another creative way to use the camera so I used the Tech lab folder that Mr. Karden  shared with us this helped a lot and i would recommend visiting it if you dont know where to start. This picture is one of the ones we shot outside however I used Photoshop to combine it with another we took. lil-mind-and-river


Digital Photography February 22, 2017

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In this station I learned how to use a camera. For example, long exposure shots or knowing when u need a faster shutter speed or to know what the right ISO is for the environment its in. I got to try different techniques and activities with the camera such as taking long exposure shots or taking photos outside on a dark day and trying to take a good shot. This was great activity if someone wanted to know more about cameras and what each thing is meant for on the camera. I tried more technical shot such as long exposures or a faster shutter speed. You will have to play with the cameras fetures to know what each thing does. Like being able to change the F stop, etc. We found that with a long exposure it takes in the light for longer in a small spot so we drew with like while the photo was being taken. There isn’t much resources that I used it was more of a trial and error the only way I learned things is by trying something and if it didn’t work I tried it a different way to see if it worked better.

digital photo folder


Digital Photography April 3, 2015

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My second station for Tech 1, was Digital Photography. During this station you can explore how to use a camera, a tripod, lighting and much more! This a great station to do because it is fun to take pictures of whatever you want, and make them look good. You can also take pictures outside and go across the street to Lake Dillon. What I found helpful was knowing how to use Photoshop before you do this station. This is because then you can edit your photos with ease and no problems. Another thing that is helpful is to know and take notes on what each setting is on the camera before you go outside or start taking pictures. I did this and it really helped me when I went to go outside because when I wanted to take a picture of something close up, then I would use the setting that had a flower on it. Another thing that is helpful for inside picture taking is the tripod. The tripod makes the camera level, steady and balanced. I would recommend taking pictures with the tripod when you are inside. One last thing that makes your photos turn out better is the grid. The grid is a way to make your photo centered. This can help make your pictures look better and it makes it easier to edit them. One source that is helpful is the power point on the Tech Lab folder. This was a very fun station and I would recommend you try it!

Slowly Diffting               pizap 1

Digital Photography September 27, 2013

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For my first station, I chose to do the digital photography station. This station was very interesting, because I was able to go outdoors and take photos of wonderful exciting photography.  For most of my photos I used the Canon Digital Rebel XTI. This camera was very neat, because I was able to use many functions on it. For this station you will need to learn about the camera. There are a whole lot of buttons that have different functions. I thought that the (AV) switch was the most helpful switch because I was able to take a photo of a close up, but the background would be blurred. This was my favorite button. But like I said, you will need to research your camera and learn how to use it. For this station I took many photos, and edited them on Photoshop. This was interesting, because I was able to add contrast, saturation, color etc. By taking this station, I was able to learn how to use Photoshop again, and make my photos look well.

For my final project, I created a mountain sunset photo. I made this photo to allow tourists to come visit Breckenridge, and ski during the winter. This photo impacts not just myself, but also society. People will see this photo, and be excited to come visit Breckenridge. I took this photo with my friends Canon T3I. After taking this photo, I used Photoshop to edit it thoroughly. It was super exciting taking this picture.

For future students who take this station, I would recommend doing research on the camera that you are using. To learn about photo composition, and subject placement. I would also advise taking multiple photos, and editing them on Photoshop. Work with your photos, and edit them to perfection. In the future, I wish that I would have taken some photos in the winter, because there could be fantastic color due to the snow. But in the end, this station was very interesting, and I recommend it to anyone.

final station 1 #3

Digital Photography November 29, 2012

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For my second station I chose to do Digital Photography. At this station you learn how to use basic photography skills and Photoshop editing tools. My final project I created was a collage of five of my photos that I took. This station was fun but I did encounter some things that were easy and some that were more difficult and caused problems for me. My main problem was probably figuring out how to put the collage together of a couple of my photos on in Photoshop. I searched the internet and most websites were vague and did not help me at all. After looking at about five websites I got the idea on how to start and I figured it out on my own from there. 

            Bellow is my final project (collage) I made. The problems I had with taking the photos was- Sunset Mountain-Avoid getting neighbor’s roof in the picture, Flower- try to not get the brick wall in the background. Ocean Sunrise-getting the perfect angle, Piano-Avoid getting people, computers, controls and too much of the Keyboard/Piano in the picture. Finally, The Cloudy Mountain- Getting enough/the picture taken. My batteries were dying so I only got three. The easiest part of this station was probably access to/being able to take the pictures of things I like.

            Some tips for this station is to take pictures of things you like/enjoy. Also DO NOT take just one picture of the object you are photographing. It will not be enough!!! If you take more than one you can go through and eliminate pictures that are not good or find the best one that you have. If you can not think of anything to take pictures of, ask friends, search the internet or make something that is common in everyday life look amazing. Also, don’t take pictures from just one angle. Experiment with different angles and get to know the camera.This station is fun and easy to do. I recommend it for someone creative, open-minded and patient. With this station you have a lot of freedom to take pictures of pretty much just about anything of your choice.

With this station protecting the camera is very important. If you are using the camera provided by Mr. Karden, you need to make sure when you are walking around or not using the camera that you put the lens cap back on the lens. It is sensitive and if dust or something else gets on it, it could be damaged.  To continue, get to know the camera, if you have not used it before. It is pretty easy to use. Be gentle with it and DO NOT DROP IT.  Other than that have fun with this station.





Digital Photography February 17, 2012

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 In digital photography I learned a lot about the use of cameras and all of there different features. I learned how to use things such as shutter speed, flash and zoom. I also learned how to take multiple shots by holding the button. I began with an idea of going outside and creating a collage of the pictures i took of the scenery but realized that this wouldn’t serve any purpose in the real world. I also thought of making abstract art with the stained glass pieces and taking pictures of them but also realized this would serve no purpose. For my project I created an ad that could be used in the real world to advertise the tech lab. I took a couple pictures of my peers working on there projects and added them with a picture of the scenery outside. Overall in Digital Photo I learned a lot that could be helpful to me in the real world.

digital photography November 1, 2010

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At this station it was confusing but these websites helped me.



I ran into the problem of not knowing how to scale, and change the color. I found that to scale it you go to edit then transform then scale. to change the color contrast you go to image adjustments then brightness/contrast.