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Creative Photoshop- May 30, 2017

Posted by kylarys in Photoshop, Uncategorized.

For my semester long station, I chose to learn more about photo shop. I wanted to go more in depth with Photoshop to better my editing skills, which will help me with my photography. This was not my first time doing Photoshop, however I was really interested in learning more about lighting and blending specifically. For my final project, I decided to combine some of the many techniques I learned into one image. I picked several images and put them together using the skew, mask, gradient, brushes, linear dodge and more tools. I created my own image by combining several and blending the lighting to look more realistic. If I were to do this again, I would plan more time for my final so that I could’ve used my own images. This would have made me think about the edit more creatively and incorporated my photography. I did make several edits with my own images, but for the final I used internet images.  My advice for this station is to use the official Adobe Photoshop website because it provides some basic, but super helpful tutorials. Though lots of tools are self explanatory, I learned about some new ones that are more useful and sometimes hidden. Patience and attention to close detail are necessary for this station.  I would also recommend learning about the perspective and skew tools before anything else, as they were really useful for changing a scene and getting things to look more natural. Overall I really enjoyed learning about Photoshop and what it has to offer.




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