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Rube Goldberg By Hunter and Casey December 17, 2015

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For this station Casey and I created a simple machine. For this station we ran into many difficulties. One difficulty that arose while we were working at this station is the fact the it would work one time but not another. Another we ran into is the lack of materials. We solved this by being resourceful and bringing in materials from home. To fix this problem there was a lot of fine tuning the machine. To do this station you need a lot of creativity and patience.

  For the final activity in this class we decided to remove some of our activities and make a simple machine that drops a group of marbles into a cup. We inserted several new aspects to  our system. We removed the funnel after the loop da loop and inserted a series of dominos that fall and bump into a bouncy ball resting on the stool. From the stool the ball would roll down a ramp and go off a small jump. After the jump the ball would collide with several cow bells that would then in turn hit a tennis ball. The tennis ball rolled down a ramp and would hit a long stick the was on a pivot point. When the stick pivoted it would it hit another bouncy ball. This ball that was placed on a set track would roll down and fall into a cup. This cup  was fastened to a pulley system that we fashioned out of an old computer hard drive. We ripped it apart until we reached the ultra smooth bearing in the hard drive. From the bering we laced a string through it so it created a pulley. When the bouncy ball would fall into the cup it would activate the pulley system. On the other end of the pulley there was a ruler. The ruler was inside the middle of a funnel. The ruler was stopping a load of marbles from rolling down it. When the ruler was lifted by the bouncy ball falling into the cup it would release the marbles. They would travel down the funnel and into a track system. The system would end by the marbles rolling into a cup. We had a lot of difficulties when making our final. Our plans changed a lot from the beginning to the end. We faced a problem in finding the pulley system. We had no idea on how to make it until Mr. Karden gave us the idea for the computer hard drive.



Rube Goldberg December 17, 2015

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Brandon McGuire


When it come to creativity the Rube Goldberg station is for you. This station tests your ability to work with others and expands how creative you are. In this station there are absolutely no limits for what you can do, well unless it is physically impossible. I my self can not really give any pointers because that not how this station works. It is all about how you want to make it and how you want it to work. You just have to find stuff and create your machine. I guess I can give one pointer, and that is the more you put into it the cooler it will be! Have fun! 

Abby Rube Goldberg May 29, 2014

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During the Rube Goldberg station, I learned a lot. I started off by looking up videos on youtube for ideas. A really helpful video with a lot of ideas was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgDF1tyoOvU  . Our final project went off of this video because we also made a tutorial video that used some of the same ideas, and some of our own ideas. A challenge in doing this station was finding the right materials we needed for each idea. A tip is to stay on task and bring in your own materials so that you have everything you need to make cool stuff. While doing this station, I learned that it  is a good one to be ambitious with so don’t be afraid to attempt making more advanced inventions. Overall Rube Goldberg was a fun station that taught me about what Rube Goldberg is and how useful and cool it can be. I think our final project was the most successful because it is useful and shows all our different ideas.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCU6TU0JqDE

Alec Long Rube Goldberg Station May 7, 2013

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While completing the Rube Goldberg station, there were many difficulties in the process. Once you completed the track, you had to set it off many times because one thing wouldn’t go, so you would have to make minor adjustments and the reset the whole track again. When you had to reset the track, this included resetting all of the dominoes which was the most stressful part. Another part that was hard about this station was putting a track together with the limited resources that came with the station. Some of the parts such as broken computer parts were hard to include because they could not attach to anything and also did not function.

Rube Goldberg By Merrick and Evan March 28, 2012

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At our station, we created a  Rube Goldberg track that set off a fan which knocked over dominoes which sent a car down a zip line. This set off more dominoes which sent a marble down a track which hit a mouse trap. This then turned on a motor which dropped mentos into diet coke. Some problems I encountered were that some of the parts kept not working correctly and when we fixed that, something else went wrong. For example the dominoes wouldn’t work and when we fixed that, the marble wouldn’t work. Some tips we would suggest to the next people at the station are to make sure that one thing works before moving on to the next activity.

Rube Goldberg May 5, 2011

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Through out Rube Goldberg, my partner and I had to learn how to design something and make it into a machine that works. We had to use all of the basic tools that we use everyday. In this station we had to complete various activities that included many steps to follow. In those step we had to incorporate certain objects. For instance, we had to use a toy car, a marble, or dominoes. In this station, it was very easy to make a mistake and have something not work. It would have been easier to draw out a plan and go off of that plan. But since we didn’t have a plan, we made many mistakes. Sometimes a certain contraption wouldn’t work. So we would have to go back and totally redesign the activity to make it work.  Overall, this station requires a lot of creativity and planning.

Rube Goldberg November 22, 2010

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By Sean Jones
Rube Goldberg is a great station to express your creativity and use problem solving skills. While at this station you will run into many problems that require hard work and good planning. I learned that you need to use short and reliable steps that frequently work. Also, short steps work better because it makes it so that you have less to clean up at the end of class. At this station you need to use your time wisely and plan very well because you only have a limited amount of time. If you work with a partner at this station choose wisely because if you don’t work well with them you will not get anything done and you will argue about what projects you do and how you do them. Rube Goldberg is a station you won’t regret participating in.

By Sam McDonald
Rube Goldberg has by far been my favorite experience in tech lab. It let you create things that you could only imagine about before. It has a unique aspect of working with a partner which teaches you different skills than other stations such as teamwork, communication and problem solving. This station has been a great experience and has helped me to think outside the box ( such as you could see a screw driver as a screw driver but i see it as something different) this is the mind set you need in order to be sucessful at this station.
1.) Dominoes are useful but in small quantities
2.) Your machine usually wont work the first time
3.) Be daring and creative
4.) Have fun

Rube Goldberg by Noah Sadler October 26, 2010

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              Rube Goldberg was sometimes frustrating but on the grand scale of things it was pretty fun. Some challenges that I ran into were that you have to take the whole thing down every class. I overcame this by not using as much tape and having a clear idea of what I wanted in my head. Planning is extremely important in this station, especially on the final. Since you only have about an hour and 15 minutes to setup the final and to film it. I can almost guarantee that it will not work as planned the first time so account for setting it up again. Another challenge that we ran into was that at first our final machine had 2 separate triggers which is not very Rube Goldberg like. We fixed this by creating a trigger that a second set of dominoes tripped and pulled a pencil out of the way releasing a golf ball. Our final machine turned on a light in 11 steps. The purpose of this station can either be artful or to entertain.