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Glass Blowing May 11, 2017

Posted by isaenz17 in Glass Blowing.
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For the first station I decided to go with was glass blowing. This is truly a station that takes time to learn and get somewhat good at. At least from my experience. I recommend for you to look at a few videos on YouTube to start. Sometimes you think it will be easy but its not. It just takes lots of practice. So for my final i created a bracelet. Difficulties i had where the beads i made breaking. I later found out it was because the where cooled down to fast. To fix this before you put it to cool, heat the bead up evenly till its red but not at its melting point. Then put it to cool. That will make it cool evenly so it wont break. This is mostly for the little sculptures you make. So overall I would recommend this station to any one interested even if you have no idea on how to do it. Just look up videos on YouTube but most of the time i saw free tutorial on Pinterest. The end result was the bracelet I made. I went with the theme sky. I made to bird beads and the rest where just regular beads of different shapes and design. I feel by creating this final it shows how much I’ve learned. This station was really fun to get into you just need patience to learn it and i would recommend you to just try it. IMG_0074


Glass Blowing December 16, 2016

Posted by mjoconell19summitk12 in Glass Blowing, Uncategorized.
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My final project was glass blowing and it was a cool project to do. During my project i made lots of different beads and animals. All of these beads have been skillful to make and it was not to easy when i first started the station. It is a cool station and a cool experience to make these awesome beads. For my final at the end of semester two i made a glass eagle. there were lots of challenges when i started and lots of things i needed to know. In the end my project came out really good and looks good for a glass eagle. I would recommend all of the students to do this station and ask Mr. Karden for help when needed. Do as much work as you can and make this project last because its fun and i made lots of cool work.  Displaying IMG_2902.JPG

Glass!!! December 17, 2015

Posted by skiingzollo in Glass Blowing.
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So with glassblowing many problems came from it. Like taking the glass out of the fire to quick and it broke, or when you forget to turn it so it creates little pocks of air that cause it to also break. Many things can cause glass to break but if you just move slowly and pay attention to what you’re doing it will all workout.


This was my first attempt at making hands free heart. It turned out kinda nice but when took it out of white padding it broke cause it was two different types of glass.


Secondly this was my first attempt at a small bead (turned out smaller than I wanted it to)

photo 2

Final was a small bead that had a blue flower on it.


To prevent any of these things for happening ask Karden or watch the glass blowing movie located at the station.

Glass Blowing May 29, 2014

Posted by hwilldrabik in Glass Blowing.
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For my second station I did glass blowing. For my final I made a glass eagle to give as a gift to my grandfather. one problem I had while dong this station is I would leave the glass out of the flame for too long and the glass cracked. My advice for anyone looking to do this station is to get all the glass and tools you need before you light the flame. This is so you aren’t searching around while you have a flame on.


Alec Long Glass Blowing December 19, 2013

Posted by aleclong97 in Glass Blowing.
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practice peicesDuring this station, there were some problems that I encountered but there were not many of them. The main one that I found was burning the glass which left black marks on the glass. I later found out that it was because there was not enough oxygen in my flame. Other than that there were not any other issues. I really enjoyed this station.

Glass Blowing February 13, 2013

Posted by wjatkinson in Glass Blowing.
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For my first station I decided to do glass blowing. This seamed liked a really fun station but turned out to be really challenging too. I started out making very basic stringers and then to single colored beads and ended up making marbles and pendants. I started to learn how to make awesome beads and pendants by mixing different colors. The hardest thing for me was to make a marble without defects. First of all, you don’t make a marble on a rod which immediately makes it a challenge. You also have to shape the marble and transfer it onto different rods of glass.  The, to top it all off you have to burn off the only glass it is connected to and hold it with tweezers while finding the perfect combination so it doesn’t crack or melt into the tweezers. To make this step easier i made a small flame and used patience t take my turn to make a good marble. For my final project, I made a marble with a loop to wear as a necklace or charm. I made this to give to my mom because her mom was coming up. Overall, it was a success as present and was a very fun station.



Glass Blowing April 24, 2012

Posted by engeljas in Glass Blowing.
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At glass blowing, there are many different things to learn. This station is not like any other station. It’s exciting, and there are many things involved in the process of glass blowing. Glass blowing is a very difficult station to begin with, there are many different ways you can make glass sculptures. The first thing you do once you watched all of the videos is make stringers. It sounds easy, but it isnt very easy when you first start.

I had a lot of trouble with the first couple of activities, but I ended up using my resources, and it all became easier eventually. What i really had trouble with was, making beads on a rod. My beads didn’t become exactly round, they began to look like balls of random glass, which didn’t seem very good. But, once i melted it for a while, it started to turn into a round ball. From the ball form, I could shape it in many different ways.

For my final project, I decided to make something for my parents. They had an anniversary coming up, and I thought it would be great if i made them two necklaces for their presents. They both love necklaces, so it seemed like a good combonation to make them. I made two hearts freehand, and then used stringers to draw designs on both sides. Then i used another rod to make a loop off of the side, which would be able to make it a necklace. Then i took it off of the original rod, and put it in the ceramic insulation to let it cool off. Then, once it was cool, I took it out and tied a string to it to make it a necklace. This was a great present for my parents anniversary.

Glass Necklaces Final Project

Glass Blowing 2011 May 25, 2011

Posted by kristym12345 in Glass Blowing.
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           This was an absolutely amazing station. I loved learning something that required me to have patience. Patience was an amazing skill that I seemed to have perfected while working at this station. One of the best things about this station is that everything you learn, though it may be tedious at first, relates to making a design in the future. The glass blowing station will definitely take a lot longer than most of the other stations but in the end, it is more than worth the length.

           One main thing that is very helpful to remember and perfect is matching the flame amount (bigger/smaller flame) to what you are working on. This is important because to little heat on a bigger rod will make it a very long heating process. Also, having too much flame on a smaller rod will cause it to crack, and believe me, hot glass on your skin does not feel good. Also, make sure that you always have the materials that you need for what you are going to work on before you turn the flame on. It is a very big hazard and extremely unsafe to reach over a 3000 degree flame so get al your materials prior to lighting the flame. One last thing that is very helpful at this station is, don’t be afraid to ask Mr. Karden to demonstrate something. It is quite helpful to see what and how something is made.

            For my final, I created the pink breast cancer ribbons. This was for my mom, who was diagnosed with Brest Cancer in early March. I ran into a huge problem when first creating my final; I had no idea how to create the ribbon shape. At first I tried making it as a free hand sculpture. Then, after this idea failed, I wrapped it around a rod to see if it would stay a ribbon shape then. Sadly, this idea didn’t work either. After trying many times to create them in these ways, Mr. Karden suggested that I make a stringer (Activity #1) and twist it so that it became a ribbon shape.

            This worked quite well and it taught me a valuable lesson. At the glass blowing station, you may fail many times but you will eventually get it so you should never give up because in the end, this station will reward you with many new and perfected skills.

Glass Blowing November 9, 2010

Posted by kellie4768 in Glass Blowing.
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            The glassblowing station is not like anything I have done before.  I have learned a lot about the station and the technique in the past weeks.  At first I had a hard time making beads because I was afraid to use a big flame.  If you plan on doing this station, even though it is scary, turn up the flame because it will allow you to make better beads.  My first beads did not turn out very well because all of the layers of glass I added did not melt together.  After I started using a larger flame it became easier to add glass to a bead and to shape a bead.  Another piece of advice that I have is use your tools.  I tried several times to make a flower on a bead using stringers but they would never turn out right.  I learned that if you use the pencil to poke a hole in the center of the bead all of the dots will run toward the center, making a flower.  I also learned to put 100% of my effort into every piece I made.  When I was making my fish sculpture I was sure it was not going to turn out well.  Even though I thought this, I still was careful and paid attention to detail.  My fish ended up being my favorite piece because of the shape, colors and precise detail.  I learned the importance of following through with a piece because you never know what you will end up with.  A piece that you don’t think will turn out can end up looking good if you take your time and pay attention to detail.

Glassblowing October 20, 2010

Posted by madi64 in Glass Blowing.
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The glass blowing station is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys art and creating pretty things. I started the station at the beginning of the semester and stayed on it for just over two months, so beware: this station definitely takes more time and is way more in depth than others. But you will surely enjoy every minute of it. I had never done glass blowing before, but my progress was significant during the time at the station. You start by researching glass blowing and learning the functions of the different tools used at the station. Then you learn to create a simple bead. The demonstrations of each technique are most certainly the biggest help when trying something new, because glass blowing is very hands on and it would be difficult to learn from reading a tutorial. I would suggest spending quite a bit of time making simple beads and working to make them more even and round each time, as well as increasing the speed you do it. This will give you a lot of experience working with the glass and learning how to manipulate it so when you begin to utilize other techniques, your knowledge of mandrels, glass, and the flame will be much more significant and useful. After mastering this, you’ll learn how to do new things, like adding dots with stringers, smearing in color with the rake, and changing the shape or drawing on a picture. All of these techniques will be used in more complicated projects, so make sure you spend plenty of time playing around and making beads, not only so you have plenty of practice, but also because its fun. The next step is to create a sculpture on the mandrel and a free-form sculpture. Creating a sculpture on the mandrel was my favorite activity at the station. Make sure you ask for a demonstration of a fish because it’s the most fun. However free-form sculptures are a lot trickier and require patience, as working with the glass off a mandrel is a whole different ball game then doing it free hand. Just a heads up, you will definitely have days that aren’t good, where it seems like you can’t make what you’re trying to make to save your life and everything fails. It happens, but it will be better another day, just keep working at the techniques and if you need a break, ask for another demonstration. (On a side note, make sure to watch the video about glass blowing projects. They’re really complicated and at a high skill level, but they’re so cool that they will keep you motivated when stuff gets frustrating). And finally, the number one most important piece of advice I have is this: be SUPER careful when you’re heating up the glass rods. If you put them into the flame too quickly without letting them heat up they will explode, which will scare the crap out of you, not to mention potentially burn you (I got burned twice, and it hurts). Just be patient and bring the glass up to temperature slowly, you will be better off in the long run.