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Robotics station-Duncan Matlock June 1, 2015

Posted by dimatlock in Robotics.
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I just finished the robotics station. When you are doing the robotics station it is very important to read up first. If you don’t you will just be confused and struggle to program your robot to do anything. Another tip that helps is to download the robobuilder app. This app works as a controller and has a basic programming tool. While it is easier to program on the computer this is another option. The best part of the app however is the remote because it works on Bluetooth and works much better than the controllers that come with it.


Lego Robotics March 27, 2015

Posted by dimatlock in Robotics.
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For my station i did Lego Robotics. Lego Robotics is a great station to complete because it is a fun tool that most people already know how to use, but still has new things for you to learn and experiment with. When you are at this station try to keep all of your Legos organized because it makes building much faster and easier. If you have to search for every piece then it will be less fun and take way more time. Another tip is to experiment with the mind storm software on the computer to see all of your options before you decide what your going to do. Lastly when you are designing a program know what you want it to do before you even start. The program is much harder if you don’t have a goal in mind


Solar Roller May 21, 2014

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The solar roller is and endurance and speed competition, in other words what is goal for you as a new racer? Well in order for you to win you will have to have your car able to adapt quickly for this to circumstances, speed and endurance. Lets first start by telling you how they day started at Glenwood High School. When you get there you will go head to your pit area, there is gonna be lots of other groups but don’t let them intimidate you. Observe and look at other designs to get ideas for further improvements on your car.

Your first event is going to be the top speed events which evolves lots of handling of the car at high speeds. Have in mind that you don’t want to break the car before the main event. After that you have recorded your two top speed, PV only and PV+Battery, you will have a two lap race only on PV. Record all events for further analysis of the events. Last but not least you will have your main event which is the 60 min race. Now for this race is when you want to attach your armor to the bottom of the car this race requires a discharged battery a good driver and a strong car if you can meet all these expectation your chances of winning the race is very high.

Awesome job in being part of this amazing project good luck, don’t give up and work hard!!!20140304_085308 - Copy 20140429_082733 - Copy 20140506_132037 20140506_132118 20140509_084641 - Copy 20140513_082956 - Copy 20140517_090630 - Copy 20140517_090638 - Copy 20140517_090646 - Copy 20140517_092442 - Copy 20140517_092540 20140517_092645 - Copy 20140517_092645 20140517_093759 20140517_095731 20140517_141741 20140517_145602

RQ-HUNO Bot March 28, 2014

Posted by brcoleman27 in Robotics.
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With the addition of HUNO bots to the robotics station, there are now many more possibilities than there were before. Even though it is more challenging to work with the HUNO bots, it is very rewarding and fun. I had the opportunity to build an RQ-HUNO humanoid robot from scratch, which greatly helped me to understand how the robot worked and what each part did. For myfinal project, I programmed the robot to do a long series of martial arts moves. If you build a HUNO robot, make sure that you take your time and follow the building  instructions carefully. When I built my robot, I put one of the feet on wrong, so I had to completely disassemble the entire leg to fix it. When you are programming the robot on the computer, make sure you save your project often because the project will not save if you robot is disconnected or dead. It will say “Zero Pose Read Failure” instead. Also, charge your robot at least every other day after class so it does not die in the middle of a project. The robot also moves faster when it is fully charged. Give yourself plenty of time to make a movement routine because it takes longer than youwould think to adjust the times and positions of the moves. Finally, make sure you follow some of the tutorials in the manual to learn the program, and watch videos online to see some of the things the robot can do. These robots are very expensive, so enjoy using them and have fun.




Programming the Robot


Building the Robot

Robotics December 19, 2013

Posted by joshuaaltman8 in Robotics.
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in this station i learned lots about robots and how fun they are to play around with.you learn how the robot works and how t be skilled with them. although you run into problems along the way like for example i had to completely rebuild the legs of the robot to fix the error i made when i was building it. things i learned from using this station is a small amount of understanding of how the technology move the robot. i also learned the different ways to move the robot and have fun with it. and over all robotics was a fun station.

Photoshop March 5, 2013

Posted by kylebatchelder in Robotics.
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When I started Photoshop, I had no idea how to use it or how it worked.  I had to watch some quick tutorials on YouTube and and some books.  I learned how to rotate pictures, type on the photo, and decide the color of text I should use depending on the background.  I also had problems with cropping pictures and moving them from the internet to Photoshop.  I also learned how to copy and paste and rotate the skier like I did in my final project.  There are good books in the classroom that you can look at.  When you are doing photoshop, there is cool stuff you can do like rotate a person like in the picture I posted.  To do that you need to crop the picture, copy and paste it, then once it copies, go to transform then rotate.  Ski Poster

Huno bot. December 12, 2012

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The robotics station has now greatly changed. Since the addition of  the Huno bots the robotics station has been greatly improved and is no longer as easy as people have described it as. While using the Huno bot is more challenging it is so much more rewarding. WARNING: save frequently and often if you try to save after the robot has lost power you will receive a zero pose failure message and will NOT save. Another issue with saving is if you open a new prj. file, make sure you close out of the program first or you can overwrite the previous project (this is how I lost my final).  If you plan on doing anything with the LED’s you must make sure your new motion has the Enable External Port box checked or it will not register. For my final project I chose to create a dance for the song “all these things I have done” with the huno bot, If you plan on making a dance allow your self a very large time frame because creating it, getting the timing down and recording it will take longer than you think. You have a very unique opportunity to use a VERY expensive robot so be creative and make something you can be proud ofhuno.

Dawson Hartman robotics May 15, 2012

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Robotics is probably the easiest station that I had done in this class mainly because all you had to do was follow step by step directions. it was still a interesting station where I learned how to program this robot and how to build a well functioning robot. I think some thing that should be changed about this station is that every makes the same robot you should make everyone make a custom robot so there ends up be a more contrast in all of the robots and what the activity’s are that the people at the station do and it would make it more interesting to the users as well. the new station binder helped me do all of the activities really fast and think it was very helpful to my work at the station.Image

LEGO Robots May 2, 2012

Posted by mollysharr in Robotics.
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LEGO robots a great station to complete because you will be entertained and busy the whole time. At this station my partner and I were able to accomplish many activities and a very useful final project. For our final project we created our own booklet on how to go through activities because we noticed some of the previous booklets were worn down and not very detailed. During this station we did come across some obstacles. Sometimes we couldn’t make our activities work properly. One time when we wanted our robot to follow a dark line on the floor, but it wouldn’t work. We overcame this difficulty by putting the line on a wait table. Many obstacles can be overcome by just using your brain. At times the NXT program would not give us enough information, but we overcame this by just testing the robot and then adjusting it to work the way it should. My advice to make this station easier is to stay organized. Always put your little legos back in place when taking them apart. Sometimes we would even dedicate a whole day to organizing. This is helpful because you can easily find everything and not get overwhelmed by the different pieces. This also helps following the booklets easier.


Lego Robots May 1, 2012

Posted by trishski64 in Robotics.
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The station I completed was Lego Robots. With the Lego Robots station, I built my very own Lego Robot. It was a basic Lego robot that I was able to make more complicated by adding different sensors. I was also able to program my robot in many different ways and allowed it to do different things. Some of the things I did were add a light sensor, sound sensor, motion sensor, touch sensor, drive our robot in a square, and we also made our robot “golf”. This station was fun. I enjoyed building the different robots and programming it not only with its main remote, but with a program on the computer. Some problems that I ran into with this station was the activities. When my partner and I got to the station, we had no idea what to do, there were no instructions at all so we just grabbed the Lego Robots booklet and built the basic robot. Because of this, my partner and I decided to make a station binder for our final project. The station binder will be a lot of help and very useful for future station completers. Another challenge we ran into was programming our robot. We did not realize that on the computer by the station there was a program especially for programming the robot. We figured this out towards the end of completing our station, so we had to rebuild our robot and try all of our activities again with the programming part on the computer. It was definitely a lot easier than trying to program the robot right on the robot’s main device. It was also challenging for us to figure out a final project. We wanted to program Sumo Bots and make them fight in a competition ring for our final project, but that was way to challenging. Then we also wanted to program just regular Lego Robots to fight, but that would have been very difficult as well. In the end we decided to make a station binder for our station because it would have been the most beneficial to the station. With the Lego Robots station I had fun and I do recommend this station to others!