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Computer Architecture December 15, 2017

Posted by Samuel Williams in Uncategorized.
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For my second station I choose to do Computer Architecture. I love computers but had never really learned what is actually going on inside of a computer. Going into this station I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and that was probably my biggest mistake. I tried to dive headfirst into everything about commuters but you need to start with the basics. I knew that I wanted to build a computer for my final from the start of this station. I thought it would b a lot harder than it actually was.

To find all of the parts I needed for the final I found a website called PCPartPicker.com and it really helped find all of the parts that I needed for the best price off of different websites. So after doing a lot of research I found all of the parts I wanted and ordered them. While waiting for them to arrive I did a lot more research about how to actually put together a computer. Once all of the packages arrived I set everything out and kept track of which part came from where. Then I read all of the manuals and get to work. I started with just the motherboard and installed the CPU. Then I installed the RAM. After that the CPU cooler. Then I took out my case and installed the motherboard. After that I put the Video Card on. One of the biggest problems I had with this part was getting the CPU cooler to install. It came with a bunch of extra parts that were meant for different motherboards but mine was just made ready to install. So that took away a big portion of my time. After all of that I installed the hard drive and the SSD. Then I put in the new case fans that I bought. Then it came to installing the power supply and wiring everything. This is where I had the most trouble. The power supply that I bought is fully modular so I had trouble knowing what cables I actually needed and what cables were basically just extra. After a lot of YouTube tutorials and videos I figured it out and my computer was finally built. This station was really fun and I learned a lot about computers.

The most helpful past activity I did was taking apart and rebuilding an old computer. This helped me get some practice before I just dived head first into building a computer without any experience. Also Wolf helped me with this activity and he has more experience with computers than I do so that helped a lot with that activity.


A very helpful YouTube video that saved me from a few dilemmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhX0fOUYd8Q


Corel Draw December 13, 2017

Posted by Tai-Lee Smith in Corel Draw.
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coffee banner

      For my second station I chose to do Corel Draw. In this station I created my final project as a cafe logo. I used the tools that I learned from previous activities to create my final. One of the helpful tools that I used was the help button. The help button gives an explanation and mini tutorial on how to use most of the tools. This helped me get started and learn the basics about the tools. A difficulty that I overcame was trying to bend the rectangle to make a banner shape. I solved this by double clicking on the rectangle and it came up with a dotted line. Then I clicked on the end of the line and bent the ends of it up. Another tip to the next person is to use the bezier tool when you want to color in a certain shape. The bezier tool is can be used  to create the outline of where you want to color. This tool is very helpful. You use it by clicking around and making an area that you can fill in with a certain color. The last tip is to click when you are coloring a section of your project, remember the numbers that come with that certain color, so that you can use that exact same shade of color again. Overall this was a fun and interesting station.