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Culinary Art May 24, 2017

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For my second station I did culinary art. This station was fairly easy and fun. For my first project I made a cake. It was like any other cake I made exempt I used a lot of frosting and covered the cake in it. I had some trouble because I tried to ice it when it was still hot, don’t do that, let it cool before icing the cake. I also had a hard time with icing it, I put it in plastic bags to ice it but some times they would break. I had fun with all of the colors and making it. A lot of the time I did not know what to do for my final so I would research on YouTube and look at all the different food creations. My personal favorite food channel is Rosanna Pansino, she makes fun nerdy cake and other food creations. For my final project I made S’mores cupcakes. I did this because I ended up really liking s’mores and I wanted to do something with them. I looked up a video online and followed the steps. It was not easy, I had a hard time with putting the marshmallows on the cupcakes because after heating them I let them cool. I later found out that you should not do that, right when they are hot is when you put the marshmallow on because they wont stick as much. My friends and I ate them and they where very good, everyone loved them.






Culinary Art Cupcakes- Katerina Lee May 9, 2017

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For my culinary art station I made homemade cupcakes and marshmallow fondant which I used to create decorated cupcakes. I would suggest to anyone doing this station to have specific design ideas for you cupcakes or cake so that you know exactly where and what you are going to put on everything. My main problem with this station was time. In this case meaning, I did not have time to go home and make fondant and cupcakes. I also ran out of practice fondant because that fondant dried out. For future people who experience this problem I would suggest planning out the days you will need for your project. Besides this, I loved the station, and hope that you will enjoy it too!

Food Carving – Kyla and Maggie December 16, 2016

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For our third project, we decided to learn about the art of food carving. We choose food carving because we wanted to explore more about culinary arts and another aspect of it. It was an interesting station where we were able to learn about food design and the techniques that go into it. We really enjoyed learning about the different designs and cups that one can use to creatively serve food.  For our final, we used our favorite technique, which  had a deep cup with a more natural looking lid. We put kiwis, strawberries, tangerines, and whipped cream inside the edible orange and apple cups.  If we were to do this again we would have spent more time on our final by adding some of the engraved designs and patterns we learned in our learning process. Our advice for this project and station is to be aware of all of the types of tools you can use to create something. We found the u shaped garnish tool really helpful when taking the core out of the apples. Watching videos and tutorials were also really helpful. Overall, food carving was a interesting station that forced us to be creative and try new things.

Cake Design November 1, 2016

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By Maggie Braner and Kyla Rys

For our second project we decided to learn about cake design. We chose cake design since was an interesting station that can be applied for baking and included lots of techniques that skilled bakers use. It was really fun to learn about the different tips and techniques you can use to decorate and create various. We decided to combine all of the practices for our final to display what we learned in one cake. For our final, we made a double layered 8 inch round cake with marbled fondant, nilla wafer sand, fondant decorations, and piped icing around the edges. If we were to do this again we would  spend more time thinking and preparing for the final, by considering all of the things we had to put together. Our advice for this station is think ahead for your final. Because it takes more time than you might think. Something that was really helpful was watching youtube tutorials and following along with them. This gave us more visual guidance and allowed us to see how each technique was made. Overall we think  cake design was a great station because it gave us creative freedom and insight on how to decorate for special occasions .img_4082

Cake Decorating June 3, 2016

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For my final I decorated a Frozen cake. This was a very fun and interesting station. It was challenging and it was an advanced thing to try to do. If anyone else were to do this station my advice would be to plan in advance and plan out everything so you know what you need supplies wise, and so you know what you need to do and when. Think about the time restrictions and plan accordingly. I think the hardest thing about this project was the time and how rushed you felt. It was not very much time to get it done and it was stressful knowing that if you didn’t finish in the time you  had you would be able to finish it ever. Also getting the fondant to smooth out and to connect it to other pieces was very difficult and we struggled with that a lot. To learn about this station I used youtube and google. I just watched videos and looked at pictures to learn about fondant and cakes. This station was unique and taught me a skill I probably wouldn’t learn anywhere else.IMG_0003.JPG

Food Carving- Kaycee Tyrrell March 25, 2015

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For my station, Lauren and I created the station of food carving and culinary art. For this station, you basically carve fruit and other food into objects.For just beginning this station, I’d say it was pretty fun and entertaining. If I could do this station again, I would go more into depth with tutorials and practice my use with a knife a lot more. Overall, this station was a lot of fun, although kind of challenging. I would like to get the hang of carving more before I would chose to do something professional. Finding simple enough tutorials to begin learning how to carve is somewhat difficult because people go into a lot of depth about which ways to hold your knife and which ways to cut. This station is simple in the beginning but gets difficult fast when you try to do more complex objects. image4 image12 image14