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Sketch Up October 24, 2016

Posted by azuno17 in Architecture -Sketch up.
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For my first station I choose Sketch up. I’ve had a little bit of experience using the program but I wanted to expand my knowledge by learning new techniques that I have not previously learned. It’s quite difficult when you first start to learn the tools and functions of the program. So for anyone that is considering this station I would recommend to look at the architecture word document in the architecture resource folder. This is a great tool to learn the basics of Sketch up, and get you familiar with the tools with their step by step activities. Also looking at video tutorials would also be helpful when you’re first starting. But for my final project I wanted to make a soccer stadium. Soccer is one of my favorite hobbies, and I wanted to use the tools and techniques that I have learned to make a stadium. It was fairly simple design so it didn’t take long to make.This was because of the follow me tool, this allows you to take a side and move it along an edge; this allowed me to make the sides of the stadium very fast. Overall Sketch up is a fun program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone to try it out.





Photoshop Final Project October 17, 2016

Posted by eb131 in Photoshop, Uncategorized.
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For my first station, Photoshop, I decided to create a Wildlife scene. I saw a tutorial on how to create a photo like this, and I was very interested. I decided to create a similar final project. I used many tools for this project, but one of the most important was the “curves” lighting tool. It helped to darken the image to make it look more realistic and mysterious. Advice I would give to anyone doing this station in the future is to explore and get to know the program before making any projects on your own. This is one thing that I did not do in the beginning, and it made it very difficult to start Photo shopping because I had no knowledge. Some other advice I can give is to incorporate photos that you take into the images that you create. I  did this in many of my projects to make the station more interesting for me. Photoshop can be challenging, but if you learn how to use it it can be a very fun and useful tool.

3d printing October 13, 2016

Posted by indyblake in 3d Printing.
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Hi, I was at the 3d printer and i went a little overboard. I was trying to make a cat toy that would run around and would have a string attached to it. I used tinker cad to create and design the gearbox and the gears and on the. It seemed like it would work but it didn’t. I would recommend, for future users of this to not go overboard and just go for small. Sometimes small is the best. Tinker cad is a great program and has a lot of great tools. My favorite was the shape generators, if you go in to this you can look at hard complicated shapes that other people have made. This is helpful when you are working on something hard, you can see if people have made that component already and you can use what they created to help you along. I would suggest to whoever reads this that you create stuff on tinker cad at home so that you class time can be used for printing because the printer is really busy.

Corel Draw Final October 10, 2016

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For my final I made a symbol. I made this symbol for later on in the year for when I want to laser engrave this symbol onto a phone case.  I got the idea and shape of the symbol from http://www.clipartbest.com/cool-symbols. I made this shape using the Bezier tool.  I started by making the first 3rd of the symbol by just approximating where the lines should go. Once I did that I grouped all of those objects and then used the mirror tool to create the second 3rd to the right. To get the final third I copy and pasted the grouped objects and rotated the object to the correct spot. Once the outer part of the symbol was done I made the lines going around the center also using the Bezier tool. Something that made this project easier was the ability to rotate and mirror grouped objects. This saved time and effort because I only had to make one of the three outer shapes. Something that made this project hard was grouping the objects. When it came time to copy and paste or rotate I had to select all of the objects in the shape. This was hard because it was hard to know if you had all of the objects selected and when you tired to rotate it sometimes you would only rotate some of the shape not all of it. Something I learned from this project is to use the polyline to make the lines instead of the Bezier tool. If you use the Bezier tool the lines do not connect automatically so there are small spaces left in between the lines. If I had used the polyline tool it would connect the lines automatically and there would be no spaces left.

October 10, 2016

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For my final project i decided to do tigers in a forest. i messed with brightness and the saturation.challenge for this project is  was putting the tiger in the front where it could fit. The tiger was a struggle because it did not have a arm when i cropped it so  i had to put in the front laying down. The other tiger was hard to put it in place because in the front it was to big and could not fit and at the end i put it in the end to look a little bit real.

October 10, 2016

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                For my final project I decided  to make a imaginary creature. So I cut and put different animal part in one place. I took a body and head of a lion and put eagle wings and a scorpion tail on it. The first thing that I did was find a background for the picture and I chose a African Savannah with some elephants. Then I took a picture of a lion and cut it out but left out the tail. The I took a picture of an eagle and cut out the wings so I could put them on the lion. After I did that I took a picture of a scorpion and I cut out the tail so that I could put it on the lion. This last activity was very easy. I mostly cut things then I adjusted them so it would look like they were on the lion’s body. The hardest thing was to adjust the body parts to fit the lion and to make it look like the lion was in the background. Making the scorpion tail fit the body was a little more complicated because I had to adjust it very well because the tail had a different angle. I chose that background because it looked good with the pictures that I was editing together. What I learned from this activity was what I learned from activity one.