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Photoshop March 21, 2017

Posted by lmholcroft in Photoshop.

For my second station I started with basic easy skills in Photoshop such as transferring photos I would recommend doing this so you can begin to see how the program works before you begin doing more complicated edits. Due to the large amount of tools available on Photoshop you can create practically anything if you know what tools to utilize. To makes this easier I recommend using  the Photoshop folder inside the Tech lab folder in google drive this was the best resource I found and I used it through out the entire station. Also I found this website which helped me a lot with learning the basics and I would recommend visiting this if you have not used Photoshop before . Both of the resources outline a few different tools and what you can do with them. From the skills I gained on those few tools I used them for different edits combining different effects to create something new. The part of this station that I struggle with the  most was the inspiration and ideas on what to create since there are so many different possibilities. However I found that if you just google Photoshop photos it provides so many ideas that you can adapt into your own , I found this website particularly helpful in helping me come up with ideas and create the effect.  I would recommend this station because of the freedom to create anything you wantFlower woodcut edit cropped.City edit croppedbagel edit



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