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Zach Nelson Photoshop April 13, 2017

Posted by zdnelson20 in Photoshop, Uncategorized.

For my second station in tech lab I decided to do Photoshop. I chose Photoshop because it is something I have used before but before I learned very basic things. so this time around I wanted to expand my knowledge of Photoshop and do more complex things. So one thing I wanted to learn is how too put text on a picture. So I ended up finding a you tuber that had what I was looking for and a lot more. This you tuber, Blue Lightning TV Photoshop, has very detailed videos and helps you a lot. I highly recommend this you tuber but only if you have used Photoshop before. He works with very complex stuff so you have to be familiar with Photoshop to use this you tuber as a resource. For my final project I decided to take what I learned from is text n a portrait video and combine it with my filtering skills. So what I did was take a picture of Bob Marley and put text on it a put the typical green yellow red filter on it. I ended up being really happy with the end result. I also really enjoyed Photoshop and its something that I wish I could do for a longer period of time because there is just so much you can do with it. Poster.jpg



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