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Maya December 20, 2012

Posted by cjmoll44 in Maya.
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For most of the past semester i have been working with Maya.  Maya is a very complex 3d animation software. Although the software is very powerful it is also very hard to use. Most of my problems came from the user interface. I had a lot of problems with this because I am used to working with video editing software, because of this i would forget where things in Maya were and what keyboard commands to use for certain actions. One of the biggest problems i had with maya was camera animation. My problem with this was that when my camera would rotate more then 180 degrees it would lose sight of the object it was on and would flip out of control until the next key frame. I never did find a fix for this so i just avoided those types of camera movements

castle2sub_mayaEven with the problems that Maya caused me there were still many aspects of the software that I really enjoyed. One of my favorite parts of Maya was the textures that you could add to object. I thought it was cool how you could have so many layers to a texture such as, a rock texture with snow  with a color all mixed together to create the texture that you want. Also I liked how the lights could be adjusted and animated to create realism in the scenes.  Another one of my favorite parts in Maya was the sculpt tool. I really enjoyed changing astandard nurbs plane into a hilly meadow or a rocky canyon.


Maya jounal June 1, 2011

Posted by raganrob in Maya.
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for my final in maya i made a video on naval combat. one of the hardest things to get was time as it was a very time consuming project. i also had a very hard time with the batch render as it would cancel out most of the time