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My Time In SketchUp December 17, 2015

Posted by spencerahart in Architecture -Sketch up.
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For my second station I decided to do sketchup, computer architecture. What I decided to do was to make a nice house that I personally would live in. It was not the hardest house to make but also not the easiest because sketchup takes a little understanding before you can use it to its full potential. Even I haven’t discovered everything, which probably has limited me by a little in my creation. To get started with this station I suggest that you take a look in the R drive to get some good 15-20 min videos that teach you the basics. Then if you want to learn more then you can always go to YouTube and get more in depth videos. To me this is a very fun station that gets yourself thinking.


Computer Architecture March 25, 2015

Posted by camacielgonzalez in Architecture -Sketch up.
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Computer Architecture was my station and i would highly recommend trying it its a really fun and entertaining station.One thing i could suggest before working on building houses and constructing any other architectural design you would like to perform would be that before you try anything you watch tutorials on how to start using Sketch up,because although its simple tools and an easy to use program it could get confusing if you don’t know what your really doing or how to start the house frame or structure .i don’t really have any negatives to this station other than it being a tad confusing at the start but eventually you get use to Google sketch up and start to  enjoy of the station.Well that’s really all I have got to say so i hope you try the computer architecture station and well good luck.

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Computer Architecture March 19, 2015

Posted by 603daniel2015 in Computer Architecture.
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I just completed this station. For my final, I compared two graphics cards and checked things like performance benchmarks, and pros and cons of the graphics cards. This station was quite difficult to find 5 activities to do and turn in. Creativity is key at Computer Architecture. If you are thinking of building a computer or going into the inner workings, here is my advice. When installing equipment nothing should require feats of strength. If it doesn’t go in immediately, you’re doing something wrong. And you do not want to have to pay for a two hundred dollar graphics card.

Computer Architecture November 18, 2010

Posted by jrgregory in Computer Architecture.
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Computer Architecture is  very rewarding station. After this station you will know a lot about computers and how they work, which is very useful. People pay a lot of money to have their computers fixed and you could easily fix most problems after completing this station.  The beginning of this station is rather boring because you do a lot of research for a week or two. But after the research you get to take apart and build your own computer. This is a lot of fun if you like working with your hands, I enjoyed it a lot. For your final project you will design a computer. You can choose your design to be a budget project and limit your spending to say $500.00 while still trying to achieve the best performance. Or you can choose to design a Dream Machine in which you have unlimited budget and free rein to create an all powerful machine. I recommend that you use http://www.newegg.com when hunting down computer parts because Newegg has a wide variety of products and is very helpful. For my final project I designed a computer for a little over $1000.00 and after much persuading convinced my parents to buy the parts for me so that I could actually build the computer in class. If you plan to do this make sure you run everything by Mr. Karden first. I did not run everything by him and ended up causing some problems myself. For example all students get Windows 7 Ultimate free from Mr. Karden but I did not know and bought Windows 7. This worked out fine however because I can just install the extra copy of Windows on my laptop at home. The major problem I ran into that held up progress for weeks is that Windows 7 can’t recognize the hard drive I bought and I ended up buying another one. So make sure you check with Mr. Karden before doing anything permanent. If you get frustrated by all the strange acronyms and vocabulary used in the computer world just Google it and you will find more  than enough information. Here is my build:

– Josh Gregory