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Illustrator May 30, 2017

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During this station I was able to use different tactics and designs. This station is really helpful to people trying to start a business. This station would be perfect if you need help making a business card or other promotional tools. Outside of that the program is pretty useless. At times it can be pretty hard to use the tools,and they don’t always work. If a tool is not working I would recommend looking it up or making sure you have selected the right layer. I chose to do this project because it had the fundamentals,and it was really easy to miss a step, so it expanded my attention to detail while doing harder projects. If you look up a tutorial you have to be very specific in what you want or it wont help. For example if you look up “circles using Illustrator” you wont get what you are looking for.  A good tutorial website is http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illustration/42-best-illustrator-tutorials/ , but some of the tutorials require a higher level of thinking, and knowledge of illustrator. Overall I would recommend this station to anyone looking for a relatively easy station, that is not very time consuming.


Lukas C. Aeronautical ENG. May 30, 2017

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FullSizeRender (1)

This is my attempt at making an RC plane. it was a very long and arduous journey which could’ve been avoided very easily. The problems that I encountered were monstrously numerous. Starting with me not even getting the materials until 2nd quarter. And ending in being unable to wholly fix every issue without a new one popping up. If I were to give advice to anyone looking to do this rather unique project. Either do all of the math because I forgot about CoM to CoT calculations, or just buy a premade body and shove your electronics into that. And if you really want to do this project, then do your research.

Lukas C. Photoshop (TRIGGER WARNING) May 30, 2017

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This is my Photoshop project. I personally think there was no major challenge to the project. The tools were easy enough to learn on their own, if not there was twenty thousand tutorials online for it. I think the hardest part would have been understanding graphic design principals to make something look interesting. If there are any recommendations to students who are about to do this as a project, it is get familiar with the tools by playing around with them, what’s the worst that could go wrong.

Sketchup May 30, 2017

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I recommend this station to whoever is considering going into the career path of architecture/engineering because while making these projects at this stations I learned a lot about different kinds of architecture and how to replicate them in a computer program. This was not my first time working with Sketchup, but for beginners I would recommend watching YouTube tutorials until you have a good grasp on what all the tools do and how and when to use them. Then look at different buildings and decide what kind of building you want to make and then make it. You will eventually start becoming better and better at this and then you will be able to make new shapes and structures to make your projects look better and better. If you can’t think of anything to make, look outside at buildings near you. Some tips I have are if you are copying and pasting things in your project, always paint/texture them before so you don’t have to go back and do all of them later. Also, use the internet for help, such as how to make a sphere or an octagon, all that is easily researched and then you can use that skill in other projects.p5 right

jadon findley’s photoshop May 30, 2017

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i did a few images. the first one is of… well… trump behind an explosionn with kim jong un flying into a skarks mouth. i recomend to upload images directly from google because i had troubles with the space tool. the second one is of a war in tottalt accurate batle simulator i call tottaly accurate subaliens simulator. based off of the aliens movies, subnautica, bacon,chicken and tottaly accurate battle simulator. i recommend not copying my work or others. you fail.also do not work on you instagram or facebook during class. you fail. trumpsrevenge1 (1).jpgrandomphotoshop (1).jpg

Sketchup May 30, 2017

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            For using sketchup I used many tools and used many resources to get me through building my project. I also came across many obstetrical along the way that I had to over come.  but one video really helped me understand how to start my final and to get the base.  The link to the video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Un7DkKyy04.  This video really helped me get a good understanding of how to make a boat hull.  After I got the understanding of how to make the hull of the boat and got all of the architecture done a came across a very big problem and the problem.  The problem was that after creating the boat the front of the ship was very rigged making it very difficult to apply texture to the ship.  Then after some bit of research I found out that if you right click you can find a smooth tool.  Then click of the tool and you can tell the computer how much yo want to smooth the bout to make it one object.  Once you do so then you can just apply what texture you want to add.  Building this boat make me use many tools and made my understanding of architecture a lot bigger.


3d printing again May 30, 2017

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This time around in tech lab i decided to continue 3d printing by taking on the massive project of creating a robotic hand that could grab things and function as a normal human hand would. If you decide to make something based on the human body i would recommend looking at pictures of muscles and ligaments to try and accurately recreate these as realistically as possible. the dremel  is really great for smoothing out the printed pieces and fixing any problems and snags. as this is my second time working with the 3d printer i did minimal practice but if it is your first time i would highly recommend practicing in tinkercad and learning how to make the print time shorter, try out all o the shape generators, and  all of the other hidden perks.

computer architecture May 25, 2017

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The computer architecture station is a station full of getting screws lost everywhere mixed in with a little bit of building computers from the ground up only to find out that the problem was that the monitor was broken. You can learn a lot about different computer components and what they do, along with learning about computers in general and how complex and fragile they really are. one problem that i ran into while doing this station was coming up with things to do. you can only take apart and put together a computer so many times before you have to find something else to do in the station. but we solved that problem by testing different variations of components in the computers to see which one was the best bang for our buck. we built up a computer and tested different graphics cards and motherboards to see which ones ran the best using software to stress and benchmark them. another thing that we partook in doing with this station was fixing everyone’s broken computers. every time that someone had something wrong with their computer, me and Archie were on the job, fixing in as soon as possible. this made us aware of what common problems were in computers and how to fix them.

Culinary Art May 24, 2017

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For my second station I did culinary art. This station was fairly easy and fun. For my first project I made a cake. It was like any other cake I made exempt I used a lot of frosting and covered the cake in it. I had some trouble because I tried to ice it when it was still hot, don’t do that, let it cool before icing the cake. I also had a hard time with icing it, I put it in plastic bags to ice it but some times they would break. I had fun with all of the colors and making it. A lot of the time I did not know what to do for my final so I would research on YouTube and look at all the different food creations. My personal favorite food channel is Rosanna Pansino, she makes fun nerdy cake and other food creations. For my final project I made S’mores cupcakes. I did this because I ended up really liking s’mores and I wanted to do something with them. I looked up a video online and followed the steps. It was not easy, I had a hard time with putting the marshmallows on the cupcakes because after heating them I let them cool. I later found out that you should not do that, right when they are hot is when you put the marshmallow on because they wont stick as much. My friends and I ate them and they where very good, everyone loved them.





Airbrush Station May 24, 2017

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For my second station I did airbrushing. This station is awesome for anyone who is interested in painting with different medias. I used the tutorials and YouTube to help me complete this station. On YouTube there’s several tutorials on learning how to control the airbrush. At first it can be very difficult figuring out the paint to air ratio, but after watching some videos it was easier to figure out. This station takes a lot of patience at first but gets much easier near the end. The first image is from the first week I did this station. I was having difficulty shading colors together. I used a stencil for the SHS lettering.  It was very obvious where I had difficulty airbrushing. With this station I struggled with different types of strokes. I fixed this by using the tutorial that was provided.  They second photo below is my final. As you can probably tell, the shading is a lot better and the painting looks smoother as well.  They best thing to do for this station is practice, once you get the basics of airbrushing down it gets a lot easier. One thing I struggled with was putting to much paint on the paper, causing the paper to be wet and harder to airbrush. I solved this by holding the airbrush father away and changing the amount of paint. One thing I would recommend is watch how much water you put in the paint jars. They more water you put in, the lighter the color is because it is watercolor paint. This station takes a large amount of time and patience. This station presents a challenge for people who have never done it before, but I highly recommend it. The practice with the airbrush is what the majority of this station will be.