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Digital Video June 1, 2017

Posted by sophiemafrank in Digital Video.

For my second station I teamed up with Clara Copley, and Cece Pennell to learn how to produce videos through filming, and editing applications.  During our time on this station we had to learn how to use a variety of movie editing applications, and software. Overall we used Windows Movie Maker and iMovie the most. We encountered many struggles over the process of producing our first video. After we were able to find an application that we still were able to use we had to first learn how to get the videos from the flip camera, into the application. After we were able to figure it out, by looking through files, we started to put our video together. Through Windows Movie Maker it was quite easy to stitch the videos together in a simple format. After using tutorials and websites to learn to add effects, the hardest part was putting audio to our video. Because the audio was very hard to apply, we eventually were able to download a file for the audio already saved to achieve a background song. After using Windows Movie Maker we wanted to make videos through applications on a Chromebook or Mac Book so we could continue using our video making skills after Tech Lab. By using iMovie we had to completely re learn how to make videos. Through tutorials we found how to add audio through iTunes, apply voice overs to our videos, and precisely trim and stitch videos together. Overall I feel accomplished, because I was able to learn a lot about both editing applications, and now I will be able to utilize these skills for a long time!

Helpful Info/Tutorials:




Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ss4WLsS189VlnWffJkDjA




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