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Illustrator May 31, 2017

Posted by lmholcroft in Illustrator.

This station was an interesting challenge, creating a look that was realistic was very difficult. In an attempt to make the drawings more detailed and realistic i used the Wacom pad. It made the drawing much easier and made it feel more natural. With the pen and pad moving the pen and making details was much easier.  Along with the pad the size and style of the brush made details easier. I would recommend playing around with the tools before begin your actual drawing.  A good understanding of the opacity tool and the shape of the brushes will help a lot in making drawings with depth. In the beginning of the station finding inspiration was the biggest struggle however I went online and began copping pictures as best I could this really help me with getting an idea of the tools and gave me inspiration for other drawings. For other people who might want to do this station the most helpful tip I learned is  under the color tool you can create other colors that will be more custom just click the color icon then one of the folder icons. I though the depth off my pictures was very developed until I saw the other drawings, I would recommend not going as shaded as i did as it did not help the depth. This is a interesting station and if your not good at drawing like me you will learn a lot however if you are good at art this station is lots of fun.




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