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Illustrator May 30, 2017

Posted by cihurlbert in Illustrator.

During this station I was able to use different tactics and designs. This station is really helpful to people trying to start a business. This station would be perfect if you need help making a business card or other promotional tools. Outside of that the program is pretty useless. At times it can be pretty hard to use the tools,and they don’t always work. If a tool is not working I would recommend looking it up or making sure you have selected the right layer. I chose to do this project because it had the fundamentals,and it was really easy to miss a step, so it expanded my attention to detail while doing harder projects. If you look up a tutorial you have to be very specific in what you want or it wont help. For example if you look up “circles using Illustrator” you wont get what you are looking for.  A good tutorial website is http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illustration/42-best-illustrator-tutorials/ , but some of the tutorials require a higher level of thinking, and knowledge of illustrator. Overall I would recommend this station to anyone looking for a relatively easy station, that is not very time consuming.




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