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Digital Photography May 30, 2017

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Photography is special and fun in its own ways. Taking pictures with a camera is fun especially if your doing it on your own and taking pictures of the things you like. In this station I was able to take multiple photos of nature and awesome activities I got to do. During the process of taking these pictures I used my own camera for the majority of the time taking various photos. In this station I learned a lot about cameras and thinking like a photographer. Overall, I developed skills with computer editing and with Photoshop. Anyone wanting to do this station should do it because of the experience and the activities you will actually be doing. This station has a lot of freedom if you want to take it to the next level. Mr. Karden provides cameras for you to use when you start the station so you can take some pictures. Always take good care of the cameras because they are expensive and delicate. Whenever you are not taking pictures, put the lens cap on and hold the camera with two hands. Try not to drop it because there is a chance of it breaking. Some of my photos were taken using Mr. Karden’s camera inside and outside of the actual school. (Rebel xti) Look up tutorials if you are not familiar with the camera and look up YouTube videos so you can learn more. The camera i used was a Nikon Cool pix L310 and it was older and more simple to operate for me. There are various programs to use to edit your photos and i started off with Pixlr and moved to Photoshop. Photoshop is the best because its better in quality and its easy to use. For my final I took pictures i took from the second semester and made a collection of the photos I liked the most. Each photo was taken at a different areas in Colorado and different time periods in different climates. My final was edited on Photoshop as well as the rest of my pictures. For Future students taking this station i would recommend asking for help when needed and doing your research online and on your own. Take the time to think of ways to take pictures and ways to have fun taking pictures. 




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