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Culinary Art May 24, 2017

Posted by adivine777 in Culinary Art.

For my second station I did culinary art. This station was fairly easy and fun. For my first project I made a cake. It was like any other cake I made exempt I used a lot of frosting and covered the cake in it. I had some trouble because I tried to ice it when it was still hot, don’t do that, let it cool before icing the cake. I also had a hard time with icing it, I put it in plastic bags to ice it but some times they would break. I had fun with all of the colors and making it. A lot of the time I did not know what to do for my final so I would research on YouTube and look at all the different food creations. My personal favorite food channel is Rosanna Pansino, she makes fun nerdy cake and other food creations. For my final project I made S’mores cupcakes. I did this because I ended up really liking s’mores and I wanted to do something with them. I looked up a video online and followed the steps. It was not easy, I had a hard time with putting the marshmallows on the cupcakes because after heating them I let them cool. I later found out that you should not do that, right when they are hot is when you put the marshmallow on because they wont stick as much. My friends and I ate them and they where very good, everyone loved them.







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