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Airbrush Station May 24, 2017

Posted by vlcadwallader19 in Air Brush, Uncategorized.

For my second station I did airbrushing. This station is awesome for anyone who is interested in painting with different medias. I used the tutorials and YouTube to help me complete this station. On YouTube there’s several tutorials on learning how to control the airbrush. At first it can be very difficult figuring out the paint to air ratio, but after watching some videos it was easier to figure out. This station takes a lot of patience at first but gets much easier near the end. The first image is from the first week I did this station. I was having difficulty shading colors together. I used a stencil for the SHS lettering.  It was very obvious where I had difficulty airbrushing. With this station I struggled with different types of strokes. I fixed this by using the tutorial that was provided.  They second photo below is my final. As you can probably tell, the shading is a lot better and the painting looks smoother as well.  They best thing to do for this station is practice, once you get the basics of airbrushing down it gets a lot easier. One thing I struggled with was putting to much paint on the paper, causing the paper to be wet and harder to airbrush. I solved this by holding the airbrush father away and changing the amount of paint. One thing I would recommend is watch how much water you put in the paint jars. They more water you put in, the lighter the color is because it is watercolor paint. This station takes a large amount of time and patience. This station presents a challenge for people who have never done it before, but I highly recommend it. The practice with the airbrush is what the majority of this station will be. 






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