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Zach Nelson Bryce March 6, 2017

Posted by zdnelson20 in Bryce.

For my first station in tech lab I decided to do Bryce. Bryce was something I never had any experience with so it was cool learning about a completely new station. For the first class I decided to just mess around with the station. I just did simple things like creating mountains and sky’s. During this time I had no idea what the full potential of Bryce was. I found out its potential when I came across a you tuber called freetutorials. I highly recommend if you are just starting out in Bryce and have no previous experience watch this you tuber. This you tuber had many videos that helped me create very interesting things in Bryce. These videos taught me how to make a range of things from anything like a full city or a river valley. For my final project I decided to make a city. Pryor to finding this you tuber I did not know you needed to use something like Photoshop to make the template for the city. I learned with the help of Mr. Karden that using Photoshop you can make a range of things in Bryce like a city or even a fence. For my final city I decided to make a checkerboard design in Photoshop. A problem I ran into was making a customized sky. I learned that it is very hard to make a sky on your own without a tutorial. So i looked into freetutorials and he did happen to have a way to customize a sky in Bryce which helped me a lot. So in the end I really liked Bryce and I really liked what you can do with it. This seems to be a station that I could do for an entire semester and still be constantly finding new things to do every day.


This the my final project for Bryce.



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