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Digital Painting February 24, 2017

Posted by vlcadwallader19 in Digital Painting, Uncategorized.

For my first station I did digital painting. I would highly recommend this station! It is great to learn how to use different tools and techniques in adobe Photoshop. In the beginning, it was very frustrating to do, but after I started using the wacom pad it was much easier. If you are doing this station I would use the wacom pad right away because just using the mouse can be very difficult. I used a website, https://design.tutsplus.com/articles/6-easy-tips-for-making-realistic-digital-paintings–cms-23665 . This website was very helpful for finding what techniques I needed to use in order to make a digital painting look realistic. Also in the class files I followed the digital painting tutorials. This was very helpful in developing my digital painting skills. For this station I recommend putting on the scattering tool right away because it really helps with all the blending that you will need to do.I really struggled with blending, but I solved that by using the scattering tool. Also before you start any tutorials, I would test out the tools that you a given. By doing this you can get to know all the settings and know exactly where they are when you begin. The smudge tool was probably the most tool used throughout all of the tutorials because, you will constantly be working on your blending skills. Use a two monitor computer so you can digital paint on one and have the tutorials to follow on the other. This first image below was my very first attempt at digital painting.  As you can see it is very blurry because instead of using the smudge tool on the scattering setting I used the blur tool. The first tutorial took the longest because I had to go back and keep blending the lines in the eyes. The second picture (princess Leia) is my final. As you can see it is not a blurry as the first picture. My final took lots of patience and time because of the extreme amount of detail.I really struggled with the eyes on princess Leia, if you are doing anything with lots of detail, I recommend giving yourself lots of time to work on it. This allows you to really take your time on what your struggling with. Overall, this station was amazing and would be great for any one who likes art.





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