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Digital Photography February 22, 2017

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For my first station I choose digital photography. This station helps you learn about good techniques for photography and also how to bring your photos to the next level. This station is fun because you get to choose exactly what you want to take pictures of and you have a lot of freedom I what you can create. For example you have the option to cross the street and take photos of the lake and the river that flows into it. or you could stay in the school and experiment with the many settings the cameras have. Something I found while doing this station was the one thing that will create a amazing picture is the creativity to make it different and use different settings, aspects, places, and so on. For my project I experimented with the cameras long exposure and a flashlight. It took a few class periods for us to see how exactly it worked and what situation created a better product from it.So if your doing this station its important to remember you can take multiple class periods on one aspect of the camera this will let you to understand the aspects more and will ultimately lead to your pictures turning out better. I did hit the point where i was struggling to find another creative way to use the camera so I used the Tech lab folder that Mr. Karden  shared with us this helped a lot and i would recommend visiting it if you dont know where to start. This picture is one of the ones we shot outside however I used Photoshop to combine it with another we took. lil-mind-and-river



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