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Food Carving – Kyla and Maggie December 16, 2016

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For our third project, we decided to learn about the art of food carving. We choose food carving because we wanted to explore more about culinary arts and another aspect of it. It was an interesting station where we were able to learn about food design and the techniques that go into it. We really enjoyed learning about the different designs and cups that one can use to creatively serve food.  For our final, we used our favorite technique, which  had a deep cup with a more natural looking lid. We put kiwis, strawberries, tangerines, and whipped cream inside the edible orange and apple cups.  If we were to do this again we would have spent more time on our final by adding some of the engraved designs and patterns we learned in our learning process. Our advice for this project and station is to be aware of all of the types of tools you can use to create something. We found the u shaped garnish tool really helpful when taking the core out of the apples. Watching videos and tutorials were also really helpful. Overall, food carving was a interesting station that forced us to be creative and try new things.



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