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Rube Goldberg – Tim Gallagher November 28, 2016

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Blog Post:

For my second station, we decided to attempt the Rube Goldberg station. we wanted to do this station because it was unique and we had never done anything like this before. The goal of this station is to complete an objective in the hardest way possible. Our objective was turn on the light above the station. The way we did this was we made a car go down a track and hit the light switch. If you like to be creative and hands-on, do this station. Some tips I have are use parts that work consistently and are reliable, rather than ones that are not. Also, don’t be afraid to take apart certain aspects of your project and make them better. Final piece of advice is do not rely heavily on dominoes because it won’t get you a very good grade, it’s not very creative and they are a pain to have to set up over and over again.




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