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Tinker Cad November 14, 2016

Posted by ejsmith20 in 3d Printing, Uncategorized.

For my second station I decide to do Tinker Cad. I did not print any of my designs because I was at Tinker Cad and not 3D printing. This station would be very useful to know because it does allow you to do 3D printing. It was very basic but yet many things could be accomplished with just these basic tools. For my final project I wanted to make something that would be useful to me but also have something on it that represented part of me. I made a cup with a handle and a snowflake on it. The first challenge I had while making this was that I could not find a shape in the basic shapes that some what looked like a cup. I looked up a picture of a tinker cad cup and got the idea to use the shape called a parboiled. I took this shape along with a square as a hole and cut off the top  so that it became flat. I then rotated it 180 degrees so the smaller flat part was on the bottom. After the cup was facing the right way I took another parboiled and made a hole inside the cup.  The last problem I came across was making the handle. The bottom of the handle needed to be longer or slightly slated in order for the 3D printer to print it. The printer needs a stronger or bigger bottom so it has something to build off of. I took the regular size torus and then took another square hole and tilted it to the right. I put it on the torus in the shape of a handle and then made the hole. I connected the handle to the cup and added a snowflake on the outside to show Colorado. Advice fort his station is to learn how to create holes and use the undo button as much as you can rather than trying to fix your own mistakes but all in all this was a fun and useful station.



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