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Sketchup November 3, 2016

Posted by isaenz17 in Architecture -Sketch up, Uncategorized.

For my first station I decided to go with Sketch Up. I had no knowledge at all going into this program. I didn’t even know it existed. When I opened it up it seemed fun to use and like something I wanted to learn and use. I tried to learn all the basic skills required to use this program, to at least start to create one project in this. I got the Basic skills from the tech lab folder. To get there you go to computer then to resources then click on computer science folder. After all of  that you will see a folder called Tech Lab in there look for another folder named architecture which then you’ll find start up tutorials on sketch up. These really where useful because they help you start off. Through out the station i did use YouTube to look at tutorial to more advanced things. Also got some help from a friend who was doing the same station. So if you have any friends working on the same station help each other it will make things easier. So for my final project on Sketch up I decided to make a hotel using all the skill I have learned through out my practice projects. It was pretty hard making all the windows the same. But the best part for me making it was the entrance it just turned out how I wanted. So overall I do recommend this station for anyone because even if your not interested in architecture its still a pretty fun program to use and fun making buildings.hotel2hotel3



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