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September 29, 2016

Posted by ejsmith20 in Photoshop, Uncategorized.

In my final project for Photoshop I made a fish swimming in a light bulb. I made this because it used many of the tools I used in my practices and I really like the beach and the ocean. In my final I learned how to create shadows, change the opacity, use the marquee tool, and look and only change certain parts of the layer. Another very important tool that I learned was that the on the erase tool the black erases but if you change it back  to white and rub it over the area you messed up it changes it back to the original. In Photoshop it is really hard to Undo so this helped lots since it was such tedious work.  My advice if you do this station is to watch tutorials or search how to use tools that you are not aware of. A video that help me better understand basic tools was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqD851MIWVo. Some problems that I came across were not being able to use the paint bucket and my computer would also not let me “edit and then fill”. In order to fix these problems I restarted the program and luckily I was not to far into my project so I re started all of it. Photoshop is very useful and can be used to improve other stations such as digital photography. final



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