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Cake Decorating June 3, 2016

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For my final I decorated a Frozen cake. This was a very fun and interesting station. It was challenging and it was an advanced thing to try to do. If anyone else were to do this station my advice would be to plan in advance and plan out everything so you know what you need supplies wise, and so you know what you need to do and when. Think about the time restrictions and plan accordingly. I think the hardest thing about this project was the time and how rushed you felt. It was not very much time to get it done and it was stressful knowing that if you didn’t finish in the time you  had you would be able to finish it ever. Also getting the fondant to smooth out and to connect it to other pieces was very difficult and we struggled with that a lot. To learn about this station I used youtube and google. I just watched videos and looked at pictures to learn about fondant and cakes. This station was unique and taught me a skill I probably wouldn’t learn anywhere else.IMG_0003.JPG


Laser engraver by Alyssa Jackman June 2, 2016

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FullSizeRenderI did the station laser engraving and ,made many cool things but I also ran into many challenges along the way.  For this station I used a few different resources including Epilogue Laser, the manual under the desk and i watched several YouTube videos on how to work the machine.  Overall this station was very fun and had its challenges. One of the challenges that i ran into more than once was that the start was not at 0,0 so you had to adjust it.  I also had troubles getting the whole picture to print and make it so that some of it wasn’t cut off. I also found out halfway through that it really helps to focus it before it prints. If i could give advice to the next people who use this station, I would say make sure you read the manual closely and follow the directions.

Game Maker, Coding June 2, 2016

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For my project, I created a strategy game in Game Maker. I had used Game Maker a tiny bit before, but I still needed to Google and ask Mr. Karden to find out about features in the program. My main point of advice is this: If you think that it can be done, Game Maker likely has a function for it. You just have to find it. Google is great, and the Shift button will sometimes auto-complete a function. The other main thing is not to be afraid to start coding. You can use the drag-and-drop to make a game, but it is severely limited. So just hop into the code in the beginning, instead of becoming comfortable with drag-and-drop and limiting yourself.

Minecraft June 2, 2016

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For my second station I did mine craft  I made a shack. It was simple. The next step up i made a small house. Then I made a small house then I made a two stories home then I made a cave home and last a mansion. In was a simple station


Luke Garrett Architecture with minecraft June 2, 2016

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Luke Garrett Final station 2 Minecraft

This Is my Station 2 Final. I made A classic style mansion in mine-craft. I made this 5 bedroom,two story house, with a pool a pool shack and a garden out of various materials. Such as Different colors of Wood and stone. I also Discovered one of the most helpful and stylish blocks in the game Glow stone. If you are building any type of house and you want a unique house I would tell you to use Glow stone. It looks cool and acts as a lamp. For anybody doing the architecture station with mine craft this is a must.I used you tube for a ton of help. They must have A million videos on mine craft so it is an obvious chose for finding any ideas for your station

I had A ton of fun making this project and I know it will help further down my life.

Photoshop June 2, 2016

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for my Photoshop project I did many things and it was hard and fun at the same time. The first thing I did was I used a filter on a picture. It was cool and not difficult at all. The second thing I did was I put a car onto an open road this one was more challenging. I had trouble making it look real. The next thing I did was I took a girl out of a picture. That one turned out great. The next one I did was I put face paint on a guy. It did not turn out great. The last one I did was I put rapper Jay-Z on a brick wall this one turned out well. It looks like graffiti.

Laser Engraving June 2, 2016

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My second station of the semester was Laser Engraving. I had a lot of fun at this station and learned a lot about laser engraving and coreldraw. It was really important to know how to use all the tools in coreldraw because without them, completing the activities would be very difficult. It is also very important to do a lot of research before starting the station. The most helpful resource for me to learn about how to use coreldraw was a tutorial on youtube that explained what each of the tools were, how to use them, and what to use them for. This resource gave me a lot of information that I needed for my projects. The manual at the laser engraving station was also a very helpful resource because it taught me how to use the laser engraver and how to get my work from coreldraw onto the engraver. One of the hardest parts about this station was making sure that my design was correctly sized and formatted, and that all the lines that I wanted the engraver to cut all the way through were the right width, hairline. I thought that this was a very fun station and I enjoyed doing the projects because I was able to make really cool things, and I would recommend this station.

Bryce 7 Final June 2, 2016

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For this one, I only made 4 projects. These 4 projects are very simple and not complex. I needed more time to create the more creative techniques and tools. This tool is very complex and difficult to use. You are going to have some difficulties at first like me. But then you might start to get the hang of it. This tool is also very interesting and enjoyable to use because you can create very cool images that can be interesting. There’s also a lot of hidden menus to help you out on making complex images. There’s a lot of techniques to use in Bryce as well. If you figure out how to use these techniques, then you’ll get super creative. I suggest to look up tutorials on YouTube because they are very helpful and easy to understand. It helped me out find new techniques  and hidden menus. It takes a lot of  time to get used to it. When you get used to it, then it’s very fun to use.  I would recommend Bryce, but it can be very tedious at times and complicated as well. In addition, the images that you can create with Bryce 7 can be very cool and interesting.

Luke Garrett Photo shop June 2, 2016

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For my first station I chose photo shop. I Photo shopped a picture of JP Alair. He is a skier who died in a horrible accident. I did this project by getting an image of a brick wall then  i took the armada logo and him to Photoshop. I watched a video on how to look like they got spray painted on. I would recommend for any body who is doing the Photoshop station  to try to get all of your work done as soon as possible but yet putting in quality work. I learned  how to do the basics in Photoshop, and i know that will help me later in life for sure. you tube was a huge help because you could pause the video and see how they did something a specifically way.

All in all i had a ton of fun doing Photoshop.

My Surfboard June 2, 2016

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My name is Danielle Brown and for this project I created a surfboard using a CNC router, blender, fiber glassing techniques, laser engraver, and painting.

Blender and the CNC Router

The CNC Router has proved to be a tedious yet fulfilling station. It has taken some time for me to learn how to use the programs EnRoute and CNC Velocity but I finally feel that I am getting the hang of it. There were definitely some problems that took a while to resolve. 

Blender is a 3D modeling program that is compatible with Enroute, a program that creates the gcode for the router. This program was a lot of fun to learn how to use. A classmate that was using it for his final has helped me significantly.This program has endless opportunities and by learning its capabilities I hope that I can master the shape that I wanted. The shape is the most important part of the board and the more perfect that it is, the less work I will have to do sanding it and shaping it. The program EnRoute should be able to receive the stl file of the 3D model and convert it into a gcode for CNC Velocity, but this has not been going well.

EnRoute had been having a difficult time creating the mesh overlay for the relief of the surfboard. In order for it to route the full surfboard, I need to have a perfect relief for the Router to recognize. I am going to need to stay after and talk to a classmate that is familiar with the programs.  


This was a part that I was really excited about. I had a small model of the final surfboard and used fiberglass cloth as an overlay and then used a fiberglass resin to seal it. I layed on 2 coats and am still waiting for it to completely dry. For the next one, I want to paint under the cloth and over it to see which looks better and then fiberglass (with resin). The first time that I fiberglassed, it went really badly. The edges were the hardest part because the cloth was not as mailable as I had expected and it turned out lumpy and had rough bumps. The overlay needs to be more throughout the next time that I do it. The tail was also very hard because it is so hard to make them smooth. For the future I definitely need to let the bottom dry before the second layer.

For the final the fiberglass was much smother because I overlapped it instead of folding the cloth.

Laser Engraver

Most of March I was working on the shape of the surfboard and using it in EnRoute, but I am now realizing that I am wasting my time trying to get the CNC Router to shape it when I have all the tools to shape it myself. Instead of wasting more time on the program, I have decided to focus on the design (painting) of my board and the ways that I plan on doing it. I am going to use the Laser Engraver, many fabric dyes, stencils, and the airbrush machine for the remainder of this month.

Laser Engraver I began to use the laser engraver to create a stencil for the “logo” of  my board. Because I was working on a stencil, I only created stencils for activities. Every stencil I made was a potential prototype for my final.

For the final I had to use a matteing aerosol glue to make the pieces stick for when I airbrushed it. This attempt is definitely the most resolved and complete yet. It will go very well with the surfboard as the logo on the center.

To Conclude…

This station has been lots of fun and I have learned a lot of how to work different programs and how to think outside of the box to solve the problems faced. There are a lot of components in this project and I am excited about the final. No matter which station you end up using, make sure you incorporate different elements and have fun!