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Mixcraft 5 May 25, 2016

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Mixcraft was my the second station of the semester after I did Mincraft. After my first station I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t really like the other stations and the activities that you had to do with them. I decided to pick the Mixcraft station because I thought since I liked music I would like to create some and see how much work it takes to make a beat for a song. Unfortunately Mixcraft is a hard program to understand because it’s very complex and if you don’t know much of it you’re stuck with few options. I don’t recommend this program to create hip hop since is does not have much of the sound that a traditional beat has. If you really like music though I can assure you that your gonna have a lot of fun with this station and there’s always something to do so you don’t get bored.


Computer Architecture: Minecraft May 25, 2016

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Working in mine craft was a blast even though I had no idea what I was doing until I researched it. I researched how to make a good structure in the real world then I made a few houses that were good according to society. It was interesting to build a house underwater, but it was fun and I knew what I was doing then. I also went on YouTube to help see other designs, but I didn’t copy any designs from YouTube.

Minecraft Station May 25, 2016

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For my final station i did minecraft due to its endless creation’s of building/houses. I used very little help from youtube or google images because i wanted to create my own houses from my own imagination. I suggest that if you really want to take pride in your creations use very limited help. What i most like about this station was the endless creations that you can make. What i least liked about this station was sometimes some houses would take forever to create. Things to improve on this station would be, to be allowed to play with a friend in the same class to help you build bigger and better things, also having someone helping you can mean more imagination between both of you and of course can make the station a lot better.


Game Maker May 25, 2016

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For my station I did game design and used The program Game Maker . Game maker is a wonderful program used to create great games and build coding skills. This station is good for people who want to learn more computer skills. This program seems very intimidating at first but then it becomes easier after time. The hardest challenges that I faced was to start out was to earn a grasp at the code language. The yoyo games forums help a lot when you are lost, and Youtube has some great tutorials. In my opinion the best tutorial channel on Youtube is HeartBeast he is very knowledgeable in the game maker language and helps simplify it for everyone. Along with that he will take you step by step through game tutorials that will build your confidence. Once you understand the concepts of game make then the games you can  make are limitless. The pictures are from my game of Flappy Bird, and Air Hockey.


Animation, Flash May 24, 2016

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I wanted to do computer animation, because I’ve been considering as a possible career for the future. Doing this station let me determine that it might not be the job for me. I struggled a lot with the flash interface, which could be clunky and hard to understand, as well as the sheer workload that i ended up putting on myself. If you want to animate, be sure make your projects manageable, what might seem easy in theory, might take much more work when it comes to putting it in place, Particularly if you got the route of hand drawn animation, which is highly labor intensive. I really i had done simpler projects, so i wouldn’t be scraping for time right now. For hand drawn animation, i would recommend drawing in two’s, which is simply two frames per image rather then one frame for every image, just to save on work or time. If you really want to make your life easier though, it would be better to animate using symbols and the other object flash provides you with. I used angryanimator.com as a reference quite often, as it has useful tutorials for simple animations.

Below are pictures from my fourth project, and my final project.

Sketchup Architecture May 24, 2016

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For my final project I completed multiple architecture projects using the program Sketchup. The main difficulty I had with this station was creativity. At first sketchup is a hard program to use and transfer ideas into, but it gets easier to use quickly. I felt as though my projects became more and more creative and for the final I was able to create a dream house which I enjoyed greatly. I really enjoyed this station. The most useful resources included youtube and articles written about Sketchup architecture and shortcuts that make architecture much easier to create. I am very proud of my final project because it showcases modern architecture at its finest. It took me at least six class periods to create, but it was extremely enjoyable and fun.   Sketchup final