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Sketch Up Station April 28, 2016

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The tool that I used for this station was Sketch Up. I made 6 projects on Sketch Up. First, the designs were simple, then complex and finally very complex. The simple designs were easy while the complex designs were difficult and tricky to work with at times. Sketch Up can be very hard and tedious to use at times. But then you start to get the hang of it and get more familiar with the tools that it offers. I would suggest looking up techniques on various websites or on youtube to help you out. There’s a lot to learn on Sketch Up and it’s a very fun tool to us in my opinion. I created many cool things using Sketch Up and it was very fun. I would tell people to try out the station for themselves to see if they like it.


Architecture April 6, 2016

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I’ve completed my station after a quarter of the semester and would like to say that I liked my station a lot. My station was architecture and the tool I used was minecraft. I chose this tool because I thought it was going to be easier to use but actually it was pretty challenging. Since in minecraft you can only build in a cubic form I wouldn’t recommend this tool as the best tool to accomplish your goal in this station. The positives about this tool are that it’s easy to use and also it’s very easy to understand because it’s a video game. The negatives are that because of the bad graphics of the game it’s sometimes hard to give shape to your constructions and make them look real.