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Minecraft March 8, 2016

Posted by adjackman in Uncategorized.


In this station I had tons of fun but i also ran into a few difficulties.  One of those was I made a barn and noticed that my animals kept jumping the fences so I had to raise the fence up to two blocks.  This solved my problem I also had a hard time with getting the water in my pool to stay flat and not have any currents. I solved this by placing more water on the area that had a current.  The last obstacle that I ran into was that mine craft had updated half way through the process and wouldn’t let me in. So I went to Minecraft.net/download and hit the Minecraft.exe link.  This brought me right to my world. I also recommend putting two layers of stone or foundation under your flooring for support. Overall this station was a lot of fun and i learned a lot about architecture and mine craft.



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