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Architecture, Minecraft March 29, 2016

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The architecture station is a good station. i did mine craft to demonstrate old architecture and new architecture. what i recommend is to learn how old architecture is different from new architecture. because it is way different there is new ways to architect and look at plans from real houses.and to watch videos on how to architect in real life then you watch videos to get ideas on what you can build on mine craft. another recommendation is to search up maps on mine craft i wanted to build a mansion on mountain next to the ocean but the map did not give me a mountain near a ocean. and i think there is personalized maps that you can build on.


Graphic Design March 16, 2016

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I did the graphic design station, where I created the graphics for a video game I plan to make. The main thing that I learned in this station is how much plans change. The end result was very different from what I had seen in my head, but also worked just as well. I mainly used Illustrator, but sometimes Photoshop to edit some of my documents in a way that you just can’t do in Illustrator. This was really my first obstacle. Although Illustrator and Photoshop are similar programs, they are not very compatible. I spent a long time figuring out how to bring my Illustrator documents to Photoshop and vice versa with as little altering as possible. It is a complicated process, where you have to save it as a JPEG, then trace the image, which will take a while. Another problem I ran into was the white background on documents that I had converted into JPEGs, which was easily fixed by making them PNG files instead. Many of the smaller problems I ran into were easily fixed by asking Mr. Karden or googling it. Don’t be afraid to look for help from others. There are plenty of simple tutorials in the resources drive that can get you started and introduce you to invaluable techniques. I strongly recommend checking them out before you start.

Tinkercad and 3D Printing March 15, 2016

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I did Tinkercad and 3D printing for my station, and made a tree as my final project. I learned a lot from this station about how to design objects on Tinkercad and how to make sure that it was a realistic object to 3D print. The most helpful resource for me was the tutorials that Tinkercad provides on their website. I watched most of these right when I started this station and they really helped me learn about the tools in Tinkercad and how to use them. During this project, I ran into a few difficulties, most of them having to do with transferring my design on Tinkercad into a 3D image. Some of my designs had parts the had no base to build off when it went into the 3D printer so it was trying to print off of nothing which did not work so I had to alter my design. This was a really fun project and I learned a lot about making 3D designs and 3D printing technology. I would recommend this project because it was really fun but interesting at the same time.

Tinkercad and 3D Printing March 11, 2016

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I did Tinkercad and 3D printing as my station. My final project was a flower pendent necklace. Doing Tinkercad is limited. You have a limited amount shapes which forces you to be very creative using holes to adjust existing shapes. A very useful resource is the existing tutorials in Tinkercad which walk you through basic steps that you can elaborate on later. Another challenge of this station is being able to transfer my design into a 3D model. I had a lot of ideas that would not print because you can not print without a base, which is very limiting. You can not get around this problem, but you can adjust your ideas so they will print. Overall this station is very fun and can make something you see in your head become a 3D object.

Photoshop March 9, 2016

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For my project I did a Photoshop edit of four different mountainous images which I combined into two separate images. I inverted one of the images so as to create a reflection-like effect. This project was extremely hard at times and very easy at others. My recommendation for learning how to use Photoshop is Youtube. There are endless Photoshop tutorials on youtube, teaching just about every technique and tool that can be used in Photoshop. I learned an incredible amount about Photoshop and all of the tools. At first Photoshop can be very hard to navigate and some of the tools’ applications are questionable, but after watching many tutorials and videos I now feel comfortable navigating Photoshop. I enjoyed this project a lot and I would recommend it to others.

Computer Architecture March 9, 2016

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While I was completing this station I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about, not only sketch up, but also architecture. Although I did run into a few difficulties. One of these difficulties was the time frame, since I started halfway through the quarter I was rushed to finish the station and was unable to add the details I wanted to my houses. Another problem I ran into was the difficulties I had creating doors and walls. I had this problem, because when I went to make the walls they didn’t always line up and if they did not line up they couldn’t have a door put in. I solved this problem by spending more time lining up the walls and doors in my house, thanks to this I was successfully able to put doors and straight walls. One piece of advice to anyone who does this in the future would to take the time to measure all the walls and make sure their straight and that will save you alot of time in the long run.

Minecraft March 8, 2016

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In this station I had tons of fun but i also ran into a few difficulties.  One of those was I made a barn and noticed that my animals kept jumping the fences so I had to raise the fence up to two blocks.  This solved my problem I also had a hard time with getting the water in my pool to stay flat and not have any currents. I solved this by placing more water on the area that had a current.  The last obstacle that I ran into was that mine craft had updated half way through the process and wouldn’t let me in. So I went to Minecraft.net/download and hit the Minecraft.exe link.  This brought me right to my world. I also recommend putting two layers of stone or foundation under your flooring for support. Overall this station was a lot of fun and i learned a lot about architecture and mine craft.

Photoshop March 8, 2016

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I did Photoshop as my station, and made a surreal landscape in a bottle, if someone is attempting to do a similar project my advice for them would be to be creative and to make it elaborate to make it more interesting. Also don’t give up if something gets hard, keep going and continue on you will get it eventually. When completing this project I had difficulty with getting things to look how I imagined, and to look more natural. Sometimes it was really had to make it look more realistic and not as choppy and photo shopped. Some resources that really helped me through my project was the books that Mr. Karden has available, they taught me the basics that were needed to get started. I also just watched some tutorials on the specific projects I was doing, I found these on google and YouTube. Throughout my work with Photoshop I learned a lot of new tools and ways to use them, but with the tutorials and books I learned even more cool things to do with Photoshop.  Final project bottle on beach