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Rube Goldberg By Hunter and Casey December 17, 2015

Posted by hunterwilldrabik in Rube Goldberg.

For this station Casey and I created a simple machine. For this station we ran into many difficulties. One difficulty that arose while we were working at this station is the fact the it would work one time but not another. Another we ran into is the lack of materials. We solved this by being resourceful and bringing in materials from home. To fix this problem there was a lot of fine tuning the machine. To do this station you need a lot of creativity and patience.

  For the final activity in this class we decided to remove some of our activities and make a simple machine that drops a group of marbles into a cup. We inserted several new aspects to  our system. We removed the funnel after the loop da loop and inserted a series of dominos that fall and bump into a bouncy ball resting on the stool. From the stool the ball would roll down a ramp and go off a small jump. After the jump the ball would collide with several cow bells that would then in turn hit a tennis ball. The tennis ball rolled down a ramp and would hit a long stick the was on a pivot point. When the stick pivoted it would it hit another bouncy ball. This ball that was placed on a set track would roll down and fall into a cup. This cup  was fastened to a pulley system that we fashioned out of an old computer hard drive. We ripped it apart until we reached the ultra smooth bearing in the hard drive. From the bering we laced a string through it so it created a pulley. When the bouncy ball would fall into the cup it would activate the pulley system. On the other end of the pulley there was a ruler. The ruler was inside the middle of a funnel. The ruler was stopping a load of marbles from rolling down it. When the ruler was lifted by the bouncy ball falling into the cup it would release the marbles. They would travel down the funnel and into a track system. The system would end by the marbles rolling into a cup. We had a lot of difficulties when making our final. Our plans changed a lot from the beginning to the end. We faced a problem in finding the pulley system. We had no idea on how to make it until Mr. Karden gave us the idea for the computer hard drive.




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