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TinkerCad December 8, 2015

Posted by Danielle Brown in Uncategorized.

TinkerCad is a easy, 3D design and modeling online program. This program is extremely user friendly and easy to learn how to use. My goal for this station was to create a full “tea set” for my sister.  This included a tea pot, 3 tea cups, 3 plates, and 3 spoons. I feel that there are a lot of tools in the program that are not very well advertised but extremely useful.


Helpers: These are extremely essential in any project that you are making. The one that I used the most was workplane. This tool you click on and then select the desired area that you want to build off of. For example, if you want to but a circle on top of a rectangle you can use the workplane tool to begin working on the desired area of the rectangle. The second helper is the ruler. This is very useful when it comes to precision. You can change the measurements to desired units


Measurements: There are many ways to manipulate the shape(s) you are working with. There are small boxed on the corners that help with area and arrows around the shape for rotations.You can also change the height of the shape.


Inspector: Holes are the best thing ever. They can make spaces empty and can be inserted into other shapes. Do not allow yourself to the hole provided because any shape can be made into a hole. Another tool is color, this is just for modeling purposes.


Grouping: To group things you make it official but you can always ungroup things and change your shapes. Nothing is permanent.


***I definitely recommend doing at least 10 of the tutorials before starting your first project and do lots of activities. Once you get the hang of the program, don’t be afraid to make your final multiple times!







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